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39 weeks 4 days prego getting membraines stripped tom! advice???

im 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant . this will be my second child but my first labor experience my last child was breach and i had to have a scheduled  c - section i gave birth two days before my daughters due date.. this time i want the labor to be vaginal so future children can be vaginal as well. anyways in fear of not going into labor on my own i have asked my doctor to perform  a natural form of induction ( the only choice of induction offered to a vbac )  being  stripping of the membraines,,, anyways i was told its an 80 percent chance to cause labor within 36 hrs, but i just dont know  i was curious if anyone had any advice on the procedure and  what not ,,, you know how they say if you want something too much you wont get it , i definently think wanting this vaginal birth too much is why its not happenning ,, im starting to get sad ,
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I had my membraines stripped and it did nothing for me, I was than induced 1 week later.  But everyone is different...Good Luck to you.
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At our L&D class, they recommended having sex -- sex can help by releasing a hormone called oxytocin, which causes the uterus to contract. Additionally, semen contains a substance known as prostaglandins, which will help soften the cervix.
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I had my membranes stripped 2 times.  They were 4 days apart.  I started having contractions after the 2nd time and then when into labor about 15 hours later.  I will say-the procedure (for me) was extremely painful, so be aware of that.  It only hurt while the doctor was doing it and then it stopped.  It took less than 15 seconds both times-so not a long time to deal with it, but still pretty painful.  Good luck on your delivery.
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thanks ladies ... yeah she tried to strip my membranes said my cervix was way high up and didnt think anyone could reach it lol ,, said im 1cm... i go back thursday b/c im having high blood pressure so theyre running some test ,,, so shes gonna attempt to strip me again!  sex is happening, a women suggested  having orgasims so  we'll see i told her it cant hurt to try!
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I can't comment as I have not had this experience, but I did want to wish you luck!  I hope things go as you would like them too.  Please keep us posted, I am curious, and this is something I don't know anything about. Good luck to you!!
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i wish you the best and hope you get your vbac!  remember even with a second child, you can still deliver if you go past your due date.  i think there is a tea you can drink as well that is supposed to help.  remember though, the more you try to help the baby come out, if he or she isnt ready you risk another c section.  id have sex and walk walk walk.  keep us posted im excited to hear!!
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yeah so had my doc appt this early am ,,, and was checked and the drs like oh your still 1 cm but here hold on and she starts stripping my membraines  omg my hub started laughin said my face was hilarious.... pretty painful for the 20 30 seconds it took,, i mean seriously imagine someone shuving their fist in you  aggresively ,,, yeah thats what it feels like , oh and then you bleed ,,, nowhere did i read that  i mean you bleed a lot im still bleeding and that was almost 9 hrs ago ,,,  then you just feel tons of abdominal pressure like really bad menstral cramps its like your on your period ,, oh and if youre NOT waddling ,, oh you're now going to be ... i mean its livable pain but  so far ive seen no results from it ,, i was told to have sex by my nurse who had did that after hers  but as much as i;ve been into doing it to get this baby out,, i wont even dare try the fear of what that pain would be no way ,,, im not doing it lol.
anywho,,, my blood pressure was still high like i said im only 1 cm and  im flirting with pre ecmlampcia??? is that how u spell that,,, so she gave me the option to come back mon and schedule a section for wed .. but she informed me she/they did not forsee me vaginally having this baby,, so i said if its inevidible dont make me wait till next week lets do it asap... shes like ok well see , go talk to misty and schedule it ,,,
so the hub and i get in the office have a seat and she goes ok your c-sections scheduled for .... TOM 7 30 AM,,, omg i started balling my eyes out ,, she noticed and goes oh are you ok do you need a min and all i could do was let out a huge gasp and cry . my hubby informed her that another section wasnt what we wanted ,,,

so now im excited i get to meet my baby tom, but im really upset that i will never get to experience a vaginal birth all i wanted was one  and now that want / possibility is gone for forever i mean to me it feels like someones telling me i can never have kids again,,, wich is eventually what it will lead to , being that the husband and i want 5 of our own and then on top of that i wanted to maybe be a seregate either for family or stranger ,, i mean  i just feel how upset i am and think im being  (need a word) too emotional , but i just cant help it , the husbands even upset ,
but im just glad im able to bring a healthy baby into this world with the people i love and with the greatest of medical care!  i will update with pics and what not when im sprung from the 3 day stay , hope this helps someone with interest in getting their membranes stripped ,,, i really say it cant kill you to try ,, but it is gonna hurt !


<3 Nichole
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I am glad that you are happy but let me just put this out for you incase you can still change.. I had my appointment on a friday was 1cm (had been for a week) and no where near ready...  The next wed I went into labor on my own and had my vbac.. you may want to put it off just a bit more...  
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go with your heart
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