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Bad week

I had been experiencing serious pain in my lower back for a few days and suspected it might be the start of a miscarriage. In fact the pain was so great I had visited the hospital a couple of times for increased pain relief. Then a rash showed up but the doctor said "flea bites". A co-incidence but these things happen. The next day the flea bites were obviously a rash and had moved to my tummy along with the pain and spotting had started. I went to the GP who confirmed a miscarriage was inevitable. At this appointment I was so upset I didn't mention the rash, doh. Went for a blood test (2000, not sure what that really means apart from confirming I was pregnant). The pain increased so bad that night. I tool paracetomol and tramadol (synthetic opiod) and still couldn't sleep, so off to the doctor again. I have shingles! So I have been feeling very sorry for myself. The miscarriage has progressed to cramping yesterday but that pain has been minor compared to the shingles. I am now on anti-virals (probably a day too late due to "fleabite" diagnosis and me stupidly forgetting to show it to the GP) and I think they are helping. Anyway, not sure why I've gone into so much detail as I understand shingles is pretty rare in pregnancy. The doctor thinks maybe, just maybe they caused the mc (irritating the nerve and whole area). I am now worried that I have some dreadful undiagnosed thing (cancer, MS) that led to shingles, but that is typical hypochondriac thinking for me.
Maybe the pregnancy disrupted my immune system and led to the shingles which caused the mc. Gee this could occupy my brain for hours. Anyway, the good news is that life is good, the pain of both is lessening, I can drink again, can get back into exercise soonish, and dh is ok about trying again. I feel very wary of the future but a light at the end of the tunnel is beginning.

Has anyone else heard of shingles being caused by a pregnancy? I'm otherwise healthy (physically) but have been fatigued over the past few months. It was getting better in the month before I got pregnant and since pregnant felt a million bucks.
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From what I have been told shingles,"I had them on my face,they do hurt likehe**" are caused by stress, the only prerequesite is you have to have had the chicken pox at some point in your life. Not sure If they will causse a m/c but I know that the chicken pox can and they are both from the same virus. Sorry to hear about this,best of luck!
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Over a five year span we had two people at work get shingles, very random, no link to anything.  I'm so sorry that they hit you when you were pregnant because I hear they are pretty horrible if they're not caught very quickly.

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really sorry. my uncle is about 70 and has shingles now. he has been caring for his wife who has cancer. it was the stress and emotional fatigue and all that. i have often asked if stress causes miscarriages and the answer i get most is no, but after a few MCs that i had, the doc said there may be a chance where an individual releases (or not) stress that could  affect it but it is not proven. not sure what in your life is running you down, but FYI i had been pursing a lawsuit, getting laid off, and having serious demolition (not voluntary remodeling mind you) on my house since I started trying to conceive. so far i have a new job and the court has given me a trial date, and i am putting my house up for sale - so i hope next time i TTC will be less stressful. good luck and relax.
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