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Grey hair after pregnancy?

Just wondering if others have been experiencing the same thing: since I delivered my baby in May, I have had more and more grey hair :-( . Is it due to my geriatric age (41)... or is it a normal thing after delivering a baby? And is it going to stop - would be hard to believe. OK it's still manageable without dyeing my hair but I am a bit surprised by this after pregnancy change!
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I hardly think 41 is geriatric. LOL. I haven't noticed it myself, but I have had several people (including my hubby) comment on how grey I am. My uncle told me it looked like I used a paintbrush to put the white in :(
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Hormones can do funny things to the body... If me getting a little grayer is something that happens due to getting pregnant and having a child I will take it hands down... Being pregnant and having a baby has a way of changing everything around... Some women talk about their cycle or AF changing... others about what their body does now when they ovulate... Those wonderful hormones...

My sister went from having almost blond hair to dark brown hair during and after her pregnancy and then turned gray in her late twenties... She says its the stress of raising a child...

I totally agree that 41 is NOT geriatric... cause that would mean I was totally OLD at 49... and I ain't there yet...

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Hey, stop with the geriatric at 41 comments..lol.

I didn't necessarily get more grey, but my hair has sure changed in general.  I am still having large amounts of it falling out, and I swear it's curlier.  I think we are back to those hormones...everything about our bodies seems to change after baby.
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I'm 37 and the last few months mine have tripled!!!
The timing of yours is more than likely coincidental. How about other family members? I seem to be ahead of my sisters right now and they are 5 and 7 yrs older :-(
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Thanks ladies. Maybe the hormones indeed! OK yes I am not completely geriatric yet... only half geriatric :-)

Whereto: no, women don't get white hair early in my family... I'll be the first one!
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When my mom was pg with me at age 41, she had a patch of hair on one side of her temple fall out and grow in white.  Fortunately it was the 60's, and that look was somewhat fashionable.

I swear I had a new patch of white hair the morning after my dd was born.  I joke it was because she was over 9 lbs, and I didn't get any painkillers.  It's in the same spot on my left temple, so maybe it's genetic, and I just didn't notice before?
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I thought it's just me.. I have tons of (well about 7 in total from where I can see) grey hair after I had my son. He's now 5months old. For now they're all in areas where I can cover but since I have darn brown hair I won't be able to cover it for much longer.

I leave a trail of hair where ever I go. DH says there's more hair on the carpet than on my head..

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I'm only 33 and have had grey hair since I was about 28..I just figured it was from stress...but considering how many kids I've had perhaps it is related to pregnancy...LOL or parenting (now) 5 kid!!!
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OMG! Raising my hand and saying "Whooo-hooo me"! I have found several gray hair after having my boys. I am only 29 and feel like and 89 at times! : )

I also have a ton of hair that falls out. I thought it was because it is the longest it has been since I was a little girl but now you gals made me wonder!

The never ending changes! Nice!
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