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Early pregnancy symptoms

Had my second IUI on July 3 and thought I would share my early pregnancy symptoms so far and hope others will as well.  I checked other blogs out there and found the responses to be incredibly helpful, here goes:

1dpiui Started vacation today! Hopefully relaxation will help. Had lots of cramps and bloating. At end of day was very bloated, went for a walk and it was uncomfortable very bloated. Felt like I had to pee all the time.  Went to bed, laid down for a while and felt a little better.

2dpiui Had a really severe cramp when I laid down to go to bed at night.

3 – 8 dpiui Minor cramping, thought is was gas. Gassy!  Woke up 3 nights in a row at 2-3 a.m. to go pee.  Had some weird dreams too.

9dpiui   My temp was 98.0 in a.m., took an e.p.t. test, BFN. Had trouble getting to sleep when I went to bed at night. Was up until 1:30 a.m. and was upset/crying.

10dpiui My temp was 98.0 in a.m.  Back to work today. Took a cvs cheapy test in a.m. and saw a very, very faint blue line.  Looked at the stick at the end of the day and the faint blue line was still there. Could it be a BFP??  Still a little gassy and had diarrhea at end of day, weird.

11dpiui My temp dipped to 97.7.  Took a First Response test and saw a very faint pink line but was slightly darker than that faint blue line yesterday. Husband looked at it and saw it too. Haven’t had my normal menstrual problems like cramps and migraine yet. Hoping all this is a good sign!

12dpiui My temp dipped again to 97.3. Took another First Response test and saw a pink line that was darker than yesterday!  Still somewhat faint but getting darker! Husband looked at it and said there is now no doubt that I am pregnant.  Felt a few little cramps today in lower abdomen, some of that was gas.  Still gassy.  Getting hungrier between meals.  Just ordered a pizza, don’t want to get growling stomach. Also, yesterday and today I have increased heartburn that has aggravated my acid-reflux.  However, might be related to carbonated juice I have been drinking in last few days.
Also, at 7pm took another HPT on a pharmacy cheapie and got a faint blue line but it is more pronounced and darker than the one I took on a cheapie at 10dpiui.  My temp at 7pm was a 99.  I sneezed a few times today and my head feels a little almost headachy or sinus stuffy.  It just feels weird in my head, not a migraine though.  Really excited! ))

13dpiui My temp of 97.9 this morning. Took another First Response test and saw the pink line same color but band was wider!  I’m looking pretty BFP right now!  Told my sister and she is screeching with happiness.  Still pretty gassy and crampy.  Been feeling tired all day and a little grouchy.  Also, hungry and trying to eat more and more often.  Took a HPT cheapie around 8:30pm and got a solid blue line, no question in my mind now. Really excited!  My blood test won't be until 17dpiui (in four days).  Can't wait!

I'll continue to post as the days pass.  Good luck to everyone!  sending sticky baby dust!

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Sounds to me like a nice BFP hope you have a worry free 9 months, best wishes Julia
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Sounds like congratulations are in order!  Wishing you a healthy and non eventful pregnancy.
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Thanks Juliaschill and adgal for your kind words. I really appreciate it.

I am very excited at the prospect of being pregnant, but I am also cautious.

Anyway, I am 14dpiui:   I woke up this morning around 2:30a.m. and had to pee. So I took another HPT (First response) and got a much darker, well defined pink line.  Nothing faint about this line this time!  Really happy and so is my hubby.  Anyway, I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't so I stayed up and read some magazines and then went back to bed around 5:00am.  I felt very crampy all morning long, especially when I lied down.  The cramps are low in my abdomen and now kind of hurt.  Tired from lack of sleep. Started to look up pregnancy diet online yesterday - I need to know what to eat!  Wish today was Saturday so I could sleep more! oh well....Other than that, my mood is good and I feel upbeat.  I forgot to take my temp this morning, just too tired.

Good luck to all and will keep you posted daily!.  *************baby dust************
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Thank you so much!

Just to keep you updated:

15dpiui  Felt really good, not feeling crampy most of the day. temperature was 98 this morning.  Again another positive HPT this morning, with First Response and big, bright pink line.  Went swimming this afternoon and what a relief with this heat!  Unfortunately, the trains broke down and had to walk in the heat for a while, eventually took a cab home and then had cramps and was very tired, my muscles were throbbing, especially in my feet, until I fell asleep.  Woke up at 1 a.m. to pee and have been up for 2 hours now.  I feel really good right now but know I will crash later.  So I am trying to plan my day in my mind so that I will be able to sleep later!  I hope you all are doing well and would love to hear from people. Leave me a note sometime or post on this board and give me your update!  ***sticky baby dust****  all around....
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swimming sounds so lovely! it's hot where i am, too. i might actually attempt a dip in the ocean tomorrow, though i really do not enjoy wearing a bathing suit in public. ;)

i went to the ocean for a bit last week, and there was the cutest couple there, i couldn't stop watching them (hopefully surreptitiously) from afar. they must have both been early 40s, with a little boy in an oldfashioned swim suit (full jumpsuit, with stripes). the baby clearly hadn't been walking on his own for long-- he was doing that drunken sailor walk with the legs wide apart and the arms out to the sides. he was just playing in the surf with his mom, and then later with his dad. they kept just grinning at each other like they were having the time of their lives. cutest damned thing ever! i may head back, just for the baby watching. :)
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Quick update:

19dpiui  Feeling good, occasionally crampy but mood is good.  A little tired and hungrier than usual.  Nothing really new, but I am getting better sleep.  Had my first blood test and it was 266. Just had second blood test and my beta was 567!  All is good on the development front!
Have an u/s on July 29, can't wait!  Really excited and happy, sticky baby dust to all!
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Fabulous, fabulous!!! Do you have a due date yet? I bet we are going to be due the same week. :) I am trying to wait until ~Aug 12th-ish for my first u/s. I have a severely tilted uterus and last time they struggled to find the yolk/sac early. Otherwise I'd be scheduling asap as well! :)

My only symptoms have been a tiny bit of fatigue, tiny bit of breast soreness, and fairly intense low back pain that comes and goes. Last night it woke me up. I am trying not to worry about it. Since I do have the tilted uterus, I'm hoping it's just because of that. Of course every time I pee I examine the TP like a CSI investigator. (sorry TMI). I guess I am just trying to accept however this plays out, while also hoping and praying and envisioning the best...
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No due date yet. I can only guess end of March/early April.  Thank you so much for your kind words!  Congratulations on your pregnancy as well, yay!  

I have had fatigue, my breasts just feel bloated, I had a little back pain the other night but I think that is because I wore my purse on my back for a while.  I am sure everything
will go just fine so try to relax and enjoy the next 9 months.  Don't stress!

Good luck, keep me posted!  :))))
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Thanks! I read a lot of sites yesterday that said back pain is normal. Yesterday was also my weekly acupuncture, so I got to tell the acupuncturist and she was so excited. It was nice. (We are not telling anyone except my doctors). She also did some needles for my low back and it has felt better since then.
I get really nervous when I am not feeling much of anything (ie most of the time). So just trying to think positive thoughts and imagine the baby already here and perfectly healthy...
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Today is 11dpiui...I gave in and took HPT - it was negative :) It wasn't 1 or 2 minutes later, within seconds it clearly marked the one line for not pregnant. I don't know what I was thinking. I thought for sure because I spotted on 1 week piui, things were moving right along. All those other dumb symptoms were just the side effects of hcg trigger shots. I'm feeling this off/on sharp, but tolerable pain on my right side. I told myself I wouldn't come on here because I was reading too much into everyone elses symptoms and thinking, YEP that's me too. It's weird, it didn't hit me when I first saw the HPTN, but rather 1/2 hr later or so. I had tears rolling down my face. I really need support because there is absolutely no else to share this with (other women I mean)
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Don't get discouraged! you are only 11dpiui on your last post.  Take the test again with another brand and see what happens and be patient, the line might be very, very faint!!

I know I left off at day 19 so here's the update
20dpiui - 23dpiui   Felt ok, little moody, but happy for the most part. Feel tired!  Not a lot of energy over the weekend at all, needed to nap a lot.  I had a bad headache on on 22dpiui and needed to rest most of the day.  I woke up the morning on 22dpiui and 23dpiui at around 2am and couldn't sleep until 6am. I was really out of it this weekend.  It was very hot and muggy those days as well and I just could not handle the heat at all. :(  By the way my temp at night was 98.8.

24dpiui  Need extra sleep badly, ugh!  Reviewing food list, I need to avoid caffeine altogether and need more fiber!!  I have really bad diahrea all day! (I know TMI). I had cramping last night assoicated with the diahrea.  I did have some little cramping in the front today and in the last 3 days. It didn't hurt, it was just uncomfortable.

25dpiui Feeling good.  No cramping so far. Think the diahrea is gone.  Just trying to eat right. My mood is good and had a good night's sleep last night but was really tired and didn't have the strength to eat dinner. Boobs have been feeling a little swollen but not necessarily painful.  

I'll try to keep updating..  baby dust to everyone!!!! :))
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So the ultrasound came back and they found one yolk sac!  One baby only - thank god no twins - at least they couldn't see another one on this u/s.  Next u/s Aug 8.
Should see a heartbeat next time. I'm 27dpiui and feel good, little tired but no morning sickness or anything.  Mood is good but gained a few pounds already. Oh well. Just try to watch it as best I can.

***baby dust to you!***
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Well my 2nd ultrasound came back and the baby is not developing normally. I am 7 weeks and the baby looks about 6 weeks. They said this indicates something wrong with the dna.
Baby will wind up a miscarriage but I will have a follow up ultrasound next week to make sure. Termination of the pregnancy will probably happen next weekend. :(
Sorry to bring such awful news, however, I am in good spirits and looking forward to doing IVF for the first time in the late fall. I have to wait a couple of months before I can start the process so I will use this time wisely.  The doctor said the pregnancy had nothing to do with anything but being 39.  I had a 10-12% chance of getting pregnant with IUI and of that, 30% usually miscarry.  So this was really a long shot for me.  With IVF I will have a 30% chance of pregnancy but still a 30% chance that each embryo could miscarry.  I will be able to squeeze in an IVF before I turn 40 so that is a good thing.  
I am sorry to have to tell this to  you ladies at this time, but I wanted to let you know.
Keep pursuing your dream and try to keep a good, sensible attitude about it as I have. Baby dust to everyone!  
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Well I just thought I would start this post up again.
I m/c at 9 weeks on my 2nd iui and had to wait a couple of months before I could start my meds again.
My 3rd IUI was Nov.5 so I am now in the tww.  I am 6dpiui and have had many of the same symptoms I posted earlier in my 2nd iui.  I will test on Sunday, Nov. 15.
Hopefully, I will see a faint bfp!  Wish me luck!
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I just read your whole post. I am sorry for your loss, it is never easy. I am excited for you since you are having many of the same symptoms you had before. Please keep us updated! SSBD to you!!
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Sending you lots of baby dust for your tww!!
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Thanks so much for your well wishes. It was hard to start this post up again but I decided that I didn't want it to end where it did.  

I am excited to test this weekend, even a faint line is better then none!  Good luck to everyone**************baby dust***************
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So I'm 7dpiui and woke up feeling gassy as usual.  When I sat down to use computer I had a huge cramp in my lower abdomen.  Ow!  My temp this a.m. was 98.2.
Looking forward to test this weekend.  ***baby dust***
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Congrats & welcome to our mom's to be club!!!  Good luck with your pregnancy & keep us posted!!!

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Let's not celebrate just yet, I'm not ever ready to test yet!  But thanks for the encouragement!
So I'm 8dpiui,  Ugh!  This morning I don't feel much, a little gassy that's it.  Last night
I was gassy as well and when I got into bed last night I had to move carefully because if I moved too fast I would get a pain in the area of my uterus.  The stretch pain happened liked 3 times because I had to get in and out of bed twice.  Last time I got my bfp my boobs weren't painful and sore even when I press with my hand.  This time my boobs seem to only be slightly sore now and then and only when I press them.
Not sure if others felt this.  Anyway, I am not sure what to make of this.  I guess I will find out this weekend, wish me luck!!!
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So maybe I'm overreacting but I just tested on hpt and saw a very, very, very faint line.
I am 8dpiui and its about 7pm.  I wanted to wait for tomorrow but was curious.
Could this mean BFP??!!??  Last time I had a super faint line on 9dpiui in the morning.
Can't wait to test again tomorrow and see if there is faint line, hopefully more visible.
My hubby said he clearly saw the faint line as well. It was almost like a shadow and could only be seen in strong light.  In any case, I'm pleased!  ******magical sticky baby dust to everyone*********  Yay!
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OMG! Update pls!!! :)
In my experience, when it's BFN there is *nothin*-- no faint line. Fingers crossed for you!!
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I tested this morning and got a shadow.  I then tested at noon on a First Response and got bfn.  It might still be too early for me.  I am hoping to see something tomorrow morning.  If not, it will probably be official.  ......sigh.....
Good luck to everyone and sorry for  the false surprise...
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