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Depression during Pregnancy (29 weeks)

Should I start taking antidepressants now at 29 weeks gestation (+ gestational diabetes) with my first baby or wait until my baby is born? I do want to breast feed after the baby is born.

I have a history of depression but I can "control" it with exercise and keeping my self busy with family, friends, my career and of course all the "high risk" outdoor activities I love to do.  The problem is is now I live in Germany and all my family, friends and career are in North America. I have an extremely supportive husband but he can not do everything. I have less than "basic" German language skills and my day is filled with learning a new language (6 hours/day). The culture here is vastly different than in North America and it does not help that "mental health" issues have a huge stigma amongst the German people and it is very personal - between you and your husband only. Doctors and other health professionals that are "comfortable" speaking english are in the larger city centers. I am not sure if I can find a "physcotherapist" who can council me in English?

Thanks in advance

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Congratulations on your pregnancy.
I too have suffered from depression.  Mine is usually brought on by a major life loss.
Do you trust your Obgyn, you should speak to him ASAP.
My Obgyn told me the last time I was pregnant that they do keep women on Prozac throughout their pregnancies if the depression can be harmful to the fetus.  She seemed confident that the outcome of being on the meds outweighed the risk.
Is there any American expat groups near you, what about in a close by larger city - it might be worth the drive??
Do not let your depression deepen, please seek help from someone.  This should be a very happy and exciting time for you.
I wish you the best and please feel free to reach out to us if you need us.
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With my last child (my son, he's 9 now), my OB knew that I was at risk for depression. I had pretty bad post-partum depression with my daughter before that, and I was showing signs of depression at that point. So he was proactive about it and prescribed Zoloft when I was about 7 months pregnant. It must have done the trick...I didn't have any depression at all. I continued to take it for about six months after the baby was born, and there was no issue with the breastfeeding. Like Lisa said - maybe you can talk to your OB about it? It was my OB that prescribed the Zoloft. Other than that...is your husband in the military? If yes, are there other military wives around? I think the big issue for you is going to be the feeling of isolation you may get with no friends/family around. Oh - and I get it about the "high risk" activities. I ride a Harley, and my husband banned me from riding at about 3 months along. Sometimes it's an actualy *physical* longing to go out and ride, and it makes me so sad! I can't wait to get out there again...

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take the medication and trust your doctor.
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I am the same ie feel best when exercising and socialising regularly. I have had spotting both times I've been on a run since getting pregnant (I'm only 5 weeks) and am gutted I will have to stop for a while. I'm planning to walk up hills and keep fit other ways.

You do sound like you have a number of changes going on that put you at risk of depression. Are you in some ante-natal group? I guess the language issue is a problem but many Germans speak excellent English. Maybe you could offer to do some language practice for some women wanting to learn English.

Please don't think PPD is inevitible with your past history. I had had 2 or 3 depression/anxiety episodes (months long) fixed by medication before I had my first child and I was terrified of getting PPD. I loved nearly every minute of the first year and no sign of PPD. In fact I had the opposite if anything PP Bliss. I did have some trouble when I weaned later on but no dramas in the long run.

Take care and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.
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Thanks for the advice. I think it just helps knowing that someone out there has compassion and sympathy for what you are going through and that you are not alone. The day I sent this post everything starting changing for me, at least socially. People just started "poping" up out of nowhere and making me feel included.  I think it just takes 6 plus months to get established in any new community and more if it is in another country. I will wait 2 weeks then talk to my doctor at my next appointment about depression. At the "Mid-wifery" clinic I have signed up for a bunch of courses in fitness and birthing classes etc - in German :-)
My husband and I ordered two good books online on pre and post partum depression so we can both be more informed ("This isn't what I expected..." and " The postpartum Husband...").
Some more good news - the second opinion with the diabetes specialist (took the 2 hour glucose test again) said that I absolutely do not have diabetes. In North America I know doctors use a different test - 3 hour test.
Thanks again
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Hi - Just wanted to let you know that I am also here in Germany!  I will send you private message and we can chat :)
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