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Gestational Diabetes

I found out today that I have developed gestational diabetes :( My doctor is sending me to a counselor to see if we can keep my glucose under control through diet and lifestyle changes. She will also be prescribing a glucose monitor and wants me to do finger sticks before meals as well as after (I can't recall if she said 1 or 2 hours after meals). I will now see her every 1-2 weeks.

I am hoping to be able to control this without insulin or medication. I also learned my thyroid is slowing again (TSH is going up) so she increased my thyroid medication.

Otherwise I am doing well :) Baby is active, I am still feeling pretty good. I did start working as a nurse a few weeks ago...I am working weekend doubles at a long term care/skilled nursing facility. I work 7am-11pm Sat and Sunday (32 hours) and am paid for 40 hours. So far, I have been doing okay...it is nice to get a whole week's worth of work done in two days and have all week to do other things. We also don't have to worry about child care for our 10 year old...one of us is always home this way.

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I am right there with you on the gestational diabetes part. You know I found out last week. I made 27 weeks yesterday due date is Nov 3. How far along are you?.My  I saw my doctor and dietician today, she gave me the glucometer, and ***** your finger two hours after you eat. You should be able to control with diet. But I tell you it gets hard with being pregnant and having all those cravings.

What kind of nurse are you? I have ben thinking about becoming a Doula. When I went to I got my BS in Psychology, and I should have studied Nursing then. But now, I have six kids number seven on the way, I love being pregnant, I love babies, and I love reading or watching anything that has to do with birth, even when I am nt pregnant. The rep told me I can keep my full time job and still become a Doula, and she said that some quit there full time job and become a Doula full time.
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Ah, sorry about the gestational diabetes.  I love the attitude your approaching it with though, and have no doubt all will be just fine.

Good to hear everything else is going so well.  And although those are long hours on the weekend, I would love to do that...get 40 hours in in 2 days and be done with it.  How perfect is that.  Good to see you checking in, and take care!!
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I am due Nov 15th. I am currently an Licensed Practical Nurse. I just finished school in May and passed my licensing test in early June. I plan to go on to get my RN with a Bachelor's degree and hope to eventually go on to a Master's program to be a Nurse Practitioner/Nurse Midwife.

One of my classmates has 5 children under the age of 9 so I know what a struggle it is to go to school and raise children. She has a good support system and her husband was able to support the family while she went to school. She starts school this week to get her pre-requisite classes for an RN program and will also try to work part time once she finds a part time job.

If being a doula is what you want to do, go for it! Doing something you love is SO different from just having a job...I work back to back 16 hour days and it can be exhausting (especially being pregnant) but I feel great at the end of the day and have no trouble getting  up to go to work :)
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Thank you :) I have my appointment with the counselor this Thursday afternoon.

I am loving my job so far and the days seem to fly by. Getting the whole work week over in two days is great! I have the whole week to do other things.

The down side is that my husband and I don't have any days off together so doing things as a family will be difficult. My stepdaughter started back to school last week and with my husband's schedule, he doesn't see her all week. He leaves for work at 2pm and gets home around 3am. She leaves for school before 7am and gets home after 3:30pm. Then on the weekend she doesn't see me at all.

Oh...the sweetest thing...when I got home Sunday night my husband was almost finished knitting a cute rose colored hat for the baby :) We have a set of round looms. He saw the yarn in a pile of odds and ends and decided to make Robin a hat since she will be born when the weather is chilly.
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Thanks for the words of encoursgement!

You know I hate it when you tell some family and friends things your planning on doing, they are like how are you going to do that with the kids. My husband does just as much work as I do around the house, so its not like everything is soley on me. But I am a go getter. I am in school now for my masters in public administration. they didnt think I was going to go this long. But when I think about being a Doula, its like I want it right now, I get excited. So I know it want be like a job for be.

I am sure you love your job, the hours probably dont seem long to you at all.

Have you seen a dietician yet regarding your gestional diabetes? I got start walking ang drinking more water. You must keep  me posted we are at the count down. This will be my 3rd baby in nov. I have one that will turn 3 nov. 5. and one will turn 6 nov 22.
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I see a diabetes educator on Thursday. I will keep you posted :)

This is my first fall baby. My son (19) is June 6 and my daughter (21) is July 13th. When we decided to have a baby together, we thought it would take a few months at least to conceive so I thought this one would be a spring 2012 baby. As it happens, we conceived right away :)
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