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Any advice?

Hi. I'm April. I'm 45,first time Mom,expecting in May 2019. My family and friends have turned their backs on me. They aren't happy for me at all. I'm looking for support. I've looked into other sites and their either jealous because we got pregnant all natural. No fertility treatments or drugs. The younger Moms do not care and have their own stuff. I just can't seem to fit in anywhere. Any pregnancy advice or tips? I'm really looking for a little help. Thank you in advance.
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Hi there!!!  Welcome and congrats!!  I'm so sorry you have been given so little support!!!  I'm happy to be your pal and am HAPPY for you!  That's awesome you got pregnant naturally.  I am sorry people act jealous about that.

So, how far along are you?  (trying to do the math, lol). Are you working, a career gal?  I am an 'older mom' myself.  Greatest joy of my whole life is motherhood.  
Older moms . . .  we have it a little harder, I guess.  My tip is to remain active if you have no complications.  Working out and exercising.  Our body goes through a lot during pregnancy.  And I sure did put on the massive weight.  It's harder to lose after giving birth (I think) when you are older.  

How are you feeling??  Any symptoms?
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Hi there my friend!  How are you doing?  Come back and give us an update on how things are going!!!!
This site keeps booting me off. I'm 12 weeks 2 days. Have an appointment on 10/31 tomorrow. I get an internal ultrasound tomorrow. I can send a pic if u like. Please pray that all is normal.. Oh and I am a working gal. In fact I'm a Nanny to 3 great and very special children. I love them so much I can't imagine the feelings I will have for my baby!!! I talk to him or her a lot!!! He or she is very good company!!! Thank you again for checking in!!! You truly are a special Mom and a special pal!!!
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What do you mean you keep getting booted off?  Hm, that shouldn't be happening.  Describe your problem and maybe I can help.

Anyway, glad all is going well.  12 weeks 2 days is SOOOOO close to the special out of the woods 13 weeks mark, yay!!  You can post a pic of your ultrasound to your profile page (under photos) and I'd love to see it!  I will pray all is normal!  How are you feeling?!
Ahh, how old are the kids you nanny for?  Are the siblings?
The area I have to write on Is tiny. This line keeps coming up that says "follow ask a question As"  do you know how to make it go away or make the are a bigger? The kids I watch are 12 ,8 , 3 years old. I'm feeling ok. Some nausea and terrible mood swings. Hormones are rough!!! Thank you so much for checking in!!! Its a very nice thing your doing! I live in North Carolina. What state are you in?
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Hm, I'm going to pass that on to MedHelp if you don't mind about the line keeps moving up---  you are on mobile?  I use a pc or ipad.  But I'll ask about that!

I'm glad you are feeing okay.  Ya, I felt like I had the stomach virus the entire 13 weeks of my pregnancies!  So nauseated.  And I was going from hot point flashes of anger to crying over tv commercials.  LOL  I was all over the place.  Think it is normal.  You are just about to the golden period of things being very smooth sailing.  

12 and 8 are probably fairly easy . . . gone during the day at school.  How is the three year old? They can be very active.  Is it hard to watch her or him with feeling 'just okay?"  

I live in Ohio.  We are having North Carolina weather today, mild and pretty. But it is going to get cold and funky and back to Ohio weather tomorrow.  lol I'm on the SouthWest side of the state in Cincinnati.  
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Do you have an android phone?  I checked and that might be a glitch with that phone.  Got an ipad or other type of tablet?  Might be easier.  

Went from sunny and gorgeous here to storming and raining.  Just in time for trick or treating. sigh
Thank you... Sory I've been.sleeping. a lot lately. No time for internet... How are you doing?
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