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Amazing story

Did anyone catch the Dateline NBC called Inconceivable? Talk about heart wrenching! A couple who had fertility problems had 3 children, the last 10 years after the 2nd and they wanted 1 more. They had done IVF with the 3rd and did it again for a 4th. They found out when they were told they were pregnant, that another couples embryo had been transferred. She had terrible problems carrying her last child and had to be on drugs to keep this pregnancy. She chose to carry this child but had to give it to the biological parents when she deliver at 8 months. They then decided to use a surrogate of their own to get their 4th child because doctors told her she couldn't try again on her own. Unfortunately the surrogate miscarried their embryo 8 days after she deliver the other baby. They tried again but the surrogate never got pregnant again. HORRIBLE! They were so amazing and strong. What a nightmare. It was an amazing story.
They have written a book and it is supposed to be called Inconceivable, not to be confused with Inconceivable: A Woman's Triumph over Despair and Statistics by Julia Indichova. I was so touched by this couple.
I would hope I would be as strong in a position like that. Just thought I'd share the story.
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WOW, you did a fantastic synopsis of the movie!  It was horrible but thank goodness it couldn't have happened to a better "set" of parents.
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Sorry I missed it I would have loved to have seen it.  It sure is a sad story.
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Hey there, That is a very heartbreaking story! I can't believe that they were made to give up the baby! It was the hospitals mistake! Why didn't they let the biological parents of the child try to carry their embryo instead of trying to use a surrogate! I suppose the morals of the story are sound and the baby did belong to the other parents but still she carried it!!! She didn't have a choice she couldn't exactly turn it down and let someone elses baby die! god love them! I really hope they will ahve another chance to get their baby! x
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I saw it and as I watched it all I could think about is US, I literally mean all of us that are going through this. You know as you lay there and they insert the tube and show you the screen and tell you these are your embies...just a little fear comes over you(me). Then they tell you only one out of 7 survived the thaw...Really?! I pray they are right. I'm sorry, these were my fears and the fact that this happened 2 years ago...well....I pray they learned from this.  GOD bless the family that carried the baby, they are strong and I have so much respect for them.
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I know, it was such a powerful story that made me think too. Chrissymom, I said the same thing! Apparently the biological parents have the choice because it was their embryo but the mother carrying the baby had the choice to abort it if she wanted! That made no since to me. If you carry it, you have to give it up, but if you don't want too, you can get rid of it! The bio. parents were lucky to get that couple because some people would not want to go thru that for someone elses child. If I were the bio. mother, I think I would've volunteered to try to surrogate the other couples baby if I could. It seemed logical to me but no one ever brought it up. It made me think of all of us here too. No one ever really talks about fertility problems unless it is a really tragic or shocking story.
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