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Hey ladies, I have a 6 months baby. Still breastfeeding. My cycle is 7 days late. I decided to do home preg text and is positive. I texted my doctor. She said I can still breastfeed my baby. Has anyone experience this before. Okay to continue breastfeeding?
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One not been pregnant while breastfeeding bit I did breastfeed for a year and take several classes. Yes its safe. Just make sure you get enough calories to support both.
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this has happened to me just now, I'm am feeding an 8 month old and am about 3 months pregnant. feeding can continue but I find it hard work and am lucky to have a doctor to help me. my supply dropped rapidly, baby became fussy and unsatisfied and i you may find some increased sensitivity or pain. but it can be done if you want to. take care of yourself, keep the calorie intake up and maybe even consider medication if your supply is low, that's what I have done. good luck!
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I got pregnant with my second child when my first baby was 4 months old. I breastfed him until 11ish months. I weaned him a month before number 2 was due so that there wouldn't be any issues. I was not interested in tandem feeding. It was exhausting but it's doable. Keep up your calories, lots of fluids, rest when you can... definitely harder when there is a little one around.

Currently I am still breastfeeding #2 who is 15 months old and I am 6 weeks pregnant. Planning to wean #2 in a few months and have my first real break from breastfeeding in 2.5 years. Lol.

My babies are super healthy and happy. It's perfectly safe for all of you (mom, fetus and baby) as long as you are able to keep up.

PS I'm nearly 40 and I went back to work at a gruelling job. You can do it!
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I breastfeed all 4 of my children while pregnant with the next. I nurse until 18 months. It's healthy and baby will be fine. If my children were closer in age I would've tandem nursed
Thanks super mom
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Ladies I give you a five star,  having a baby under a year old and become pregnant again,super moms
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I'm 36+5 weeks pregnant and my 20 month old still nurses. If he doesn't wean on his own in the next couple weeks I will be tandem nursing. Him nursing does cause contractions at times, my supply did drop a lot around 4-5 months (since he eats regular food I wasn't too concerned). My OB is fine with me nursing, and just warned me that it can cause me to go into preterm labor.
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hi shygyrl, how often do you nurse? how many feeds per day? I'm on medication to help my supply, I'm so afraid it will stop.
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