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Anyone over 40-45 pregnant? Need new inspiration!

Hi, I've seen some older threads on this topic, would love to hear about new pregnancies of us over 40. I will be 45 in June and have been trying for over a year, we've done it all:
May 2010 ivf- 20 follies, 11 fertilized, 3 transferred....bfn froze 7
July 2010 fet only 1 survived...bfn
Sept 2010 tubal reversal
4 iui's with gonal-f and ovidrel....7 follies each time...bfn
Hsg...tubes open, nice and clear
May 2011.....natural ( dr told me no more iui I'm old and the odds of getting pg with iui is the same as natural "don't waste your money.
Using my monitor, waiting on O.
I just need some hope, anyone out there pregnant at my age?
Thank you,
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I turned 41 in Dec 2010 and I will have this baby in Nov 2011, a month shy of my 42nd b-day :)  My husband is my age (he will be 42 this month). My two older children will be 21 and 19 in July and June respectively.

I was very, very lucky. My husband surprised me with baby shoes for Valentine's Day...his way of saying he was ready to try to conceive a baby (our first and only mutual child and his only planned child...he has 3 who were unexpected though VERY loved). He actually gave me the shoes on Feb 13th...because I was calling to refill my birth control pills (was due to start new pack that day).

So, I didn't refill. We figured it would take a while for my body to return to normal and be able to conceive...WRONG! I ovulated Feb 22nd (I know because I have a lot of pain from ovulation, which is why I was on the pill in the first place), just after an unplanned BD....and conceived!  Got a BFP March 8.

That is about when I started coming to this board and reading about how hard it is for many women my age to conceive and realized how very blessed we are. Although, the women in my family (on both sides) have a history of naturally conceived children born to them while they were in their 40's so I think that helps). I was also a late bloomer. I was the last of my peers to physically mature. I also had children while in my early 20's...I understand it is even more difficult to conceive at this age if one hasn't had children previously.

I am so sorry you have had such a time conceiving. Have you tried wheat grass? Some folks on here swear it performs miracles. Also, red raspberry leaf tea.  You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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Hi there!  I think I'm one of the older threads on the subject, but I just wanted to say hello and that I admire your determination and passion to become pregnant.  Looks like you've covered all bases, and to no fault of your own, the time just hasn't arrived : )  I hope someday very soon I see your post of "I GOT A BFP!", because you certainly deserve it!!  Best wishes to you!  Pam
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Keep praying. God will give you whatever he thinks you need.  I'm not over 40 but close. I'll be 38 in July.  It took us 5 years to get pregnant. I had given up and one day went to the dr. b/c I thought I had a stomach bug. I had a bug alright. A baby bug. That pregnancy only lasted 8 weeks but when we started trying again in January I was pregnant by February. Good luck.
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Hi i'm 40 and pregnant, and its possible, i'd make yourselves as healthy as possible, no caffeine ,alcohol and less junk food and keep yourself active as possibleie walk the dog to going to the gym etc... i used to make massive frozen fruit smoothies with oj for breakfast to get as much down as possible each day .... i gave my husband vitamins to increase his sperm, zinc and selenium are good to be included and took some pre natal myself.
                All i can say is GOOD LUCK it is possible don't get too stressed as that is a major no no for your body.... and hey at 40+ chances of twins rise....
                                        Don't give up hope! Rachal
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Hi I'm 42, I have 4 healthy kids 21, 20, 18, and 10 from a previous marriage. I have fallen pregnant two times in the span of 6 months. My first pregnancy ended in a blighted Ovum, and I am now 13 weeks pregnant. I was living a normal life not doing anything special in regards to birth control. I was a late bloomer too, I didn't have my period till I was 14, and have been wondering lately if that is the reason why I have found it easier to fall pregnant at my age? I still drank coffee (its ick to me now) I did drink alcohol and I did smoke. but soon as I got my BFP I gave it all up. It is possible to fall pregnant naturally! My heart goes out to all the ladies who have so so much trouble falling pregnant <3
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I'm 41.  We will deliver next week.  Me and my DH first child.  We didn't get married until I was 36 and started "trying" at 38, so a very late start.  We got pregnant four times within 18 months, m/c within 5 weeks on all.  RE never found anything wrong with either of us but we decided to try fertility treatments anyway.  Probably not the best decision for us because we never got pregnant on any fertility treatments.  

We conceived this little guy au naturale.  In fact, I wasn't even tracking my O at all.  We were totally surprised.

Sometimes Western medicine, doctors don't know everything.  Unless there is some hard core proof that shows you absolutely cannot have a biological child, then anything is possible.  Don't get caught up in the stats, numbers, etc.  Put all your energy into your husband, relationship, your health, doing things that lift you up and don't bring you down.  Take on new challenges whether it's learning to play the piano, or kayak down the Colorado River.

Good luck!  Hope you get your little + soon :)
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Hi, I am brand new to this site.  I stumbled upon it when surfing for general pregnancy information.  I am 47 and am 16 weeks along with my third child.  (3rd for me but the first for my new husband).  My advice for you is to be as healthy as you can be.  Enjoy sex.  Unprotected sex with a committed partner is the best.  Be relaxed. Eat right and just enjoy the feeling of being with your partner rather than trying to make a baby.  Think happy thoughts.  Stay away from negative people and the nightly news.  

My older children tell me they feel I am too old and are actually embarrassed that mum is pregnant especially now that my bump is definitely showing!   I feel fantastic and do not have any major health issues.  Weight gain has been a slight problem this time around (age related?) and I am being monitored to make sure that I do not develop gestational diabetes.  No nausea.   I will be shopping for maternity swimwear this month.  Looking forward to the next few months and to welcoming baby this October.
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Thank you so very very much! I really needed you! I'm so excited for you! I have 3 kids myself who think I'm crazy and old...lol my DH has no children ( DH= darling husband).
I'm 1dpo in my 2ww. I'm staying positive and in my happy place. Bless you and I can't wait to follow you until your blessing is here. Keep us posted!
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