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Checkin In !

Hi Ladies...

How is everyone doing and the lil ones on the way! all is good we got our NT results back and thankfully they were awesome! the said I have the same risk as a 20 yr old! yeah ... so our risk factor was extremely low.. Glad  that part is over...

Nausea has finally decided to lighten up on me!!!!!!!!!!
Tanker...on one of your responses you say how time goes so fast............that is so true! I cant believe how far along everyone is...

I am 13 w 5 days seems like yesterday, I was 4 weeks!  getting close to the half way point!
I sure hope we get a 3d U/S those are soooo awesome!

Patty... how are you feeling???? I hope the nausea is getting better!
Well I havent posted any questions in a while, but try and get on as much as possible and post answers if I can help!

Ladies I hope you all are doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! post those pics of the lil ones!!! would , I am sure we would all love to see and ew and awe  over them!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Kelly, I am so glad to hear you are doing great now and that the tests came back great also! We get ours done on the 15th of Nov. I can't wait just to have the 3d US done!

The nausea has finally let up with the help of Zofran! I absolutely LOVE that stuff!!

I did find out some information on my last visit, ever since my tubal reversal which was done in March 07 I have been having severe pains in my left side. I was thinking it was another cyst. When my doctor did an exam on me Friday he felt it inside my stomach on the left side. He thinks it is adhesions that came about from my laparotomy surgery. He said there is really nothing he can do about it now but just keep monitoring me and the pain. He will have to go in after I have the baby and fix it. It is basically where the scar tissue from my surgery grabbed hold of something inside of me elsewhere. It is causing some sever pain issues. All I can do is take it easy til I have this baby and then it can be dealt with.

Anyways, Glad everything is going great your way!! I've been thinking about you also!!!

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I am soo glad you are feeling better!! My doc says all should be much much better by  14 wks... few more days! I hope they can control the pain , comfortably till your lil one arrives! are yoou going to find out what you are having? I hope we will know on our next U/S in Nov, our NT tech said she would lean towards a boy, but not to go shopping!... grrrr the suspense drives me nutty =)

Well keep in touch, and keep feeling better!, thank you for responding.. it is nice to hear from you, talk soon

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Hey Kelly, Congrats on the NT scores and 13wk mark.  Welcome to the second trimester.  It does go by so fast.  I'm cherishing every moment and part of me doesn't want it to end.  I've been told by the 8th/9th month that all changes and you can't wait to get it over with!!  Carrying all that belly around I guess. :)   All the bathroom trips are driving me crazy and just the constant feeling that I have to go.  I swear, I take a sip of water and feel like I have to go again.  

Anyway.. take care.. I'm glad it is going well for you... Hannah
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Thank you, I am glad all is going good for you, ..... time is going by soo quick! YEAH, for the second trimester I am looking forward to  the relief, and just enjoy being pregnant!. This is my last one, so I really want it to be the best it can be!!!!!!!!!

Yeah the bathroom breaks...hmmm those are fun... I get them aroun 3-5 am every night so that is a bummer.... and yes I drink half a glass of water and yep!!!!!! got to go =)

Well you take care to....... talk soon

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Kelly, That is great news about the NT...you go "20yr old" girl.  yeah the time goes so quickly I will be 28 weeks tomorrow I cherish every lil kick and belly twinge but I do hear aat the end you just want them out...ofcourse I want her out but only to see her not because I'm tired of it  I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!!!  Do you know what you are having yet?  I found out during my NT...You will get to feel your lil one soon it just makes it soooo much more INCREDIBLE.(no I swear it is possible to be that much more incredible)    ((Sheila))
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