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A Little Confused???????

Hi Everyone! I'm a little confused right now, here's my story....I got AF on Nov.9(cd1) I have a very regular 27-28 day cycle, on Nov.21(cd13) I started to spot(brownish/pink)I figured it was from O, when it continued to Nov.25(cd17) I became concerned and did an HPT(FRER) i didn't use FMU and was only able to hold it for about an hour, to my surprise 2 lines! I tested again today using a $store test, same result just a little lighter. I did some searching today and found that a study was conducted and it was proven that FRER picks up at 12.5, so maybe that's why the $store one was a little lighter. Has anyone ever heard of getting a + this early??? My BB's are killing me since yesterday and I'm super tired, this has me baffled. Any suggestions???

                               Thanks   Lori
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First off Lori.....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  I know you have waited so long for this and I am so happy for you sweets!!

Frer can actually pick up even lower then that.  I had it pick up at 6 once (I was in the middle of a chemical, but still, it registered positive).  I bet you either o'd earlier then you think, or implanted in 3 days, none of which are bad things.  Frer is the most sensitive, so it doesn't surprise me that another brand would be lighter.  Plus, remember these tests are qualatative, not quantative, so really, how light or dark the line is doesn't mean too much.  Some brands always just show lighter then others.  

Personally, the earliest I ever got a positive was about 5 days after O.  With a frer, and early implantation, it's not terribly surprising to get a positive at 17DPO. Not super common perhaps, but not way out there.  When do you have your first beta?  I am so excited for you!!!!
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A great big CONGRATULATIONS to you!

Best wishes,
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Thanks Amanda & Wendy!

It's been exactly a year of trying and it's so hard to believe that i'm finally here:)  I put a call in to my Dr. on Wednesday but he won't be back in the office until Tuesday so I spoke to his nurse and she wasn't very helpful. She told me to call back when af is a week late and they would send me for b/w????  That would put me at December 12th, how am I suppose to wait until then???? So I guess i'll know more when I talk to him, i'm sure he'll get things moving a bit quicker since he knows my history.

Amanda, are you all ready for your little mans arrival??? I can't wait to see pics! Good luck Hun!
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confusion of my own. Why do people automatically assume as soon as one gets pregnant they get beta testing done? My doctors
clinic do not bother with that and they never beta tested me. They just confirm the pregnancy thru blood wrk. Personally it just causes stress which is one less thing one needs during pregnancy. I can understand maybe If youre seeing an OB maybe. Must be  a trend thing in the USA. *shrugs*
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b/w could mean bloodwork which is standard in early pregnancy.
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Just read the news - CONGRATS !  
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Congratulations!!  Hoping a happy, healthy pregnancy for you :)
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Oh Lori, I am so ready for this little guy.  Nervous, but ready.  

BTW, I meant CD 17, not 17DPO...lol.  Slightly different..ha!  

Jessika, I am not certain if it's standard here or not, but when you have a history of loss, then it seems to be (I am in Canada, not US).  In my case 3 of my losses have been chemical pregnancies, so my OB likes to monitor my HCG levels until I am far enough along for ultrasound.  I know Lori has been through loss as well, so seeing those HCG levels rise is a source of comfort.  I am not certain if all Dr.'s monitor them if there is no history or reason for concern.  

Good luck again honey, you know I am cheering on you and this little bean.  Don't worry to much about getting a positive so early, so many reasons.  I was reading up on implantation this morning, and 3 days is not "out there'.  It's not the average, but it's not overly uncommon.  
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You better let us know what is happening ASAP!!! I am so happy for you!! I know Baby Angel Salvatore was waiting for the very right moment to answer your prayers!!!!

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Thank you so much! I'm a little concerned because I was spotting brown for about a week and today I had a gush of dark red blood, I have no cramps or anything and it stopped as fast as it came. I had this with my last pregnancy and it turned out to be a subchorionic hemorrhage which has me really scared. It did heal after several weeks, but then at 18weeks I lost my son, I don't know if there is any connection but it still scares me to death. I'm gonna try and hold out until Tuesday when my Dr. is back and see what he thinks I should do. Please keep me in your prayers.
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Oh Lori, it can just never be smooth sailing for some of us can it.  I too had quite a bit of bleeding this pregnancy.  Still have spotting from time to time. Everything is just fine and I am sure it will be for you as well.  You know you have my prayers.  Hang in there hon, and keep us posted.
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Lori congratulations!! happy and healthy pregnancy and i will definitley keep you in my prayers!!!!
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Lori, hope everything is OK.  You are in my prayers!
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Congrats! I'm praying all is well for you. I had 2 MCs 5 months apart and now am 31weeks. I had bleeding early on in my pregnancy and then it stopped. At 10 weeks I woke up to gushing blood that stopped as fast as it came. I ran to UC and everything was fine. Baby was doing summersaults and even had hiccups. Now we are 31 weeks w/ no other complications. So, please try to relax (as hard as that is) until you can see your Dr. I hope he can speed the BW up for you so you can see things are just fine.

Here in the US it is standard to do BW (BETA) to check for a viable pregnancy after you have had a history of MC or for Fertility patients as well. They do 3 to make sure your levels are rising properly and it is also an indication of Ectopic if they are rising slowly or staying steady.
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Thanks everyone! It means so much to have people to talk to that understand. I'm still spotting and I did have a breakdown tonight, I guess thats expected after what happened last year. I'm hoping that my Dr understands my concerns and I get in quickly. I'll post as soon as I know anything. Please say a prayer for me.

Hoping- thank you for sharing your story. I hope when i'm 31wks I'm able to help ease someones mind, Thanks :)
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You know something, its ok to let it out.  It's a good thing actually.  As happy a time as this is there is so much stress when you have experienced losses, and personally I think it's harder on you to hold it in.  Remember how many of us here have had bleeding and all is just fine.  I too was a wreck about it, but everything is just fine, and it will be for you too!!   You have a huge cheering squad here and we are with you holding your hand.  XOXO
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I called my dr. this morning and i'm waiting for him to return my call. They're sending me for b/w, preg test and quant to check levels, i'll be going this afternoon, she said they'll have the results in 24 hrs. I took a $ store test this morning and the line was super light so i'm even more nervous. I'll keep you updated, and thanks again for you support. xoxo
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We'll be here waiting and praying for you Lori!!
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We will be waiting but not patiently! : )
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Thinking about you and will be checking in often.  Hang in there hon, and please let us know as soon as you can.  XOXO
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Sorry this took so long, but heres my update...
My results came back, pregnancy test was positive, level was 44. At first she told me they were pretty low and I wanted to cry so asked her if they were considered low for how early I am and she asked my lmp (nov.9) and then said wow you are early so those numbers are good. I go back on Friday to see if the numbers are going up, only problem is I probably won't get the results until Monday! Please keep me in your prayers and hopefully i'll be back on Monday with great news!
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yay!!!  Great news.  Praying for HIGH numbers on Monday :)
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Lori everything will be fine. Try not to worry so much, I know its hard to say not to worry but stay positive everything will be fine. You are early and the numbers are very good for that early. So I just know everything is fine. Relax and I will be thinking of you. Hugs for you both Isabella
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I know it's agonizing waiting for that second set of results, but I was further along then you are with my first beta of this pregnancy, and it was only 33.    She made me wait a week for my second set!  I think 44 is fantastic for where your at!  Congrats Lori, looks like things are off to a great start!  Now grow little bean, grow nice and strong for your momma and your MedHelp aunties...we're all cheering you on!!  XOXO  
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