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Due date wrong?

Hi everyone. I just wanted to get some thoughts from outside women on this. Maybe others have gone through this. My last full period started on March 16th. On April 9th I had what I believed was implantation bleeding because it was early and very light lasting less than 2 days. A pregnancy test came back negative. In early May I tested again and it was positive. At my first sono when I thought I was about 10 weeks there was 2 sacs but only one heart beating. The sacs measured just under 7 weeks. I went back a week later and the second sac disappeared. The Dr set my due date based on the size of the baby at that sono. Is it possible that if originally 2 eggs implanted but one didn't survive that the baby would have been that much smaller and I am actually 4 weeks further along going with my last full period of March 16th? Calculated due date with a lmp of March 16th is Dec 21st. My Dr went with April 16th as my last lmp (i told him light bleeding April 9th) making my due date Jan 20th. The baby is measuring bigger than it should with an estimated weight of 4 pounds at 29 weeks. And the pain and lack of mobility I'm feeling I didn't feel last pregnancy until about 37 weeks. I'm also already as big as I was right before I delivered my first. Sorry this is so long, any thoughts from you ladies is appreciated!
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How big is the baby measuring now? I remember with my son, the nurses assistant put me in for as being due in August but I had IVF so I knew exactly when conception had happened and she was off 2 weeks. Nobody really changed it until I had a scan and they seen the baby was further along and finally corrected my gestation time.
On another note, I'm on my 2nd pregnancy and already showing a little bump at 4 weeks.  From what I've read the 2nd pregnancy you get bigger faster and way more pain because your muscles stretch and pull faster. Good luck with everything...ask for another scan for piece of mind.
I've been having regular scans because I am high risk. A week ago at 29 weeks he was 4 lbs. Yesterday at 30 weeks he's 4 lbs 9 0z. All his scans show him as much as 3+ weeks bigger than what they say my actual gestastional age is. 2 of the Drs at my practice have said they went based upon size at first sono and they are not going to change my due date. I due Jan 20th with a scheduled csection for the 13th and I don't think I'll make it that long.
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At that stage twins develop the same rate as a singleton pregnancy it's only when they start fighting for room in your womb that they grow slower x
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