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Acoustic Neuroma... Getting MRI

So,  just wanted to ask all my friends who like to pray to say a prayer for me on Monday...  I have had constant ringing in my ears now for a few years,  so I thought I might get it checked out, since it is getting louder...  (its starting to drown out the voices in my head, and now I feel lost not being able to hear them!)...  so he scheduled me for an MRI to rule out Acoustic Neuroma... it is a tumor growning between your ear and brain, so far as I can tell,  and typically they require surgery to remove, which could cause facial nerve loss, and hearing loss...  so I am hoping that my ringing is due to some other random weird thing, like not wearing ear protection on job sites, or taking too much ibprofin.  Anyway... just wanted to see if you'd all pray that I don't have this tumor...  he said they are rare... so I am just going to rule it out....... the MRI is monday morning!
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Oh Corrina! I will send bucket loads of prayers! Your "voices" must be so lonely without you! All jokes aside girl, you are in my prayers, no doubt! Please update us ASAP!

love ya girly!
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Thank you Rachael!  I'll let you know next wednesday what they say...  I am hopeful that it is not the tumor....  
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Tator- I will keep you in my thoughts!   What a scary thing to be going through.
( How sad you can't hear the voices anymore!!!!!)
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tator im sure its a simple "fix"!  i will say a prayer for you!!!
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Not being able to hear all the voices has lead to some questionable decisions I've made recently,  so I think I should do whatever it takes to get them back in my life.  :)  

Thanks guys!

He told me that if he can't find the reason for it,  we can just try ambient noises at night...  I hear it all the time!?  Ambient noises?!  How is that going to help?!  It doesn't keep me up at night,  it just annoys the heck out of me during my waking hours!
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I will pray for you too!!! I have ringing in my ears right now, LOL I went in for a CT scan for sharp pains in my noggin and the ringing. All is well and I pray you get the SAME results!!
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Tator! I didn't know, but I hope everything is well and it's not a tumor! I will pray for you, as I know I am having prayers said for my Brody boy and his tumor! Sending positive, healthy vibes your way, but not the ringing kind ;)
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Just seeing this for the first time. (I don't get on as often anymore).  I hope your feeling better, or that they are getting to the bottom of it.  How annoying that must be.  
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My brain looks great!  good news,  except I just spent $400 to learn that there is nothing I can do about my ear ringing....  at least I have ruled out anything serious....  now I just have to live with it,  which I have actually been doing for years now... so...  

I am going to try the holistic approach and ordered some herbs and vitamins...  why not?!  I figure it is worth a try.  

Thanks for all your support and prayers...  never good to hear you might have a brain tumor.
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Yay! I am so glad everything is all good! Sorry you had to spend $400 but it is so worth it! Hopefully you can find out something to help with the ringing in your ears, I know your "voices" miss you! : )

Thanks for the update!
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meaybe I'll send them a memo to talk louder.
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What a relief!  I'm sorry they can't do anything about the ringing  - maybe if you start talking out loud to yourself it won't be as noticable!!!!!!  
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sue!!!!  i am cracking up!  i feel like I am only one step away from that these days anyway!!
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well im glad it was nothing serious! Its too bad there is nothing you can do about though:~( Does one ever get used to something like that? Its got to be annoying:~(
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Gosh, I only just read this too! Glad it was nothing too serious, must be so annoying though, hope the holistic approach helps. X
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