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I am wondering how many of you are planning on or did have your baby boy's circumcised.  I hadn't even really thought about it until now.  We probably wouldn't be thinking about it, except my nephews weren't done, and the oldest one (he is 5 now) has been having repeat infections.  My sister in law told me that my nephews pediatrician is encouraging them to now have it done believing it will put an end to them.  My sil is an RN and I know she is very on top of things like hygiene, etc. so I know these infections are not due to lack of cleanliness or anything like that.  The poor little guy has had them pretty frequently for the last year and half.  My OB does not encourage circumcision, but of course leaves the decision to us.  What are all of your thoughts?  We are now really on the fence on the issue.  As always, thanks for any info or input.  I appreciate it.
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Circumcision is very unusual in New Zealand (I quickly looked and in 1991 it was 7% and I bet it's lower now) and I'm pretty sure we don't have an epidemic of infection. It doesn't really even get raised as a question anymore.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
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It's not very common anymore here either.  Not sure the stats, but you just never hear of it unless it's for religious reasons.  That's why it never even occured to us until my sil started telling me about this issue with my nephew.  Now not sure what the best decision is for him.  I really hate the idea of him having any sort of unnecessary procedure.  I probably have to assume that requiring a circumcision at 5 is rare?  
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i had my two boys circumsized...for us there wasnt any other way. may sound ignorant but we just assumed every boy got it and its more socially accepted for him in the future....no one i know that has boys didnt do it. i am sure if you google it ....it will provide you with the benefits. the  doctors usually do it the next day and its quick...usually they give them sugar water dipped in a pacifier for pain. i am sure what ever way you decide will be fine...good luck!
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I believe in it and both my boys were done. I know a few guys, my cousin included, who didn't have it done as a baby and didn't like that it wasn't done. It hurts a lot more as an adult and I know from men I've talked to that they prefer to have it. When they are babies, mom keeps them clean but as they get older it's on them and it does cause infections if not cleaned. Anyone could get infections if they aren't clean, but it's worse for boys who have to deal with the skin. It's over quickly and they are too little to remember the pain. It is your decision as the parents, but he will be grown someday and I'm sure would be much happier if he was circumcized. How does your husband feel about it? Ask the men in your life if they would rather not have been. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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All very good points.  DH is circumcised and when we talked about it, he said he also never gave him much thought.  So after reading these comments, I asked him to put some thought into how he would feel today had it not been done.  He promised to do that, so I guess we shall see.  I am also going to try reading up on the pro's and con's.  Thanks for the advice!!
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We had Gavin done, it wasn't even a question for us.  They numbed his penis before they did it and it was very quick, Gavin only cried for like 5 seconds, it's over in no time.  Sending you a PM now.
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Glad this has come up - DH and I have talked about it, in case we ever have a son. I thought it was very uncommon now in Canada (might be wrong, though), and that we should just leave things 'natural' - but he is circumcized and felt very strongly that it was the best way to be. Hm!

As others have said, probably a good idea to have discussions with owners of such equipment before making a decision.  ;-)
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We discussed the issue a few weeks ago in a few minutes: we both agreed it should be done, for hygienic reasons.
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We'll definitely have it done. There wasn't a question about it. I agree with the socially acceptable aspect & cleanliness. I would hate for my son to possibly have to do it when he's older.
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My friend had her son done it was $450 (in BC), the procedure horrified her (but she also cries at the vaccination appts so I hadn't expected that she wouldn't be horrifed at the circumcision, her first child was a girl so this was her first exposure to it, he didn't have any problems afterward though. She had wanted her husband to have to take him but she ended up having to do it.
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My son was circumcised, my dh is & we never thought twice about it. I have some nephews who weren't & my 3 brothers were not either (we came from south America) & I KNOW they wish they have been.  It's so much more worse to have it done as an adult.  Im sure it hurts the babies too, but thankfully, I don't think they remember it ;o)
I actually was holding my sons tiny hands during the procedure.  It was hard to see him not cry but SCREAM (poor lil guy) but I wanted one of us to be there w/him & my dh can't handle that kind of stuff;)
It was super quick & right after I got to hold him & breast fed him & he was nice n comfy & all better ;o)
I am happy we did it, but it is a personal decision.
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My first son is circumcised and this one will be too. I never really thought too much about it. It's not because of infection or anything like that, it's just a personal preference as all the boys/men I have known have been circumcised. My son was given numbing medicine and my DH was in the room with him at the time of the procedure and said he didn't even cry. It's a very personal decision, and whatever you choose, I know it will be the best choice for you and your family.
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I guess everyone is different...my boyfriends son is 22 and wasn't circumcised and apparently it doesn't bother him at all. I do think the majority would say that they would rather be. Once again though, it's up to you and your husband. Let us know what he says after he ponders over it...Sending lots of love your way and can't wait to see the beaner!!!
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My three boys are circumcised. We did it mainly so they would "be like dad".  With our last son, I really debated with myself about putting him thru it, but we felt like it would be strange not to have him circumcised since the others were.  
It can be disturbing and upsetting for a new mom to think of the procedure being done to her tiny baby, but it truly takes only minutes and my babies weren't even crying when they came back.  I am glad we did it when they were born.
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Hubby and I don't know what the gender of our baby is yet, but have both agreed that should the baby be a boy, that he will be circumcised....no questions asked. We have discussed this with friends and family also and learned that our male friends who were not circumcised as babies were mostly all circumcised as adults due to infections..my hubby included. He said it was sooo painful as an adult and it was one of the most horrible things he remember in his life. With this being said, we did not think twice about our decision to get baby circumcised. Babies heal much quicker than adults :)
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Connor is circumcised.  We never thought twice about it either.  The only thing I was concerned about was the pain he would feel...and our Dr assured us he would be uncomfortable only for a small amount of time, and that was true...after the procedure was done, he slept a little, and when he woke he was perfect in every way.
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Funny this is mentioned because my DP is European (spain...but I live in good ole Boston) and he sees no need to have our boy circumsized. "I came out just fine" he said.  BUT, I am having him circum. for health reasons and social issues (ie: why am I different mommy?)...I have many friends sons whom have had penile issues (stretching, infections, etc whom had to have the surgery as an adult)  why take the chance. DP has no other choice in the matter on this one.
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Our son will be circumcized.  For us there was never any doubt in our mind that we would do it.  I also feel that the younger he is the better. So it will be done before we are released from the hosp.
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We are still on the fence about it. But we met with our pediatrician for the first time and she will do it in the office later, so we don't have to make our mind up right away. I'm leaning toward doing it, simply because I don't have any experience with any one NOT doing it, but I realize that's not the best reason in the world!  The pediatrician was very clear that there are no medical reasons to do it or NOT to do it...so it's truly just a personal (or religious) reason!
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My husband is circumcised, but we've agreed that if we have a son that we will NOT circumcise him.  The historical significance of circumcision is in religious ritual & not medical or health related necessity.
"It was a symbolic act of a covenant with god, a distinguishing mark of being a Jewish male".

We have friends who are & aren't & none who aren't wish they were nor have they had problems with infection.  We feel that the only reason that hygiene would be an issue would be due to the circumcised father not being able to effectively teach proper hygiene to his uncircumcised son.  This may see a little odd to some of you but my DH has discussed this with his uncircumcised best friend (who just had a son of his own).  So we will work that part out.

My DH studied religion in college & it is his understanding & belief (mine too) that circumcision was done for the purpose of desensitization.  It would be much easier to resist "sin" when one was less tactilely sensitive.

That's my two cents.  :)

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Interesting opinions and it's given us a lot to think about.  It probably seems silly to be putting this much thought into a procedure like this, but it does seem like a big decision.  I discovered this morning (on line) that in Canada it is just not performed all that often anymore, except for religous reasons.  So I don't think it will be much of an issue in terms of his friends being "different".  Our concern is having him having to have it done when he is older should he have issues like our nephew.  Also, it seems like it would be easier for him to keep things clean himself as a very young man.  I really want to do the right thing here.  I wasn't able to find any real negatives toward having it done, except for the pain associated with the initial procedure, which you have all reassured me is over quickly and not an ongoing issue.  Right now we are leaning towards having it done.  Thanks so much for all the input, as always you are all very helpful and I appreciate it.  
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IMHO it is a huge decision, so I don't think you are putting too much thought into it at all. DH and I are in the process of deciding right now. I have yet to find a single friend who had it done to their son.
Honestly, I am leaning towards no. But if DH is adamant about it, I will have him take our son to do it. Since we are having a homebirth, we will have to actually make a special trip to do it, and I just cannot be a party to that. :( They strap the poor little guy to a board, and from everything I have read, there is no anesthesia at all. It is traumatic for them; how could it not be?
I can't imagine doing this to my newly-arrived son any more than I would take him to have a piece of his earlobe lopped off without anesthesia. Needless to say, I am having a very tough time with the decision. DH is concerned about DS looking "different", but SO many people are choosing to forego this procedure nowadays, that I think the locker room is going to look very different 10 years from now.
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p.s. I just want to reiterate that my strong feelings on the subject reflect only my own personal struggle with this decision. I truly do not judge anybody for whether or not they choose to circumcise their son. We may yet choose to do so ourselves. I am just really struggling with the concept of knowingly inflicting pain on my newborn. The thought of it actually makes me want to cry...  Anyway, I hope I didn't offend anybody.
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My DH did not have it done and we were not sure if we would have our son's done, DH did not at all mind that he had not had it done, but as it turns out we did not have to make a choice because my little man was born without any forskin, so we got lucky LOL but I think I would have left him just they way God gave him to me. I panic way to much to let them do anything that he doesn't have to have done, good luck and I am sure what every you chose will be fine.huggs Julia
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