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Cruz Hates to Eat!!!-OT

Hi Everyone,

I know this is not about pregnancy but I can always count on my gals over here, so here we go!!!!

My son Cruz is already small to begin with. He is only about 17 pounds which puts him in the 20-25%. By the way he is 8 months old. His pediatrician suggested giving him 3 stage 2 jars a day in addition to about 24-28 oz of formula/breastmilk. Well because of this I stopped pumping to try to see if it was my breastmilk and he did start putting on weight after that appt about 4wks ago.

Here is the problem he HATES to eat! He takes about an hour to get him to eat a 6 oz bottle and two sitting to finish a jar. I feel like all I am doing his fighting with him to eat!!!! It is driving me nuts and I feel like a horrible mother!

Overall he is an extremely happy baby with full of energy, but man oh man this eating situation is driving me nuts!

I am tired of the fighting and I tired of all the "Oh he is tiny comments"!!!!! Aaaarrrrgggghhh! Thanks for listening!

Any suggestion are very welcomed and very appreciated!
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I have to admit, he sounds alot like my oldest Tristan. He was ALWAYS a tiny guy. Even now he is in the 10th% for his weight at almost 9 years old.He was acually not on the scale for ayear or so:~( I am still always trying to shove food into him. The peds has told me over and over that you can force them to eat and gain and that if they are hungry they will let you know. Your not a bad mom Rachel, just concerned. I still struggel with this. I have only had one chunky money and I loved it, but he too is on the thin side now that he is older:~(
I feel like thats all I am doing with Taylor also, feeding, nap, feeding, do some dishes, feeding, laundry, feeding, feeding, feeding, bedtime, lol.
Btw, all my kids are slow eaters, it was the same when they were a baby as it is now, so your not alone.
Are the boys and girls weight charts diffrent??? Because Taylor has always weighed about the same as Cruz but is in the 50% for weight..........IDK

It could have alot to do with genes too as far as him being small, try not to worry, he looks like he is growing fine.
And he is soooooooooooo cute!!!
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Funny that you brought this up becuase I have been thinking the same thing about all my kids. And I keep asking my self, maybe I shouldnt be trying to "fatten" them up.....I mean with obesity in children on the rise............ Oh well, im still going to try and stuff my kids with all the healthy calories I can in one day:~)
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Thanks Tabby! You made me feel a lot better!! To answer your question I do believe that the girls and boys chart is different not sure why, I mean seriously how can they be "different" when they are babies!

I too worry about the whole obesity issue and wonder why he must weigh a certain amount!!!!

I am glad to know that I am not alone and all that matters is that my little man is Happy!!!!

I guess I just get extra stress out when I visit the August forum and here all about the chunky babies over there!

You are a good friend Tabby, I am glad I found you!
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you know if anyone knows about a tiny kid its me lol .  addison was born at 5lbs2oz and at 2.5 yrs she weighs 23-24lbs.  she doesnt have great height either lol.  however she is an incredible eater!!

let people say what they want but i think if he isnt wanting to eat dont push him.  its just teaching bad habits that can catch up in a bad way later on.  so what if he is in the 20th %.   doesnt mean he is unhealthy, he is just not in the 80th! lol  

ignore charts, comments, feelings of needing a chunky baby.   if the dr says he is healthy then go by that.  you just need to follow your intuition and go from there.  

its crazy on both ends of the spectrum. my son (from my ex dh) has always been over the 90th %.   he is 11yrs and is 5ft4 and weighs in at 160.  he wears almost a size 10 mens shoe and from the size of his head he will continue to grow haha.  so i can totally relate to hearing "oh so small" and "oh so big".  i just smile and say "no perfect!".   people will usually shut up or back peddle on that.  your baby boy is just perfect!!!
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oh btw i just noticed you said your ped wants you to increase his diet.  why?  does he feel he isnt gaining or growing at each visit?  they dont always have the same rate of growth.  thats all, im done lol.
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Thank you! I love your response, I am going to use that!

He was not gaining weight before we went to three solids. He had only gained .9 oz in one month. : (  At his 6 months checkup he was 15.9 and now at 8 months he is 17.6 so he is doing better!!! I do not feel the need for a chunky baby I just want him to be average!!!!

I am going to take your advise and just feed him when he his hungry. This scheduled feeding his ruining me!

You gals are great!
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