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Birth Control

Have you ladies thought about what bc method you will use after delivery. I have always used birth control pills but I was thinking about trying an implant. Has any used Mirena or Paragard? If so how did you like it and what kind of side effects did you experience?
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I'm going to use the patch after I deliver I was on depo but my Dr told me my 5 years of depo is up....I scared of the implant thinking it might move
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I had a paragaurd for seven years.  No issues at all.  
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I had a Mirena for over two years and didn't really have any issues with it except for weight gain (though I haven't been able to lose that weight since getting it removed a year ago so it may not have been related). After baby #2 is born and we need contraception again, my husband is getting a vasectomy.
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I used the 10 year iud ( can't remember the name of it) in the past. I spotted the entire 10 months I had it in. My husband had a vasectomy last winter but yet now we are expecting again. Either we have the worst luck with contraceptives or were just destined to have a 1/2 dozen children.
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I had Mirena.  I became a moody monster, my hair started thinning and falling out and I had very little desire for sex.  I went to have it removed and it was snagged in my uterus. After removal, I had two miscarriages before this pregnancy.
I will not be using BC  again. When we decided to have another baby, we started trying natural family planning. I chart my cycle and know exactly when I'm fertile. When I am, we either don't have sex or we use condoms.
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I also cant decide on bc and we only want one child however I feel bad about asking him to get a vesectomy because theres always that what if. I dont want to take anything with hormones in it and I was never regualar anyways. I have heard from some women the vaginal implant controlls hurt them and their partner durring intercourse..
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