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Breast pumps?

I posted this in another forum, but figured I'd post here too.  I am planning on breast feeding my little one, but I only have 8 weeks off of work and would like to continue to breast feed until at least 5 - 6 months.  I am only going to have minimal time to pump at work, so I was thinking I needed something other than manual pump.  Does anyone has any reccomendations?  Which pump did you use and what did you like/not like about it? Double / single?  Please help I am a new mom!
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I won a breastpump through a sweepstakes in a baby magazine when I was 6 months pregnant!  I was so thrilled!  It was a Lansinoh double electric pump.  It was excellent!  Very simple instructions, assembly.  It was very powerful, and I would always fill both bottles up everytime I pumped.  If I would have bought it myself, I think it cost a little over $200.
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I have the medela double pump and works great!!! on the go or at home.. make sure to get a double if you have to pump at work.. it is so much faster to get them both done at the same time =)

Good luck
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Thanks ladies! I think I am going to get a manual pump to pump for while I am at home and then if I still think I am going to pump - I will get the medela.
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I know we mentioned 2 of the most expensive electric breast pumps out there...but there are very affordable, less expensive electric pumps out there that work just fine...I don't think you'll be satisfied with a manual...it takes forever, and you may get frustrated with it--on top of having your newborn to care for...Just a thought, make it easy on yourself--especially since you have to return to work!  Best wishes!
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Ohhh I agree manual stink!!!! they take forever and you cant pump both easliy at all! I bought my pump from a lady that only used it once.. they can be bought second hand for much much less.... they can be cleaned and sterilzed as the ones you rent from the hospital.. I bought all new parts for mine which was only 25.00 the best thing ever! I also found and bought a medela electric double pump for 20.00 (steal)!!! and works great! from a very nice lady... which came with all new attachments.

Some people shy completely away from it, as i usually do with used stuff but I was very sure  to clean and sterize everything I could not replace! Check out craigslist.com I am sure you can find one in your town, if you like =) BUT DO THE ELECTRIC.. you thank us all later..lol
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I have the madela pump in style and Love it...I'm a teacher and had to pump at school shile my kids were at specials...it works fast.but is expensive.  If you are only gonna pump for a lil while you may want to look into renting from the hospital.  It is up to you I didnt pump for long but got my own because we hope to get a BFP again :O)
good luck pumping at work isnt much fun (worrying kids may come to the door LOL)but well worth it!!!
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I just read the azqtpie's post...my sis lent her madela to friends it pumped for 10 kids before it died .....the reason I had to buy one :O(
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The reason I was going to get manual - is b/c I hate to spend so much money on an expensive pump and then something happen like I don't supply enough milk or it dries up to quickly (I know rare occurences, but it has happened).  I am going to be home for 2 months with Landen, and then I figured if I were to pump at work - I would buy a nicer one.  I am a teacher too and won't have time to manually pump once I go back to work. So if I am still nursing I will buy/rent/find a nicer pump.  Does that make sense?
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I went with the Laleche pump that looks like a suitcase/laptop case and had a little refrigerated area in it ~ it was a bit pricy but you can always get the replacement parts for it and works like a charm ~ that was 12yrs ago and now am hoping to be able to use it again ~ I pumped for 8 months last time and had to quit because of meds I had to go on from getting the flu ~ darn flu ~ but was able to have alot in the freezer to keep adding to my daughter's food for another 4 months ~ I processed all her food (mixed it with the breast milk) and stored in icecube trays then she didn't have to use the over-manufactured foods...she loved it!!
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You know... I actually didn't mind my manual pump at all.  It only took me a few minutes per side and I could fill bags and bags.  The electric one was so loud I was afraid they would hear it at work which is a bit embarassing.  I think I had the Playtex one.   I felt like the electric were a bit expensive for me and also I sort of thought I'd feel like a milk cow being hooked up to a machine on the farm. LOL!

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Sheri ~ I know exactly what you mean ~ I worked for a big software company back then and had on my calendar on the computer when I was pumping and as soon as I went in there the place got packed ~ it was embarrassing enough then they all saw my scheduled and went in the bathroom at the same time ~ needless to say after all the mergers/acquisitions I wasn't there much longer ~ had to get out with all the stress ~ it inhibits your milk and when I left all was MUCH better ~ I was SO excited I had enough in the freezer to keep her on milk a few months after the darn flu ~
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Sanigstooo- I will keep the  Laleche brand in mind, if I choose to get an electric pump.

Sheri - That is yet, another reason I will hold off on the electric pump.  I may be able to use the manual pump and it is much cheaper.  

Thanks guys!
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