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4th week, low HCG level - what does it mean?

I have had my HCG levels tested 3 times since I found out I was pregnant. My doctor told me today he doesn't think the numbers look good - not at the level they need to be. On Monday the HCG level was 97 and on Thursday it was  200. Evidently "normal" level for this stage is 500. Does anyone have experience with low HCG numbers and if their pregnancies turned out ok? I am so worried!
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HI My HCGs are usually around 100 at four vweeks and my OB said all is normal. AS long as doubling every 2 or 3 days.  My OB office actually got my numbers wrong in chart and had me all worried but was just mistake. Believe in good and try to have hope and try not to worry. My first 2 babies were fine. Also what time of day I think can affect levels. So if you were 97 on Mon. afternoon and 200 on Thurs. morning? Just guesing here and offices do make clerical errors on occation.  I have never heard that 500 is normal at 4 weeks ! Look that one up in wikipedia there is more like a broad range of normal hcg levels.  Good luck, Kristin762
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It doesn't matter what the number is. It matters that it doubles in 48-72 hours apart. I have had mine not double the first time and she is almost 3. I'm not agreeing with the dr. right now as I don't think they can judge from just these 2 #'s. You said you had them taken 3x, what was the 3rd?  Like I said, it doesn't matter what they begin with. This new baby for me I started with a 28!  The spectrum is huge if you type in google hcg levels.
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Thanks Kelly. The very first number was 35 (last Thursday), then 97 (Monday)and Thursday's was 200. I will get another one done on Monday and might ask for an early ultrasound too. I don't know why they are making me think all doom and gloom so these posts really help calm my nerves. I know ultimately it is out of my hands, but....

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I agree 100% with Kelly.  The first number is completely irrelevent.  You are doubling every 72 hours and that is great.  My HCG level this pregnancy started at 35.  A week later it was 996, and a week after that 4000.  You are only 4 weeks, and you may find it does a bit of a jump, but if not don't worry.  They are going up.  I wonder about your Dr. saying that too you, especially if you are only 4 weeks.  Try not to worry, sounds like you are doing great!!
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It's gets worse - I asked the nurse if people who have an HCG number of 200 at four weeks can go on to have a normal pregnancy and she said, "it's unlikely." Then I hear your stories and I just wonder what would make her say that?? It's like they want to predict the worst just in case maybe? I dunno.  

Pray for me that my numbers keep going up next week.
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Okay, so I see now I bet they wish they were higher but they're not grossly off.  And honestly, if you get to 6 weeks and see a healthy heartbeat I might would look into another practice.  I would just have a bad taste in my mouth.  Just keep positive and I honestly think things are going to be okay. What was the last visit like?  Discuss another blood test or just an u/s about 6 weeks.  I know you want to, but don't rush the u/s until at LEAST 6 weeks or a couple of days later.  At 6w1d, my son had a SLOW hb of 89, ugh... one more thing to worry about right?  I waited a full week to know that things would be okay :)  He's 14 months now!! YAY.  SO, one more thing about the nurses response, THAT'S WHY SHE'S A NURSE NOT A DR. hee, hee.!!  And are they really nurses?  My girl that I have every time, weight, urine, blood pressure..... I ask her questions sometimes and think that is the most retarded thing I've ever heard.  I'm not sure if she's a "real nurse", I think I'm going to ask, ha ha!!  Anyways, good luck to you :)
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