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Clearblue easy fertility monitor

I been using the CEFM ( clearblue easy fertility monitor) I have had 6 high and no peaks yet. is this normal. This is my first month using the CEFM. Can you still get pregnant if there is no peak day on the monitor. They said this monitor would make things easier. I'm a little confused. Any help?
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I use the clear blue easy ovulation predictor kit (digital). It is so easy all you do is wait for a smiley face to appear (if you are about to ovulate) or a circle if not. This has worked well for me. Good luck
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I used the smiley test too! Worked great for me too! I know nothing about the CEFM but I would imagine that you must be getting closer to "o-day" I would just bd every other day to make sure you catch it!

Good luck!
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I used the same digital monitor. The number of high peaks vary depending on the length of your cycle, plus this being your first time, it's normal it's giving you more high days. If you have a long cycle, you'll get more high days than with a short cycle.

Don't worry: this monitor is great and very reliable, I love it - I conceived using it!
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Can you still get pregnant without a peak day. Will it always give a peak on the monitor? Did you get a peak the first time you used it. 20 questions sorry =).
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during one of my cycles ,i did not get any smily face  because i did not do the test one day ..so it showed me high untill at the end of the cycle..

IF u O ,most of the time it will show u...but if u have PCOS or using clomid ,it does change the reading..

I suggest u also check ur BBT to confirm the O..do not rely on the monitor 100%...I also used early pregnancy test Ovulation stickers eery afternoon whiloe using the monitor in the monitor....I know it gets so expensive but ....pregnant now..good luck
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I always had the 2 ovulation peaks... except for 1 cycle and yes I got pregnant on this one cycle - unfortunately I miscarried. So yes it is possible!
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I always get 2 peak days with my CBE monitor.  The first month the monitor needs to get to know your system so it responds differently.  Next month it will give you more acurate results.  Don't get discouraged - it's a smart little machine.  I have been using mine for the last 9 months & I love it.
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Hi girlies! Need advice :-( tried for two years and 1st time I used clearblue monitor I got preg, sadly wasn't meant to be. I been using it since d and c which was 4 months ago, I'm now on month 5 and on the 24th day and it has been showing 2 bars for TEN days!!! And no peaks. This has never happened to me before using this so am confused, any 1 have any wisdom?
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