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Alright, got 'Bring the bubs' plan started.....;)

So, I went to the weekly appointment yesterday and told the doctor I had ended up in L&D on friday, as many of you guys read.... (just my colitis acting up on me, no dilation, no effacement! grrrr). So he decides to check my cervix (again!! i swear I feel like a 5 year old birthday party cake! everyone's sticking his finger in me!!!) and he goes "Vanessa! you're not even dialated! I think this baby will probably be here after your due date...'

Im like 'HELL NO!!!! she's not going pass her due date my dear!! I've heard too many horror stories about stillbirths because of that! NO WAY!'
And he's like 'Oh, due dates are not accurate...' I said 'Doctor, I can honestly pinpoint my ovulation day, it was on day fourteen after my LMP... i KNOW when i conceived... i KNOW she'll be late after tuesday!!!! (not today, next one)....
So he goes 'OK...come to your moday appointment for your 40th week and we'll plan an induction date for you then...'
He also said that induction in me would be really difficult since my cervix is really tight and close, it'd take about 3 days!!!!! =((( and would be painful........

So, needless to say, I am scared.... but oh so ready for my baby to be in my arms!!! I am getting worried about the placenta aging and all that horrible stuff that could happen!!! =(
I read million things yesterday about how to bring labor naturally and I don't wanna take or drink anything!, so the only 2 things I could really think of is.... guess what....?? grabbing dh by the.... and drag him upstairs and jump on his bones! lol... it was a friggin' nightmare! he was making fun of my 'self counsiousness' the whole time... he kept moo-ing at me... and laughing... of course i was laughing too, but at one point it got really old and I told him 'just get to work! bring this baby and go to sleep!!!'
hehehehe which then he started telling me how I always use him, to TTC, to bring baby.... blah blah blah.... argh...

And in the evening I went for a 45 minute walk with my daddy and puppy.... I loved it! of course im draggin' right now, but it was so worth it! we had a nice bonding time and we got to see the sun hidding behind those gorgeous clouds in a pink and orange sky.... it was so nice!!! smelling the flowers and the sudden cup cake smells coming out of the houses in the neighborhood....

I am getting this ball rolling girls!!! I got a week to go, and each and every day I'm planning on going for a walk, and maybe every other day grab dh and assault him! lol....

What else are you guys doing???

oh... forgot to add: last night we were watching the funniest videos on TV and I saw this one about a dog in a 0 gravity plane floating around and it was SOOO HILLARIOUS i ended up with contractions!! lol... I was laughing so hard tears were coming out of my eyes and my makeup got all smeared all over my face! i ended up looking like a damn racoon!!! lol.... it's in youtube, search dog in 0 gravity plane or something... and the picture is of two guys in the front (in a plane) and in the back you can see the back seat of it.... duh right!?? lol oh shoot, it's tuesday! i'm still sleeping!

Bring on the ideas and suggestions to get my bubs in my arms within a week please!!!
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If you are not dilating at all, effacing and go for an induction, it is highly likely you will end up with a c/s.  That is not fun, believe me.  If you can avoid it, you should.  Going a week over your due date is not that uncommon, or unsafe.  Your baby may need just a few days longer than the average.  Three weeks late, yes, you should get that baby out, but c/s are painful, and if you are planning another baby, there are risks if you had c/s the first time.  I ended up with a uterine rupture in my second pregnancy.  You don't want to add those risks if you don't need to!  Give yourself and your baby just a teeny bit of time, she'll be here before you know it!!!!  Good luck!
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Oh man, i am sorry you didn't have good luck with yours! I'm pretty open for c-sections. My mother had one with me, and lots of my friends have had those. I've had a couple of surgeries in the past, so im not afraid of pain. If i ever end up with a c-s with this one for whatever reason, i will not risk having a VBAC on my second....
Definitely! 3 weeks late is just not right!!!!!!! hell no! i would not go that far! I'm willing to wait a couple of days after my due date... but not a week... it really freaks me out... I don't mind being pregnant, in fact I love it! it's about her running out of oxigen.... and the risks from delivering late....
I will also have an 8+lbs baby.... so, i would probably need a c-s if she is bigger than that! (i was told by my RE my hips were too narrow).

OB said he'll be doing a stress test after monday if he doesn't see any progression... so we'll see...

thanks for the luck! i'll need it! =)
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They can do non-stress tests 2x per week to check your baby and the oxygen level.  Be prepared if you induce on a non-ripe cervix, b/c it will likely lead to c/s.  I am glad you are aware of that and ok, b/c it can be a shock and cause depression.  I did attempt vbac but I know women who ruptured before their scheduled repeat c/s.  Now, that is rare, and you shouldn't worry about that, but any time you cut the uterus you add risk to your next pregnancy, and I think if there is a way to avoid doing that, you would want to!  Plus, you will lose bonding time with your baby if you end up with a c/s, which is a whole different kind of pain.  When you look back on pics, as I do, and realize that I was in pain and drugged and out of it barely able to move, while everyone else in my family held my baby, that hurts.  You have to know that is something that can happen too.  There are good c/s, I know, and if it is necessary than it is, and you just deal, but if you can avoid those emotional and physical pitfalls, try!!  Especially if it means just a few days wait.  Why don't you plan an induction exactly one week after your due date, that will give you one week to hopefully allow your cervix to ripen, and you won't be SOOO late.  Hopefully, you won't make it to that date :).

As to natural inductions, try using your breast pump now, practice.  Nipple stimulation causes contractions.  Castor oil (I hear) can also bring on the contractions.  
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Vane I was induced with my first on my due date because of g/d... I was not dilated or effaced at all... what I do suggest is that you go in for the tablet the put on your cervix that softens it I did that at 12am (insurance reasons for the late hour) and came back 8 hours later for the pitocin.  I had  my dd 8 hours later only pushed for an hour and a half... the tablet the put in me really helped... they didn't do that with my second..  Good luck and nipple stimulation....  that you can even do yourself if you are really committed hahaha
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...and just for the record, I'm going on my 3rd c-section. Never had any problems with bonding or recovery. You'll love your baby no matter the birth process!!
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You are so lucky, b/c I did have alot of problems with not getting to see my babies or hold them right away, or nurse.  But I'm glad to hear that doesn't always happen.
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