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Glucose test

Ugh! This morning my doctor called me to let me know that my Glucose test came up high....He said the would like to see it under 140 and mine was 170...I was so bummed. I was hoping it was cause i ate before the test but the doctor told me too. He said I could have breakfast like two eggs and so i did maybe that made my test high.....Now I have to make an appt. for the 3hour glucose test.....I hope I don't  have gestational diabetes that scares me....I have never had that with my other pregnancies....I'm scared! What happenes when you do have diabetes? Does it go away after birth? What should I do before taking this other test? Can someone advise?
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i failed my first test as well....when i got my test results back from the 3h one it turns out im glucose intolerent and now have to get my sugars checked every appointment...but so far so good...just follow the docs orders and everything should be fine
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I got gestational diabetes with this pregnancy.  Didn't have in the past with my prior two.  i certainly wasn't happy about it, but it's fairly easy to deal with.  

I failed the first hour so badly they didn't make me take the 3-hr ...I think I had a 193.  So OB's office called in a script for a glucouse monitor, test strips, lancets, and alcohol swabs and referred me to the nutritionist at the Perinatalogists.  These guys managed the GD.  For a week I was checking blood sugar with the monitor when I first woke up and before I ate, and two hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner.   I was also given a diet of things I can and cannot have.  I'm allowed 3 snacks and B, L, & D.  I can't eat more than 30 carbs per meal.   And I have to keep a log of the food I eat and fax over my logs with my food eaten and the blood glucose levels.  Sometimes the GD can be controlled with diet.  

However, mine was okay with diet but not fabulous.   So they had me take an oral prescription and i take it before I eat breakfast and lunch (glyburide).  Now the blood glucose levels are under control.  I the nutritionist calls me all the time and they go over your logs.  Tricky part is eating the proper foods and keeping your carbs limited per snack or meal.   The eggs that you ate are high protein and don't affect your glucose level so I don't think the eggs made your level so high unless you had a big glass of orange juice or soda that morning.

I was worried I'd have to take insulin, but fortunately I don't.  

So if you fail the 3hr the above is what you're looking at.  It's not soooo bad and you probably eat a lot better.  

To answer your other questions:

What happenes when you do have diabetes?  You'll have to do the above.   Sometimes your body just doesn't produce enough insulin when you're pregnant.

Does it go away after birth? Most of the time it does go away after you deliver.

What should I do before taking this other test? -- Just eat a high protein breakfast.  I usually scramble 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites and 1 slice of toast with peanut butter.  No fruit, no juice, no milk (at breakfast).   This is less than 30 carbs.  See how you do with that breakfast.  Also......bring a book!!  

Finally.....call your insurance company and find out your benefits for diabetic supplies.  I got a free monitor which came in the mail.  I picked up the other things at the pharmacy and my copay was about $22 for the test strips, lancets, and alcohol swab.  Make sure they call in the right test stips and lancets for the type of monitor you got as they aren't all the same.
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I had gestational diabetes and it's not fun but not a big deal either.  First, eggs have lots of protein and should help your body to process sugar.  I ate LOTS of eggs when I was on my GD diet.  If you fail your 3 hour test you will just have regular meetings with a nutritionist and will have to watch your diet.  Some women have to take insulin but that is rare.
Good luck on your 3 hour test!  It's a nasty test so I feel for you.
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My knowleged of gestational diabetes is limited, but I can share with you what little I do know.  I have been told it typically does go away after birth.  For many women, it can be controlled through diet, although some do need to go on insulin.  I know there are at least 2 or 3 women currently active in this forum that have it. One actuallly had her little man tonight!!  The most common side effect (or at least the one you hear about the most) is a very large baby.  

Please don't be afraid.  The unknown is always frightening I know, but the vast majority of women with gestational diabetes have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.  Your Dr. will help you work out the best way for you to control it.  Also, I have read lots of stories on here on women that failed the first glucose test, and did just fine on the 3 hour.  I wish you luck!!
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