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Glucose Screen

I am scheduled for my Glucose screen in a few weeks.  I have been looking this up online because, as this is my third pregnancy, the instructions from this doctor don't seem to be what I recall in the past.  They are saying it is okay to eat my "normal meals" on the day of the test, but to avoid sugary foods and drinks.  In my past two pregnancies I seem to recall having to fast before this test, which was confirmed by my findings online: " For eight to 14 hours before the test, you can't eat or drink anything but sips of water..."  Also, I will point out that they are calling this test an RGS (Random Glucose Screen) and not a Glucose Tolerance Test, just in case that makes a difference.  

Anyone else here that has taken this test been able to eat normally beforehand?  Were the results affected by this?  I am concerned if I do eat that will throw the results off, and I am concerned if I DON'T eat that will throw it off lol (catch 22 :o)  I'm sure the doctor's office wouldn't say I could eat if it was going to interfere with the results, but stranger things have happened, and this doctor's office doesn't always seem to have it together (e.g. they refer me out to a doctor two hours away for things I think they *should* be able to do here, they tried to draw blood twice for the same thing [sequential screen I had already done and *I* had to point that out, they missed it!] etc.)  Thanks!
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A random glucose test is not a glucose tolerance test.

A random glucose test is just that.  They measure your blood glucose at just any time when you're eating normal meals.  This does not qualify as a screening for Gestational Diabetes.  Depending on how long after your last meal and what you ate, the results could be normal, even if your blood sugar is not.

For a random glucose test to be any use at all, make sure that you eat a regular full meal  2 hours before the time that you will have the blood draw.

The glucose tolerance test is where you get to drink or eat something sweet (known amount) and they test your blood sugar a certain time after eating.

If your doctor is not doing a proper screening, I would be asking why.  It is very very important to catch diabetes if it is present.

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I was allowed to eat before my glucose test. No sugary things of course, but a small breakfast was OK - my test was in late morning. Then I had to drink the sugary solution and have my blood drawn 1 hr after, precisely.
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Yeah, I am pretty sure they did mention I will be drinking the solution.  And the instructions are that the blood draw is an hour after I get there so to make plans to be there that long.  So, I am not sure why it is ok to eat, but if that is what they want then I will do what Ecologic said and just eat a small breakfast.  If anything seems off I will aske them why they do it this way and not the way I am used to.  My last two pgs I did not have issues with GD, but I know each pg is different.  Thanks!
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I was also told to just eat normally.  My test was exactly as Ecologic described...get there, drink the solution, wait one hour and blood draw.  I ate as I would normally do and all was fine.  Good luck!
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Thank you! :o)
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It depends on the doctor.   Some go straight for the fasting-ahead-of-time-3-hour-glucose.  Others do a screening with a 1 hour test where you do not have to fast.
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