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Can implantation bleeding be heavy?

I'm 43 and TTC (first baby) - this morning i had what i thought might be implantation bleeding (pinkish or brown as it's always described, but then red appeared, more like a regular period, but still lighter than than regular flow. Still able to get by on just panty liners at the moment.  All other signs (ovulation timing, tiredness,etc.) seem to point to pregnancy.  Was wondering if heavier implantation bleeding could be common when you're over 40?  Thanks for any input.
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Hi, Last wednesday I also had a light bleeding. It was just one drop and that was it! According to my scedule it's very likely it was an implantation bleeding (9th dpo) and it wasn't pinkish or brown as they describe, but red.
Implantation bleedings are rare, not every woman experience this. With my last pregnancy I didn't either so I have nothing to compare and I cannot tell you if implantations get heavier over 40. I hope for us we are pregnant indeed! Take care!
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I only have had implantation bleed with my first daughter.. I have had 4 pg..  it was a big gush of red blood.  I could feel it as a was walking and thought oh oh...  after that day there was nothing I thought it was af and then didn´t even know I was pguntil 4 months when I went in... I had gotten off the pill and just thought it messed up my cycle.  when I described the gush they had me go in for an ultrasound to see if I had passed part of the baby but everything was great she is now 11
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I'm 43 ,when with my last pregnancy I had implantation bleeding for 4 days when I thought it was light period but. I never had implanting bleeding before only this last one but sadly I loss it at 8 wks. Not sure if the age is factor. Best wishes to you.
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I'm 38.  My implantation bleeding was medium flow with this pregnancy, especiallly the first and 3rd day.  I spotted lightly for 10 days total in a 2 week period, approximately 7-9 days after ovulation (couldn't pinpoint the exact day of ovulation).  RE mentioned possibility of early chemical pregnancy.  I am now starting 2nd trimester.  I think implantation bleeding presents differently in everyone and can vary between pregnancies (I had no bleeding in first pregnancy, just last year).  I don't know if bleeding gets heavier over 40.
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I've had implantation bleeding with four pregnancies.  With one, it seemed like my period was about to start with trace amounts of brownish blood - actually, it was kind of like sludge (sorry TMI) - for a few days.  The next two, there was just a TINY bit of the sludge for just one day, one incident.  I don't think I would have noticed it had I not been wearing a panty liner.  With this preg, I got a good wipe of red blood on the toilet paper at around 12dpo, after I had a BFP.  I'm not sure that one was implatation bleeding.

When will you test?  Good luck.
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Thanks for your comments...I took the hpt this morning - negative - but I think it's too early  to pick up. Still, it was a lighter period than usual.  I've read on other boards that the implantation bleeding can vary from one spot, to being similar to a regular period, which is encouraging...  Hm...
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I'm 37 pregnant with baby #4. I never had implantation bleeding until this pregnancy. For me it was only a light pink spotting  for about a week. Then menstrual like cramps up until now and I'm 5 weeks preg. You may have taken the hpt too early. I took mine a week after the implantation spotting and got a BFP.

Good Luck!!  
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Hi, I've just turned 40.  I am just coming to the end of the 2 week wait.  My period should have come 2 days ago- and is generally like clock work.  I did spot this morning with a couple of light red/pink spots.  And usually when I get my period, I get it full on!  This afternoon the bleeding is a little heavier and more like "period like"- darker blood -with some ...clumps (sorry TMI).  But it is still a much lighter flow than is normal for me.  I also have cramping- like menstruation cramps except much lower & lower back pain as well. (cramps are a normal period thing for me but the back pain is not).  I would simply accept that  that I'm not pregnant and have gotten my period,  but the flow is so much lighter (less in quantity) than my normal period!  It sounds as if it's too much blood to be implantation bleeding????   Has anyone have any implantation bleeding experiences that almost mimicked a period with a pregnancy?
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im 21 and me and my girlfriend are trying to get pregnant.ive been tracking my cycle for months now and i know for a fact i had sex 2 days b4 ovulation i was 4 days late on my cycle but this morning i woke up nothing in pantyliner but when i wipped i had what appeared to be brownish red discarge  kinda light lighter than a normal period i havent really gotten severe cramps in my abdomin but in my very lower back i have gotten severe almost crippling pains does anyone think it could be implantation bleeping? i have not taken any tests yet
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I have been looking for answers to your same question.  I am bleeding (not heavy) but not super lightly... and it is 4 days before my period.  I am ALWAYS every 28 days.. NEVER early.  I also had very sharp abdominal pains the last two days.  Day 1 reminded me of my period, but Day 2 (today) the blood is already turning brown.  I feel like this is NOT my period because it would last longer and be heavier.  Hopefully it IS implantation bleeding, but I am trying not to get my hopes up because it seems that most people only experience light bleeding.  
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Typically implantation bleeding is just a tiny bit of either pink or brownish coloured blood.  It doesn't usually require a panty liner or anything, just a tiny bit.  It is however pretty common to have light spotting or bleeding around the time your period would normally be due.  There are a lot of different reasons this can happen, and a lot of times they can't give you any explanation at all.  However the good news is its common and usually the pregnancy progress' normally.  In a couple of days try an early pregnancy test, or see a Dr. for a blood test.  Good luck to you!!!
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hi im 18 and i was 7 days late on my period. the i wouke up and there was some light pink brownish discharge when i wiped and the next day (today) its gotten allittle heavyer but not my normal period its seem to lighten up a bit and whats weird is when i start my monthly its normaly full throtle and i dont lighten up for at least 8 days could this be implantaion bleeding bc i dont know what it is iv never exsperienced this before
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I am a guest and i am not sure if i am pregnant or not. see i started my period on the 21st of september and ended on the 26th. Then on oct. 2, 2009 i had sex. I thuoght i was pregnant, but i am not so sure??? i am so confused. i never had a baby, and i am kind of scared. I am in fact really scared, i just want to go and cry!!! Today is Oct.23rd, 2009 and i started bleeding yesterday. I am not sure if it is implanttaion bleeding or just my period,but it is heavy,and i am having these real bad cramps.....and it feels like someone took a butcher knife and stabbed me in the stomach like 5 times. i am so scared. someone please help me!! I don't know how to tell if it could be a miscarriage or not??? It was like 6 or 7 days ago i went to the restroom and there was just spots on my panties like normal implantation bleeding. _confused_
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The timing is right for this to be your period.  Experts say you cannot actually feel implantation take place.  Some women say they can but it is not a painful experience like you are describing (I have never felt it myself, but have not had anyone else say it hurts.)  Why don't you just take a home pregnancy test, then you will know for certain.  Try a first response with first morning urine.  I really don't think you are pregnant, but it will put your mind at ease.  Also, if your cramping is that painful, you really should see a Dr.  If the bleeding is heavier then filling one pad an hour, go to the ER.  Good luck to you.
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Okay, well I'm 16 and have been with the same guy fr 2 years.

We've had alot of scares, but luckily, never gotten pregnant.

okay, so my period is due tomorrow, but came last night.
I never have any pms symptoms, but last night, I could not sleep as my back was so sore! when I got up this morning, I put a tampon in, 4 hours later, I took it out, and it had barely any blood on it! and when I wiped, there was no blood, so why did I have a really light, early period, that stopped after half a day??
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I have had implantation bleeding with three of my pregnancies. The first one, was light and lasted maybe a day. That pregnancy turned out fine and I was blessed with my baby boy. The next pregnancy, the implantation bleeding was heavier more like a period so I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was almost ten weeks along. I miscarried the baby at 15 weeks. I normally have pretty bad back pain constantly and so I didn't notice or think anything of the back cramps that came with the miscarriage. The dr. said it was a missed miscarriage, but maybe I just didn't notice the back cramps which can occur instead of abdominal pain with miscarriage. The next pregnancy I again experienced implantation bleeding, this time it was a little heavier than the first but lighter than the second. Once again I miscarried this baby, this time at 7 1/2 weeks. I normally have 30-33 days cycles and this month I started bleeding 10 days earlier than normal. I am kind of hoping its implantation bleeding. I would love to be pregnant, but kind of scared too... This bleeding is lighter than a normal period... And no blood clots, which I normally have a TON of (sorry if that's gross). I am not getting my hopes up too high. The drs. have said I would not be able to carry babies to term, that I have high risk of miscarriages. I know I am lucky to have my precious wonderful son, and I know I will be okay if he is all I get, but family is so important to be and I would love to have another baby. Anyways, I hope this helps. My implantation bleeding has been different each pregnancy. No one is the same. Good luck to everyone!!
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I never had any implantation bleeding so cannot comment on that.
Also, these HPT  are so sensitive now that I tested positive just 7 days after I ovulated and got a positive... took 4 of them.

I know the exact day I got prego as DP was away up until that day.
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I had implantation bleeding once -- it was actually like a normal period.  The pregnancy, however, was ectopic.  I didn't have implantation bleeding for this pregnancy, just some spotting in early pregnancy.  The only way to know is a pregnancy test.  Good luck.
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I have spotted and bled pretty much throughout this whole pregnancy.  It wasn't implantation though, it was due to a variety of other reasons, none of which impacted my babies well being.  Implantation bleeding is typically just some light spotting and is actually quite rare.  Other causes of bleeding can be intercourse (the cervix is very soft in pregnancy), hematoma's, etc.  Many times the cause is never actually found.  Statistically about 30% of women will spot/bleed in early pregnancy, and about 50% of those pregnancies will continue normally.  Hope that helps.
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A couple years ago, what I thought was my period came 9 days early.  It was a bit lighter and shorter than usual.  Definitely not my normal routine.  Not being as obsessive as I am now about POAS, I thought well, we'll see in a few weeks.  The date AF was expected came and went and I ran to the store.  Well, he's 2 and half now.  If it would have been on time; it wouldn't have seemed all that different from my normal period though.  
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hi, im 18 and very confused please help, i was due my period on the 22nd but 5 days before i started spotting blood only when i wipe it was very light pink blood with a little discharge, days went on and it got a little heavier and darker in colour but still no where near as heavy as my normal periods i am gettin all kinds of syptoms of pregnancy, i never get any symptoms when im about to start my period only bad cramps 2 days before and i am still bleeding now??? i have taken 2 test last week and they came back negative?? can anybody help me please???
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SOMEBODY help, i just had my period last January 9 and lasted for 5 days, now on my 17th day (Jan. 25) evening got a very light pinkish discharge when i wipe and got a brownish thing on my pad already. then yesterday got a lil red drops when i wipe until today  my next period is due feb. 7. could i be pregnant?

please someone tell me. thank you
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I have been tracking my period for several months and it has been consistently 28 days between cycles.  I started TTC in January and I am not expecting my period for 4 more days, however I started bleeding yesterday extremely lightly with mucusy discharge at first and now it has turned light-medium and bright red with lower back pains occasionally.  I am really hoping this is implantation bleeding and not an early period, but all the research I've done on this has said it will be small amounts of pinkish or brownish blood.  I am also extremely fatigued and have other classic symptoms, however HPT is still negative.  I am currently 12 DPO.  Has anyone experienced this or have any insight that may help?    
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hi i am 19 teen years old and i was on the pill then stop this month i had unprotected sex throughout the whole month, then i was late for about four days.Then i woke this morning with light spotting. Then throughout the day i was feeling slight cramps. the bleeding was not as heavy as my regular period but it wasnt that light either. Could i be pregant. And the bleeding is occuring the same time i am expecting my cycle to come.
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