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Did I have the smallest baby? He's a month old and his newborn clothes are still too big!

Chancellor was 5lbs 6.7oz 17in long at birth...he came home at 5lbs 4oz.  At his last dr. apptmnt he weighed in at 6lbs 4oz so in 2wks he gained 1lb, but grew 3inchs to 20inches.  I'm only 5'0, but his dad is 6' 4 so I take it he'll be pretty tall.  

My question is did I have the smallest baby?  He's still too small for his newborn clothes it's so cute....

How much did everyone's little one weigh?  Is my little man not growing fast enough?
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I posted some pics...the outfit he's wearing in the pictures is a premie!!!
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I haven't had my baby yet but have had three others before this (just so you don't think I've never done this before). I would think that if there was a reason for concern the doctor would have mentioned something. Its a good thing that he is gaining but he doesn't needs to put it on too fast either. You could look at it like this.....he will get more wear out of his clothes this way, lol. One thing you might notice is that his appetite might strengthen during growth spurts and then back off again. No two babies are alike. As long as hes eating and expelling in proportionate amounts and gaining at each visit then you are doing fine.
Congratulations and its normal to worry as I am sure I will too when my LO gets here.

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3 inches and 1lb in two weeks is growing plenty.  He is a tiny little follow tho. My Jacob was born 6lb 4oz and 19 inches.  He is 5 months today and earlier this week, he weighed in at 15 lb 8 oz.  
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My lil guy came at 35 weeks weighing 6.2oz and 18.5 he is now 15 weeks and weighs 13.6 and not sure how long he was 23 at 2months... you just have alil guy! they should gain 1/2 to 1 oz per day.. he is doing fine =) he will catch up and probaly  plump out !
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mine was 8 days early.. born 20 1/4inches and 7lbs 8 oz... came home 6lbs 9oz..   but she is a chunker now.. at 7 weeks I don´t know how much she weighs but has cubbie cheeks and starting to get some leg rolls haha I love it
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Hey there!  My son was full term, 5 lbs, 5 oz.  He is now 4 years old, is 3 foot tall, and weighs only 24 lbs.  He wears 18 months clothes!  I'm 5 foot 4 inches, and his Daddy is 6 foot, so I don't know why he's so short! He's below the 1st percentile for both weight and height.

I fret and worry about his growth constantly, because he simply does NOT grow like the other kids, but the doctors all say he's fine.  They keep telling me he'll surprise me with a growth spurt, but they've been telling me that for 2 years!

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my addy was 5 2 came home 4lbs10 maybe less they didnt weigh her before we left.  she was 17.5 inch and is finally getting to wear some 6-9 month old clothes lol (will be 8 months sunday)>  
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I was gonna buy premmie clothes I swore Myah was gonna be tiny thank god I didnt she was a nice 8lb 6oz and fit the newborn head to tip
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my sweetie was 8lb 7oz at birth, 20 inches long and 9 days late. last wednesday, @ 4 1/2 weeks, she was 10lbs even and 22 3/4 inches. she's already busting out of newborn outfits.
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All such little babies . . . sounds like my little Kaylin is one of the bigger ones. She was born at 9 lbs 13 oz, 21 inches. Left the hospital around 9 pounds and was back up to 9.14 at her 2 week appointment. She will be 6 weeks tomorrow and a few days ago she weighed 12 lbs 9 oz.  If I'm calculating correctly, she's gaining about 1/2 pound a week.  She's in 3 month size clothes and just moved up to size 2 diapers. So glad our babies are all healthy, their sizes will even out in a few years anyway.
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