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All right girls ! I have been thinking about buying this Clear Blue Easy Monitor. The cost of this product is $189.00 and the Test trips are $49.99 for a box. I have checked Walmart,Target,Walgreens as they don't carry it around me. CVS is the only one or you can order on online and pay shipping. So girls what do you think? Help me make my decision !!!!
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I thought about getting one of these, but in all honesty, the OPK has worked so well for me, I decided to skip it.  I do buy the more expensive brand of OPK (ClearBlue Digital) and it still costs about $50 per month, but it takes away the guess work for me, so it's worth it to me.  I know others here use the monitor and love it.  I just haven't been able to justify it.

Good luck whatever you decide!!!
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     I invested in the CBE Fertility Monitor, and it did not work for me, the cost was not an issue, it's much cheaper than the alternative of seeing a RE. I have a very normal cycle always have, 28 days ~textbook~ The first month I got my monitor it was dead on just what I had expected, I ovulated cd14. Well the next cycle it never showed my peak, as well as the next and the next. I thought O NO, I'm not ovulating that's why I'm not getting pregnant. Well we saw the Re and he had me continue with the monitor b/c mostly it is a good tool, but to also follow up with the CBE digital OPK's, they aer a little pricey as well. I was hesitant, thinking it's the same thing this is a waste of money!!!
Well my monitor was reading me at low, but I decided to start my OPK as the Dr wished for "back up" THERE it was my smiley!!! I was surging at that point, while my monitor said NO! So I called the Re went in and sure enough my Follie was @ 21, I went in the next day and confirmed "O" as my egg was gone, well that monitor once again missed my surge. It did read the rise in estrogen and took me to high fertility, but it stayed there neer reading peak............That is the cycle after 5 long years that I finally got my BFP!! It was the digital smiley faces that did the trick! Yes they are 50 bucks a whack too, but they are a little less restricted as far as time constraints on testing. If you have more questions yell at me and we will talk, You see it is a good tool, but I think it is very easy to miss your surge, and if you aer like me I always waited till I saw the surge to BD, as that's how the specialist suggest!  
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OPK kits worked just fine for me.   I would say very accurate too.......I used the walgreens or CVS brant.  Clear blue easy tooo expensive.    My RE's office like the Walgreen's brand.
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Thanks for your input. I use the FR OPKs and it's $48.00 for 20. I'm gonna try the ones you have when I'm done with my FR's.
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Well my cycles are dead on 27 to 28 days. Ovulate every 13 to 14 cd. But when I had the miscarriage in Dec. It threw my cycle off by a day or two. not to bad. Like I was telling Adgal I use FR opks but sometimes I find it hard to read the lines. And a friend told me about the monitor I read some info but after reading your info i see you to use the CBE digital opks. I'm gonna have to try this one. Thank you for your info.
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It's amazing what RE likes and dislikes as far as a product goes. My Re says FRs or CBE. I have never tried Walgreen's brand. Thanks for your vote just trying to figure my options out.
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