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46 and trying not to freak out...

I am 46 years old and just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant. My children are 28, 27, 24, 21 and 13. My grandchildren are 9, 8 and 3. Needless to say this was not my plan for this stage of life. I'm hoping for some words of wisdom from other mother's out there that got pregnant so late in life. I know how fortunate I am and I do believe everything happens for a reason but my concerns are about my health and that of the babies.
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If you got pregnant your ovum are still a good quality. I understand that when it's not the plan it might be a bit stressful. The question is are you ready to have a baby at this stage in your life? Your Heath and state of mind are important too.

Afterwards there are tests that can be done to detect most of the disease either by DNA blood test, the nuchal translucency screening at 12 weeks of pregnancy and Amniocentesis would be performed in case of a doubt. I have few friends that had baby after 40 naturally, out of 4, there is only one that had a son with autism, this cannot be detected. It's not easy, especially being a single mother and a professional, but she adores her son!

Good reflection and no matter what your decision is, stay true to yourself and don't take the pressure anyone could put on you because after all it is your life, your health and your baby's that are your main concern.
Thank you for that, I needed it this morning.
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Some surprises can be the best. I can understand your anxiety though. I would talk to your doctor about risks and such. My good friend is the same age as an aunt meaning her mom had her at the same time her grandma had a child.  Stay in touch and let us know how you are doing!
Thank you for your comment. I'll keep updating. I'm now 7 weeks and have my first ultrasound on Friday to hear the little ones heart beat for the first time.
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I had just turned 42 when I had my first baby and 43 almost 44 with my second one. Everything was fine with both babies. I did have gestational diabetes but that's all. Do get check with your doctor and def. do all the testing recommended . Good luck to you
Thank you for your response. I also had diabetes with my last pregnancy when I was 34 so it's definitely a concern now. I have already completely changed my diet and walking the beach every morning and going to the gym.
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You are blessed my dear,worry not God has your back.
Keep weight in check,diet,peace of mind,relax and let God walk you through this,He got you at the palm of His hand s and His plans for our lives is great,congrats
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It is my belief that everything happens for a reason and this later in life surprise is a miracle and blessing. I am one of 6 children. My sweet mama had her first at 19 and her sixth at 47! I was 12 when my youngest brother was born, my oldest sister was 26 with a 4 yr daughter of her own, who got a cute baby uncle lol. They basically grew up like brother and sister, so close in age. I remember the concern my parents had over this pregnancy and the risk associated with her age. She had an amniocentesis and genetic testing done in the 2nd trimester. Everything came back okay but she still prayed every day for a heathy pregnancy,delievery,and baby until she met her 6th and final child. I was allowed to be in the room, they pulled him out, she checked him over, held him on her chest, then said to the doctor,don't forget to tie those tubes and gave my dad a silly sideways look haha  My baby brother who is now 18 was a healthy 8 lb 5 Oz little boy. To be completly honest, is the smartest and most talented of all of us kids. He was talking in sentences at 15 months.Played competitive sports the last 14 yrs. Just gratuated in May with a 4.0 GPA, received a full ride scholarship to a Division 2 University to play basketball and has a very promising future ahead of him. Sometimes the lord likes to keep things interesting and saves the best for last. You may be 46 but you have done this a few times already lol, your body knows exactly what to do. God does not give us more than we can handle, nor make mistakes. Your baby is meant to be. He or she has a purpose and place on this planet. You are the lucky one God chose to be their mama. Good luck to you and Congratulations!!
Your extremely kind words has touched me dearly. I am 40 with an 8 month old and just found out I am 8 weeks pregnant. I am scared out of mind to say the very least but thanks to you I am now sure that the very best was saved for last and this baby is an absolute Blessing to us.. Thank You!!!
I was a career girl when I got married and decided to start our family.  So, older.  :>)  Had many colleagues in the same boat who had babies later in their 30's and early 40's.  While I never had a baby young, I am sure it's a little harder on the body for an older woman but with nothing to compare it to, all I can say is ---  it wasn't that bad.  :>)  My boys are 15 months apart.  It's been a fantastic journey.  Back to back pregnancies were good for me . . .  I was in baby mode for a good while and then out of it.  And my boys are pals.  Pregnancy with essentially a baby to care for as well is hard no matter your age.  Rest when your first is napping and get your partner to take duty with baby number one to give you breaks.  Mother's helpers are great too.  These are young girls around 10 who come to your house and play with the baby while you rest or do a chore or something just for yourself.  You pay them about 1 or 2 dollars and hour and they stay an hour or two. My pediatrician recommended that to me when I found out I was pregnant so soon with baby number 2!  Anyway, use the forum---  lots of women here can relate and will help support you!  hugs and congrats on your growing family!
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Can only imagine what a surprise that was! Career Mama here had my first at 45, and now 6wks pregnant with my second at 47, both by IVF using donor eggs, so kudos to your ovaries as mine were not up to the task :)

I know for sure my body isn't bouncing back like a 20, 30 or even 40 year old, but despite being high risk due to 'advanced maternal age' (love that) had easy pregnancy, planned csection due to kiddo being breech, and was literally up and about within a few days. There was concern about IUGR due to older placenta not having as good vascular supply, but doctor said most will rebound once born. baby got down to 9th% at 32 weeks which was worrisome but back up to 34% at 36weeks, 6lb 5oz at birth, and 45% wt and 75% ht since 3-4 mo, so no lasting effect.

The upside of being high risk (well, silver lining) is getting US and fetal heart rate monitoring much more frequently for the last 3-4 months (weekly US and twice week monitoring is what I had) which I found much more fun and reassuring than the minimal studies the young'uns get.

I'm no fitness guru, just walk the dogs a few times a day and more or less eat healthy. 5'2' 115lb and gained 35lb by wk32 and about 20lb of water/swelling the last couple months that was pretty uncomfortable in my legs/ankles, but fortunately the swelling disappeared by time I left the hospital which was a great relief. Got down to pre-baby weight before getting pregnant again, but it's definitely not distributed the same, so will probably try a more focused exercise plan this time around.

All in all, I'm sure the whole process is easier/safer when you're younger and or the more fit you are, but for me at least was a lot more straightforward than I was worried it might be. And think of all the experience you already have, not to mention the built-in sibling baby sitters to dote on baby! At least you've got that part down!
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Feel blessed..i would give anything to have a baby
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I'll be 40 when my first is due. I'd always been to scared to have kids but this was an accident. It's definitely a test of my mental strength to get through this with minimal anxiety. I'm freaking out lol. Good luck to you lady! At least you've had children so you already know what to do, right? :)
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I'm 42 and have 4 adult children
27, 24, 23, 22 and 12. I am going on 43 9/06
I was freaked out too when I was told I was pregnant.i asked myself am I ready?  God wouldn't give me something I couldn't handle, right?   Now going on 7.5 months I'm keeping track of my weight and taking it easy even though I have no restrictions but I know my body. My older children are upset except my 12 year old . How do your adult children feel? Take all necessary test and monitor your health.  Stay positive is key.
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Goodluck and congrats !!
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How are you all doing since you posted?
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