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Best "HOME INDUCTION" remedies!

OK Girls,
Just had to share this with you.  I just came from an herbal shop and here's what I learned about natural ways to induce labor without the use of castor oil which has been known to cause the baby to pass meconuim....

The natural herb is known as 5-W.  It contains:

***1) Black cohosh- alleviates the pain and distress associated w/ pregnancy and stimulates uterine contractions.
2) Butcher's broom- aids in the treatment of hemorrhoids and varicose veins, cramps, and edema during and after pregnancy.
3) **** quai- helps tone a weak uterus, clears blockage, restores fertility, ensures an easy delivery by providing smooth muscle-relaxing qualities.
***4) Red rasberry- promotes  easier labor by strengthening the muscle of the uterus and enhancing the force of contractions thus quickening childbirth.  Promotes expulsion of the placenta and decreases postpartum bleeding.
5) Squawvine- helps relieve labor pains, nervous exhaustion, and irritability.  Also believed to increase breast-milk production.

*** The best qualities!
I'm going to start on this tonight and within the next couple of days start charting the progress to let you guys know how it's working!
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OH...I pre-warn you, I just took my 1st two capsules and this sh*t smells awful! LOL
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Did you talk to your ob about taking this?  Anyway, it sounds very good!  Let me know how it goes...other than the smell!  lol
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yea... Im all about an easy labor... smile. I have been reading alot about the natural herbs, but have chickened out..I know about the red raspberry and the black cohosh... let me know.. Ill ask my ob in the morning and see what he says. I know there were a few that you really need to watch out for... being pregnant and all... make sure you do your homework...
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I'm 37 weeks today and starting to take Fenugreek.  Its used to increase milk supply and it also stimulates contractions, not safe to take before 37 weeks because it can put you into early labor.

is used to induce labor in some countries.
anyway...starting to take it today.
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Yes I checked w/ OB!  He's from India and he mentioned that all of these herbs are used in his country to induce labor.  He told me since I was just hitting 35wks not to start them for another couple of weeks but I'm hard-headed and of course I dont listen.  I need to get this baby out now.  I told him in the process of having a healthy baby we also need a healthy mama and right now mama's peace of mind is shot.
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prayerful wife - did he mention fenugreek too?
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update:  took 2 of the fenugreek thismorning... (before this i was getting 4-5 contractions an hour)

i've just started getting many more, and they are long.
at 12:14

don't know if they are from the fenugreek, or my long walk this morning... or any gazillion other reasons.
also when i woke up there was a perfect round wet spot on my sheet, i was leaking milk.  i guess my body is ready...  i can't wait to squeeze this puppy out!

stephie 37 weeks.
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Fenugreek Seed for Increasing Milk Supply

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) appears to be the herb that is most often used to increase milk supply. It is an excellent galactagogue, and has been used as such for centuries. In one study of ten women, "the use of fenugreek significantly increased volume of breastmilk" [Swafford 2000].

Mothers generally notice an increase in production 24-72 hours after starting the herb, but it can take two weeks for others to see a change.
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meli meli - right, it also stimlulates contracts... (the reason why you can't take it in early pregnancy, because you'd get contractions way too soon and miscarry because baby isn't fully developed)
290648 tn?1211595446
contracts ... meant to say contractions
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Aren't you guys kind of scared of this stuff?

Also, I thought the baby's lungs were not always fully developed right at 37 weeks?

That said, I am DYING to get this kid out of here!

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yea.. girls..

I asked the ob yesterday.. he has seen many bad reactions on all the herbs.. not to take them.. ?
just wanted you to know.. sry
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