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43 and just found out I'm pregnant

I got a positive yesterday and made an appointment with my obstetrician for November 29th - they don't see anyone before 9 weeks, but I'm worried because of my age that I should be seen sooner.  I'm not having any problems, just severe queasiness and headache round the clock, and my stomach is already protruding (I showed at 5 weeks with my first child too) - otherwise all seems well.  The nurse called in a prenatal vitamin prescription for me, so I'm all set, but a month seems like such a long wait!  I've been reading so much about the increased risk for miscarriage at my age (I'll be 44 in March, 3 months before I deliver).  Should I just chill, or call the office again and express my concerns?
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no its best to just chill as much as you can (yer right!!), if you were to miscarry due to abnormalities theres nothing they can do,  although maybe you could ring and ask about progesterone, quite a few women here are or have used it, I never have but it wouldnt hurt to ask, well done and I hope bub stays put :)
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Thank you Stacey!  I think I'm just super paranoid and I know I shouldn't let the statistics bother me....whatever happens, happens...I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing, all I can do is wait it out and hope for the best.  It's good to hear someone else's opinions too, though - thanks for responding =)
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I know how you feel I have a 6 month old and I'm 44 I  try never to get excited until my 12 week n/s scan and I'm in the clear so to speak, I had 2 miscarriages inbetween my 3yr old and this last preg and I'm thinking that I'm going to try again, so am expecting more, I'm having acupucture, royal jelly and evening primrose oit for my nearly non-existant c/m have just started the oil so will see how that goes
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I myself understand your feeling totally too. I am just about full 8 weeks now and I hold my mood tight and low because I really don't know how the baby is doing in me. I will have a Ultrasound test by Friday, by then I will know better.

I have a 4 years old, and I had a miscarriage 2 years ago. I tried acupuncture, Chinese herb medicine, totally diet change(no suger, no red meat mostly, no dairy food, less less wheat...) and 艾炷灸Moxa cones before I get this 8 weeks pregnancy.
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Try to chill if you can (easier said than done).  As Stacey said, there is nothing you can do anyway.  Will they send you for bloodwork?  At least if you can get an hcg..then another one in 48hours you can see if your numbers are doubling.  If they are doubling, then that is a good sign, and there is nothing else you can do until the ultrasound.  If they aren't that is an early indication that the pregnancy may not progress and you can be prepared.  Also, you might want to know what your progesterone is.  I think it should be at least 20 to maintain a pregnancy.  Goos luck!!!  Keep us posted.  
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Maybe also ask for progesterone prescription as well. That is what I did.
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Congrats on your pregnancy!  I know, its so hard not to worry.  And it does always feel like they should be doing...well something!  Unfortunately though, there really is nothing to be done.  Yes, they can monitor, but for so many this just seems to cause additional stress.  At 9 weeks, an ultrasound will be definitive in terms of viability, so you won't get stuck in that grey area where they do one too early, and you just worry non stop.  At least that's how it works for me.  Many Dr.'s feel the same way about hcg levels and won't test them as less emphasis is being put on them now . I cannot tell you how many posts here we have seen with women convinced they had miscarried due to how fast their levels are rising, and all has been fine (I did this to myself as well).  Sometimes I think just waiting is best.  Now, I say that, but when I conceive again, just wait...I'll be posting the same thing you just did.  Hang in there, stay busy and hopefully the weeks go by quickly.  Congrats again!
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Thank you so much everyone!  It really helps to talk about it and I appreciate all your comments =)  So far I'm sick as a dog pretty much round the clock, so I'm taking that as a good sign.  All the symptoms are in place and my stomach is very swollen like it was in my first pregnancy at this stage.

I keep reading on the forums about progesterone - from what I understand, the symptoms are caused by higher progesterone levels, so should I take it as a sign that mine is good based on how sick I've been?

Stacey - you mentioned evening primrose oil - that just rang a bell in my head, because I was wondering what suddenly made my body decide to get fertile again at this age.  We had tried for a baby for over 10 years before we had our first, so I didn't imagine it would ever happen again.  But about 3 or 4 months ago I started taking evening primrose oil to help with my PMS mood swings - could that have been the magic pill?
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yep it probably helped :), hemps your c/m become more lush and inviting lol so to speak, I hope your not taking it now tho.... they reccomend not taking it when pregnant as it can cause cramping of the uterus, if you are stop taking it quick smart :)
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oops helps
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Yep, I stopped taking it (and everything else) the day I started throwing up, which was about 4 days before I got my positive test.  I didn't know any of that about the primrose oil - I was just taking it because it helped to level out my cranky moods during PMS.  I wish I'd known this years ago =)
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I think that's great.. I am 43 will be 44 in June of next year.. DH and I are doing Donor Egg in Dec , and me too will already be 44 when the baby would arrive... Im excited , and nervous at the same time... I wish you the best of luck, and SSBD to you and your family... God Bless ...Mary...:)
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well thats one of the reasons why I started taking it as well, I want to eat everyones head off when my period comes lol they all cower in the corner, poor kids dont know whats going on so hopefully it will help me with mine as well as give me more fertile c/m, and hopefully the royal jelly will give me another good quality egg :)
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I see a feet specialist n they want Ur progesterone to be a 30 for a strong pregnancy. I would take colic acid n baby asprin 81mg with a multivitamin to help prevent clotting n miscarriage. Progesterone can be prescribed but normally after bloodwork. U pay Ur doctor so ask! If they minimize Ur concern start talking to other doctors. This is their job! Best of luck
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Congratulatios on your pregnancy!!!
H&H 9 months!!!
I hope you are more lucky, than me (Few weeks ago I lost my sweet baby due Cystic Hygroma, HLHS, DS.Im feeling empty, so sad.I love and miss my sweet baby so much.I want my baby back!I want to trying again,but Im so scared.Because my risks higher every year.And no one person ,no one doctor know, how everything will be next time, or we will bring healthy rainbow baby home or we going through same situation again.Me and my husband dont want to loss sweet baby again.Its so painful and so hard experience.Our life changed forever!We never will be same.
But Im reading your story Im getting better a little bit.I have my hope again.You give me optimism!Thank you so much for sharing!)
     All the best to you and your baby!!!Im praying for you.
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Again, I am so sorry for what you have been through.  I truly am.  My heart aches for you.  But please remember, hlhs is very rare and has nothing to do with age.  It is just one of those things that happens from time to time.  I so understand your need to talk about this, and would love to invite you to join our Miscarriage Forum.  You might find it a better place to discuss this and to find support in dealing with the emotional pain you are in.  My heart and thoughts are with you and I hope you find peace.
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