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Diabetic pregnancy...

Anyone else expecting and having to cope with Diabetes?  This time I am 40 too which makes me so tired. Has anyone had 20 weeks scan and baby large tummy circumference? At 95th centile and frightened...
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Make sure you eat right and follow whatever gestational diabetes program your Dr recommends. I got put in one and check my glucose levels 4 times a day, watch what I eat, and when I eat. For the most part its fine and under control now.

Talk to your doctor to see your options. You might have a big baby, meaning c section to avoid broken bones in the baby by vaginal delivery.

Just don't stress, it happens to even those that you don't suspect would.No one thought with my build I would have it, but I guess the hormones arent meshing well for me.
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Mine isn't;t just gestational. ..but when I am not pregnant I am okay don't have to take insulin and my H1Bc is 5.2 % so it;s better controlled now than someone without diabetes but the baby is still big I had a stillbirth last year so hieghtened scared this time...!
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Our MedHelp app for Diabetes may be able to help you manage your condition while you're pregnant. Download Sugar Sense at this link: http://www.medhelp.org/health_tools/#/mobile_apps
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Hi, I'm type 2 diabetic but only 7 weeks pregnant so a lot to come. I was on metformin and gliclazide before I got pregnant but they stopped the gliclazide, increased the metformin and put me on insulin, which has been increased today as my blood sugar levels are still in double figures and just too high. I've really cut down on my carbs and cut out the sweet stuff but still battling to get it down. I know how important it is now I'm pregnant but its not easy, especially now I have to remember to take insulin before each meal and at night and check my bloods 5 times a day. I'm so scared of any damage my high blood sugar is doing. I'm 38 and will be 39 when baby's due and I've too been very tired. Half hour walk round the shops and I'm exhausted. I can empathise it's not easy. I'm obese too. I was sent for an early scan too probably due to high blood sugar, age, weight and diabetes and they just saw an empty sac. Been for a 2nd one since and the same. Got my 3rd scan on Thursday and hoping I can see something this time. I'm so worried. I guess diabetes just adds loads of extra things for you to worry about. As long as your keeping your levels under control, which you are, then don't worry, everything else should be like a normal pregnancy. Baby might be big, but that's common in diabetes and you're in the best hands to deal with it. Really sorry to hear about last year, I guess you're gonna worry until this one is in your arms, that's to be expected. Try to think positive though, worrying won't help your baby. Talk to your diabetic nurse, diabetic midwife, community midwife, doctor, obstetrician, and ask them any questions you have or tell them your concerns. They should be able to help. Good luck with your pregnancy. Xxx
Thank you Claire for your reply. I just read it. How are you? How did your scan go? It's such a traumatic thing to be pregnant with all the extra medical things going on.. I hope you are well.
Hi Diane, sorry for not replying sooner, I've not been on here for a while.  My scan was no better and I was more or less told its just a waiting game. I mc on April 2nd last year just after my last scan. It was devastating as it's the only time I've managed to get pregnant.  I've been trying since but no look as yet. My doctor has recently tested my hormones and they're not what he expects but he's testing them on day 21 when my cycle was 21 days last month. My cycles vary from 20-25 days on average but have been as long as 29 days so this makes its harder. He's doing another test on day 21 this month despite me making him aware it would be better to test sooner as i have a shorter cycle. He said he's referring me to the fertility clinic if he doesnt get the results he expects this time. I guess at least I might get more help from the fertility clinic. I'm glad they're finally helping me as in 2013 when I was diagnosed with diabetes and asked my gp for help getting pregnant, I was told I had to get within the normal bmi range before I could get help, which is going to take a long time. After my mc I was told I had to have 3 mc before I could get help which is awful because I can't mc if I'm not getting pregnant (not that I want to mc obviously I just want help). Anyway my diabetes doctor/endocrinologist seemed really pleased with me last time he saw me as I've managed to lose weight. I lost 2 stone since 2013 on my own then I joined slimming world in October 2016 and I've  lost a further 3 stone 5lbs since so it's going in the right direction. My Hba1c came back at 41  and apparently non diabetics are 41 or less so he was pleased with that too. I've also reduced my insulin doses at lunch and tea and overnight and I've completely stopped my morning indulin due to my weight loss.  My cholesterol levels have come down too. I plan to get to a 'normal' bmi range within the next year which is around another 9 stone to lose and hopefully that will help my chances of getting pregnant. It has to happen again some day. I'm doing everything I can to help it. I've not drank since I was last pregnant bar a couple of glasses at Christmas and I don't smoke. I eat a healthy diet. I regularly exercise going to the gym on average 4 times a week. I just hope that this is the start of the help I need to get pregnant again.

More to the point, how did it all go for you? Have you had a successful pregnancy? Have you got a beautiful baby boy or girl now? I really hope it all went well for you. Xxx
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