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Am I pregnant or just wishful thinking

Right here is my tale......I had my mirena coil out after 5 yrs on 21st July. Had a bit of a nightmare as I needed it removed under local anaesthetic due to it being lost (it was actually upside down and threads too short). So after I had some bleeding for a few days.

Hubby and I are TTC. Went on holiday and had much fun trying. 5 weeks after having coil removed no period so did HPT twice to be sure and neg. Then 2 days later got period or so I thought. It was a day long and light. My periods have always been painful, long and heavy hence the coil. A week later did another HPT which was neg.

Now for the last 6 days have really not felt right at all. Its kinda like a permanant hangover. Headache and queezy which goes immediately after food. A little light headed and a really bad taste in my mouth. Paranoid about my breath it's so bad. Feel a little tired but not sure if this is due being light headed.

Reluctant to do anoth HPT before my next period is due but confused as to what is happening to me. I thought once the coil was removed my cycle would return back to normal straight away.

Could I possibly be preg or am I just wishful thinking. Want to go to doctors but scared they may think I'm anther neurotic woman desperate to get preg.    
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I couldn't tell from your post when your LMP was - when's your next period due?  It's hard to tell pregnancy from symptoms alone - if you're unsure, the next thing to do is to do a blood test for pregnancy at your dr's.  I really can't give an honest opinion either way w/out knowing the dates but even that's guess work.

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That's just the thing. I'm not sure as I had the one day type period but never had periods at all with the coil so have no idea at all where my cycle is etc. I was hoping that after the coil was removed I'd have a normal period and I'd be able to track it. Going to the docs tomorrow as fed up of feeling like this.
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I have never had the coil, but for many years I used Depo Provera as a method of birth control.  About a year before we started ttc I went off of it.  All of my adult life I have been very regular, but for 3 or 4 months after stopping Depo, my cycle was all over the map.  It was crazy.  Super heavy, lasting just a day or two, stopping and starting, heavy spotting in between, you name it.  It was just my body regulating itself and after a few months things returned to normal.  I would bet you are having a similar experience.  Thats not to say your not pregnant, I hope you are, I am just offering an alternative if thats not the case.  I do know its not uncommon to have unusual periods after stopping birth control (only for a short while though). Whatever the case, I wish you much baby dust!!
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I hope you can get your questions answered at the doctor's tomorrow.  I didn't know one didn't have periods w/the coil.  I'm betting it's taking time for your cycle to regulate since you had the coil removed - anyway, all will be answered tomorrow - good luck!
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It turns out I have a virus called Labryinthitis which affects the inner ear and makes you feel dizzy, lightheaded and nauseas which explains the problem. They have not ruled out that I could be in the early stages of pregnancy and therefore won't give me anything for the nausea. By all accounts the light bleeding I experienced is the same as a period but because I had the hormone coil there proably isn't enough lining on my uterus for a proper bleed which wouldn't affect my fertility. So at least there is a genuine reason for my symptoms and not my mind playing tricks on me. Just have to wait a few weeks to see if my next period comes. Fingers crossed it won't. Poor hubby got a bit excited this morning when i called him after the doctors and thought I was calling with some good news. Bless him. Thanks for the baby dust adgal. I hope it works x  
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I'm glad to hear that your dr was able to diagnose your infection - gosh, those can be nasty! I hope you get your wishes - did they do a blood test for pregnancy?  That should've told conclusively if you're pregnant or not - more accurate than hpt's.  Anyway good luck and SSBD!
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No she told me to wait until after my next period is due which is in a week. Still got to wait unfortunately. I guess thats the differnce between doctors in the uk and the US. Will keep you posted though!
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Been to my docs again today as still feeling faint and queezy and been getting pelvic pain. She did a test and neg AGAIN. Don't know what I have to do to get pregnant. Hubby and I are really trying hard, it's wearing us out. Better luck next mth. I hope it happens soon before I go mad.
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