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6.5 Wks Spotting U/S at ER No Heartbeat.ANYONE with 1st Trimester issues re: U/S

So,I just found this site and decided to post for the first time.
I went for a t u/s on Thurs everything was ok 6.3 wks.Had to walk and take the bus etc a lot on Sunday.Came home peed very light pink spotting.Figured it was just overexertion.Woke up yesterday same thing but got darker and a bit heavier over 2 hrs.Decided to go to the ER.They did my blood work.
6.5 weeks
beta 18,361
gest sac 1.9 cm
fetal pole up to 8mm
no hb or cardiac activity.

I have a healthy 3 yr old.
lost my second 2 yrs ago at 6 mos due to an incompetent cervix.
Didn't know I was pregnant until last thursday at the ultrasound following a pos test earlier that day.
Dr. said all the words we hate...fetal demise,threatened miscarriage etc.
I cried but tried to remain positive.Dr's can be wrong.
I have to go for a follow up with a different ob/gyn different Dr. which I like second opinion.
They gave me the option of going tomorrow or going on Friday to check my levels and possibly do another u/s.
I made it for tomorrow it would still be 48 hrs so they will be able to see if my count doubled.
Anyone been through this before or any advise?

I feel it's always comforting and better advise from others in the same boat than the harsh doctors.

Just found this and was so happy I did.Anyone who is worried about 1st Trimester complications re u/s....


Stay strong  :)
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miscarried this am around 6:30am.pic of tiny fetus as my profile picture.I knew when I passed him/her.
You can see the tiny facial structure eye slits nose mouth,arm buds...still has a tail.
Look how tiny compared to my hand.
I'm really sad trying not to focus on it.
chin up everyone...everything happens for a reason,I have to keep believing that.I hate this feeling ,but I am trying to keep positive.  :'(
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Omg im so sorry hun.. Sending hugs your way x
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Oh, i feel your pain!  
Sometimes things happen for a reason and its ok to cry, feel pain over it. I have read other pple's posts who have had m/s , over time be able to carry beautiful babies to term. You are in my thoughts. Hugs
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Hugs x
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First let me say how sorry I am and how bad I feel for you.   I have had 4 m/c's myself and its so sad.

Second....I know this may sound weird...but what a beautiful picture.   How did you find it and get that...how awesome and thank you for letting us all in on viewing your beautiful angel.    I've never been able to find anything on my 4...I was about 9 weeks 2 of the times, and they had had heartbeats at 7 weeks, but 2 weeks later were gone.   I've only had so much blood that its hard to tell what anything is.   what a beautiful memory and its so awesome to see that they are really real and you got to hold them, what a precious memory.
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So sad it is always tough going through this. Don't give up but give your self time before you try again
I have held a few of my lost babies and just sat and cried. I am so sorry for your loss.
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I have ha many miscarriages and I know that one of the few clots that pass in the beginning of a mc is the baby in the sac.I read a lot and know that there are two sacs you just have to be patient and careful bc it is very delicate.I took pictures of when he/she first came out to where he/she is in the prifile picture.I haven't figured out a way to post them here but I'm working on it.
Note* I did make sure I went pee first and then wiped and pushed over the bowl.it will happen but if its in the toilet will usually be lost ...I cant do that to an innocent.had to find him/her.
I will try to post pictures now as the "birthing" process and what it will look like.
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Just posted the picture process of my baby mc (with a crappy camera phone) if you have any questions on anything please ask me I know it is hard but seeing your baby at least once is still amazing and beauitiful.
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I agree with you so much, while I was heartbroken for you and the sadness reminded me of my own sadness, there was something beautiful about the fact that you got to hold him/her and see them.    I never got that and now wished I had known more and found them.
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I kind of went to the extreme.I ordered a 500ml of formaldehyde 37% be here on Monday.I have a glass container inside a metal sealed container that I can preserve him/her in since h/s is too tiny to be cremated.It is a necklace type vial so h/s will still be with me.Sounds creepy to some ppl but for me it is a safe place for my child.
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Just replied to you forgot to put reply to you... I'm still getting use to this forum   :)
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