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Exercise while TTC

I've always been very active, but when I had a m/c this past February, everybody advised that I need to slow down and drastically alter my workout schedule; although I doubt I did anything to actually cause the m/c.  I'm a very healthy 40 year old and I used to figure skate 2-3 days a week and I'd run 3 days a week plus do pilates and ballet once a week.  I haven't run at all since February and drastically cut down the other excercises that I was doing.  Now I just walk a couple of miles most days and I still do pilates and ballet once a week.  This past month DH and I started TTC again and he is really paranoid about me skating and possibly hurting myself.  I've skated for many years and am confident in my ablilites, but now I'm paranoid and not sure if I should continue to skate or give that up as well until after I have a baby.  I was wondering if any of you were very active athletes and how you delt with TTC.  I planned on giving up skating and pilates as soon as I get pregnant again, but to give up everything indefinately while TTC is a depressing thought; not to mention the fact that I've already put on weight since I was pregnant the first time.
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I know some Eastern medicine doctors (Dr. Wu in San Francisco) recommend a modified exercise schedule while TTC and in first trimester.  Her recommendation varies depending on whether you are pre- or post-ovulation; you can do more heavy exercise during pre-ovulation I think and then only light upper body exercises post-ovulation, but if you want to be sure I'd check out her book.  I'm 39 and a huge workout person so I know how the idea of giving up any exercise sounds!  I got pregnant w/out trying this time but if this pregnancy ends in m/c, I plan on doing extremely light exercise as I will start trying.  Right now I"m not doing ANY exercise during first trimester.  Don't want to take any chances at my age!
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I am 38 and ran 5 miles a day 7 days a week in addition to 10mile hikes on weekends or 20mile bike rides.  I also lifted weights and yoga daily.  I was in great shape.  I had m/c 2x and had an ectopic.  In between I did have my son and during that time I only walked.  They say that exercise can not cause a m/c but I do believe that a lot of exercise makes changes in our bodies and some of them are hormonal.  Do what feels right but remember you can always get back on track after you have the baby.  I am pregnant now and haven't run in over 3 yrs due to all this having and m/c'ing babies.  It is a bummer but in the end I will have been blessed with my beautiful children.  
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Thank you ladies both so much for your responses to my post.  I've decided that I'm going to just walk and try to not do anything too strenous in ballet class while TTC.  The important thing is for me to have a healthy baby and hopefully, I'll get pregnant again soon so I'm just going to walk and take things very easy.   I wish you both good health and happiness with your new babies!
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