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Final poll... please vote!

Can you believe that at 40 weeks, we still have not decided on the baby's name... arghhhh

we've ruled out Max because it's too popular (JLo, Lance Armstrong, Christina Aguilera, Charlie Sheen, etc...) and everyone I told said they either bought their house with ReMax or had a dog named Max... so here are the 3 final runner ups:

(there's a K in every option because my son's name is Lukas and we want to keep the tradition)

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I can't believe you are 40 weeks and your poor baby has no name!!!! lol Your reasons for not going with Max made me laugh!!!!!!!!!  

I voted for Jake Spencer, I think it sounds cute!!!!!

Good luck lady, I hope that little man is making his appearance soon and hopefully with  a name!!! he he he
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I voted for Isaak...love that name.  I also really like Kai on it's own.  I know quite a few people that said the right name came to them the first time they actually saw their baby.  Completely changed their minds from what they had originally planned. I can't believe your 40 weeks!!!  Any day now....I can't wait to hear all about it and see the pix!
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Ya I like Kai as a first name when I thought we were having a boy...but its a girl so no kai for me, i voted for jake spencer though cause it flows......
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I voted for Jake Spencer but I really like Kai Spencer. ..... Good luck with the name game:) I hope you find the perfect name soon, your little man could be here any minute!! Yikes!
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I voted for Isaak and just so you know, I am not pregnant and I already have a name for a boy. I won't tell anyone because I don't want anyone to take it...it's as original as they come. I am stumped for a girl though because that is what I want. I like how you have to keep a K in the name to follow tradition. My kids all have a double consonant in their names.  TiFFany, MaTThew, and CaMMeron!! I keep it traditional too...that is cool!!! Best of luck and I reallllyyyy think Isaak is the one...lol!!
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I like the name Kai Spencer also.
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This will make everyone laugh.  My girlfriend just had a baby 2 weeks ago and still have yet to name there son.  Here in Maryland you only have 30 days from the day he is born to give him a name.  I asked her what will happen if they don't come up with a name, is his name going to be John Doe.  Her and hubby can't agree.  That's crazy if you ask me.
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I like Jake Spencer. Very strong and upstanding sounding. Plus - and this is my opinion only - although I'm all for different names, I prefer traditional spellings. Don't know why - it's just a thing with me. Maybe because I've been a probation officer for too long and Monique spelled Moneek and Dante spelled Dontay scream ghetto to me. LOL.

Anyway...I think both Jake *and Spencer are great names!

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While all of the names are very nice, I liked Isaak for some reason - it just flows for me.  i would've loved Max too but I know what you mean about overuse of the name - we too have a dog named Max.
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My son's name is Jacob and also goes by Jake.. if you are wanting to stay away from popular Jacob/Jake is really popular.. I love the name of course, but just wanted to let you know..

best of luck to you
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I love the name Isaak...It is a unique and nice name. I don't love Kai as to me it sounds like a girl's name. I like k's in names too. I have a Brooke and a Kendall : ) (and a Jamie but no k LOL!)
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I voted for Jake Spencer.  Sounds so high class to my ear...
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I'm a teacher and the only name from your list to never walk into my class in 12 years is a Spencer. Isaak and Justin are as popular as Max in my city. Kai is even more popular than Jake right now. I had never even heard of the name until 2 years ago.
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I vote for Jake Spencer as well.  I know you will make a good choice in the end:-)  Best wishes
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I voted for Isaak Taylor. I like the middle name Taylor and Isaac is a good strong Bible name though I'd spell it the more traditional way, with a "c" if it was for one of my sons.
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Thanks for all your input... I'm surprised to hear that many of you like Isaak... and that it's popular... the US census web site puts Isaac and Isaak very low on the list as if it's reather unpopular... I asked my american friend (she's 55 years old) and she said that she thinks African American or Jewish when she hears the name Isaak... that would be great except we're neither! We're boring regular blond caucasian... that name would clash she says...

ps magnolia55, where do you live? Can you give me a generalized description of  a Jake, a Justin or an Isaak? I'm asking because I used to be a teacher also and some names have a reoccuring theme... like for example a Samuel here is hyperactive but likeable... a Kevin is trouble trouble trouble!

thanks everyone!
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