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Autism news?

Hi guys:

Last night on the news I heard them say that there has been new findings linking autism to vaccinations (I'm not sure if it was supporting the theory or not).  I did not stay up to hear the entire newscast.

Did you hear anything?  Thanks!
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I saw the program about it last night on Larry King Live.  A family has been awarded damages as their little girl developed autism after vaccinations.  They are saying its not the "norm", but in this familys case, there was some pre-existing condition that the vaccinations made worse??  It was all very confusing, and they are still saying nothing has been proven.  All the dr.'s on the show were saying bad idea not to get your child vaccinated, and to talk to your Dr. with any concerns.  That was pretty much the jist of it.  It didnt really explain the link.

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I had heard that there is no link , but most cases have sort of genetic factor along with the vaccine that could be triggering this problem. Scary!!! how do you know? my first 3 kids are perfect and had no problems, hoping to follow suit with my new lil guy =)
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yea.. my ob told me yesterday there was case studies out on it and the same with u/s.
geez.. they dont know.. guess its just got them stumped. and gives us more to worry about! what can a mother do?
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Autisim has risen by 110% in the past 10 years or so since vaccinations are being pushed on children at younger and younger ages and in higher numbers of dosages.  It is a very, very good idea to have your dr. put you on a protocol that stretches the vaccinations over a longer period of time and to eliminate any vaccinations that aren't absolutely necessary.  In this country Autisim is 1 - 110.  That is WAY too high a number for my liking and I am defintely being very, very cautious about the number of vaccinations I'm giving my child.  
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I always get weirded out to say something or refuse a shot. Last set was 4 shots at 15mo's and included the MMR. I asked the (OH SOOO HOT Dr.)  if we should space them and he said not necessary.  I also asked if he did all 4 of his boys like this and he said yes.... I kept a close eye on her and now she's 17 months and normal thank goodness. It is scary though...
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I will separate out the MMR vaccine when I have children.  I'm a spec. ed. teacher and work wtih kids on the spectrum so I'll do anything just to be sure but there hasn't been any  research that proves vaccines cause Autism.  One theory is that around the time they are given the MMR vaccine is when parents notice it but that's also when language is developing so it just happens to be around the same time.  Better safe then sorry but most people are saying it's genetic.  I would tend to agree with that more then the vaccines....
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