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Boy! you are FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright,… isn't that what's supposed to happen when you are a 7 month PREGNANT WOMAN??? This is what I got yesterday while visiting some friends, that I haven't seen since I was like 8 weeks pregnant. The guy comes out and with a big smile in the face tells me "WHOA!!! Vanessa! you're FAT!!!" .......... I mean, isn't that what's supponsed to happen people?? I just turned and told him "I'm pregnant!! you BIG....bleeep!!!" And then he goes, "no! i mean, you're belly is big.... but.... you're filling out too! i mean, look at your face"........ ARGH!!!!! moron!!!!!!!!!!! if you got nothing nice and encouraging to say to a VERY pregnant woman which hormones raise from 0 to 100 in 2 seconds.... then shut the F up!!!! =S Why do people have to MAKE DAMN SURE, if you've put some poundage on, that you KNOW YOU ARE FAT????!?!?! i just don't get it. You can fart in their faces and they'll smiling, you can jump out a clif, you'll be good.... as soon as you get on with the pounds.... MAN! People just JUMP on you!!!! You know what? im F'ing TIRED of people telling dh: "oh, look at you! you are so fat"... he's not FAT!!! he's put on some weight since his scrawny days... yes, but fat?? no people, he's chunky, he's strong, and he's DAMN CUTE like that!! leave him alone!! i just wanna scream when i hear mean comments like that.....I came crying to dh… I said: "I just can't believe this is getting thru my skin!, im so happy Maddie is here! Im so happy I got a real woman's body and im making a little person… but his comment was very hurtful!!! =(", you know what my BELOVED husband said? "Vanessa, you're not fat, besides you look so cute with that belly,... and it wouldn't be healthy if you wouldn't put on weight! you are fine!" and he gave me a hug..... OMG! i just wanted to fly across the sky for him... i love that man, and he just made my day after that....., I also went to an interview and here i am (i feel like a horrible mother trying to hide my belly for fear of not being hired!!!) covering my 'midrif'... and when i stood up and was ready to leave the guy goes "so, when's your little bambino due?"... i said "mmmmmMay!"... but i hesitated!!!!! =( i shouldn't DO THAT!!! im also kinda down since my parents left.... the house is so empty now! lol... i know i was b*tching about my mom... but i DO miss them..... =( man!!! hormones cocktail anyone???!?!?! ;) Girls, thank you for letting me vent.... =') Now i feel eveytime i look at myself in the mirror i see a standing porkchop there... YES I KNOW im getting chubby in the face and thighs and everywhere else.... BUT GUESS WHAT people! I am a real woman!! with a body that actually DO WORK RIGHT! so, i just decided, since this weight gain is for an AWESOME cause, I will be a happy chubby but BEAUTIFUL girl!!! i'm proud of my body just the way it is right now, and i will put makeup on, do my hair, put cute clothes.... and SHOW MY BELLY OFF!!! that's what i wanted all this time right??? So, here goes to the meaty-but-cutie girls club!!!! wanna join???? ;))
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wow what a jerk!!  Was he married cuz his wife should of hit him!  haha... well don't worry about it it is all baby weight and will come off within a week after the baby is born ;)  just remember you are glowing!!!
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Thank you Meli! =)
Well, they were at work... my friends from my last job, the wife wasn't around... but yeah! that was a jerkish comment...., and overall! some people are like that!! They like to REMARK and RE-SCRUB it in your face you've gained weight!!! =S i've never been the skinny kind, but i'm not obese. I was always the chubby girl at school till i grew out of it when i was about 14 or so... so it's kinda hard to hear these kinds of things somewhat, since it brings me back to my chubby childhood... hehehe.... i know, DUMB!! so that's why i just decided i am chubby, but happy! and will do my best to look and feel good! ;) I think us preggies should be proud of our bodies no matter what!!! they are womanly bodies that WORK! don't you think?
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girl you think thats bad?... went to my OB yesterday and he told me Girl!!! you had better slow down on your weight!!! Alls I could say to him was well Yesterday I ate enough for three days! like there will be more to come! he just laughed. other then the weigh issue... all is fine and dandy. wont see him for another 4 weeks.
Hey... I figure we will have plenty of time to work it off when baby is here.... just to the tune of baby songs...lol
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LOL!! aweeee!!!! I'm sorry you had a hard time at your OB's! it's just not that easy! I mean, even actresses put on some pounds! look at Salma Hayek, look at Hale Berry!... they look a little chunkier.... and SO WHAT!? nothing wrong with it.
Im planning on staying at home for maternity leave (about 4 to 6 weeks) and try to work it off with a borrowed threadmill, that way i don't spend more time away from Maddie in a gym, or bounce her around in her stroller while trying to jog out on the bumpy sidewalks! ;)
We are preggy! and our little ones are all what matters! =)
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I am absolutely sure you are gorgeous.  No way you could NOT be.  That a-hole would be lucky to have you, and your DH obviously feels the same way.  

What happened to the new job you just got?  Did I miss some stuff?  Why did your parents not come when the Maddiwoman is born?  

Sorry, outta the loop!  

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At ten weeks my co-worker told me I have a huge A$$ already!!!!!  I was like gee, thanks...feel free to share any other compliments.  I cried all the way home and my dh just told me that my hiney was the cutest ever and that I was beautiful and even more beautiful b/c I am carrying our lil baby!!!  Scru those jerks.  I am sure you are perfectly beautiful and glowing like a mama should be!!
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Yeah, I know how you feel, when things like that happen I just want to get me some ben and jerry's yanno! I mean hell, we can't help it we are pregnant..lol.. we can't help it we want someone just like us added to this world! =oP You shoulda told that guy he is just jealous that he isn't the blame to you being FAT!..lol I'm kidding. Some people are just so darn insensitive!! Just like Lori said I'm sure you are absolutely Gorgeous!! My husband tells me all the time I look cute with my preggo belly! And yanno.. they are the only ones that really matter, as long as they are nice...lol! Be Proud Momma!! Maddie will be Proud of you no matter what you look like!!! so =oP to the ones that are mean!!!!

And Lor- Just how have you been?? How is your daughter?? You need to get back in the loop and stay here... WE MISS YOU!!!!

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Nothing like you and me to hijack Missy V's post, huh?  Sorry Vane!  

I am okay, thanks for asking.  I lurk a little but not too much.  My daughter is doing well.  She has taken some time off and may be starting to think about trying again.  She thinks she will never get PG and carry to term, but who knows...  

I guess I am hopping back on the wagon and trying to figure out who is who and who is new.  

How far along are you?  How is the morning sickness?  

Again, sorry vanessa!  Hijack over!  
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hehehe.. not quiet yet.. eh...lol

Your daughter will get PG soon and it will be Fantastic!!! The morning sickness is almost gone.. for the most part anyways, thank god! There are lots of new people, but they are nice! I'm 26w3d!

Nice catching up really quick!
Back to you Vanessa!!...lol
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26 WEEKS!  Holy LAWD!  I think I read Vanessa's and it said 7 months.  What happened?  I remember the very days that the two of you found out!  Seems like a week ago!  

Good luck!  
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I have a wonderful group of women at work (SARCASM!!!) that feel they have to tell me how big my butt is getting every time I see them.  We had a meeting the other day and I had to squeeze by them to sit down and they're like, "watch the belly, and watch the butt too."  Then I sit and the one next to me goes, "you have a very Puerto Rican butt, did you know that?"  No!  I had no idea, thank you so much for telling me.  All this time with no mirrors in my house.  How did the Puerto Rican butt escape me? Some people are such idiots.  I feel like saying, you have a very ugly face, did you know that?  I don't care.  I'm ecstatic to be pregnant and soooo very very thankful.  I'm going to take it all one day at a time because I'm know I'm going to wake up one morning and my little one will be like 15 years old! Hang in there V~what goes around, comes around.  
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=o) Time flies when your missing in action!!..lol It does seem like just yesterday we found out!
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