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Had Amnio today. No sweat!

I'm 38 years old, pregnant with my first at 15w6d, and had Amnio today.  It was quick and easy.  I spent most of the time with the genetic counselor and the U/S technician.  The U/S was AWESOME!  So many pics because there were so many things to check out.  Everything checked out normal in the scan and I got to clearly see that I'm having a boy (despite the consistently high heartrate)!

The amnio itself took about two minutes.  There was a pinch as he inserted the needle.  He then withdrew fluid for about 30 seconds.  During this time I could feel some pressure / minor cramping, but it was gone as soon as the needle was removed.  It has now been about 7 hours and I am feeling completely fine.  

I opted to skip all screening as I didn't want the stress of possibly having a high risk  factor and then having to wait a few weeks before Amnio and more definitive results.  I'm having the FISH testing, so I will get early results for downs and the two other most common trisomy's within 3 days.  I am feeling no anxiety.  I really believe things will be just fine, but did want the reassurance.  If things are perfect, I feel I will have time to prepare myself mentally and emotionally and line up all the necessary support needed for me and my little man.  Wow...I'm having a boy!
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congrats on the little boy....glad everything went smoothly
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Yay!  Congrats!  That's so awesome....can't wait to be at the point you are! :)
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My experience with amnio was the same as yours.  All that fear ahead of time and it was such a simple test.  I also did FISH.  I am glad all went well and I look forward to you getting your results!  Congrats on your boy!!!  
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Congrats on that beautiful boy!!!!! And glad the amnio was a cinch.
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BabyJazz~ That's great! Both my amnios with both pregnancies went about that same way. the 2nd pregnancy I had a Great U/S Tech who got a pic of hte actual amnio in progress! you can see the catheter on the pic. if I find it I will post it.
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In my next to the last sentence, I meant to say "if things are NOT perfect...".  I think they also got a pic of the procedure while the needle was inserted, but that pic wasn't in my packet.  I had a monitor to observe the entire thing.  He went in on the left side of my belly button.  That didn't surprise me because I know my boy is sitting to the right.  You can look at my belly and tell.  It's slightly lopsided and bigger on the right.  It was comforting to SEE that the needle was not close to the baby.  This same perinatologist performed my sister's cerclage last year when she was carrying twins.  Her cervix had shortened so much by around 5 months that they only gave her about a 1% chance of going anywhere near full term.  Well, she went to 37 weeks and I now have a beautiful neice and nephew waiting for their cousin and playmate.  I would highly recommend this doctor and facility to anyone in the Raleigh-Durham area.  It's UNC Women's Specialty Care.
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Congrats on your baby boy !  Take it easy for a bit - no heavy lifting.  Good luck, hope all goes well with the results !  
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good to know. i am thinking about having an amino soon too. thanks for sharing :)

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Update: the FISH results for the Amnio came in two days.  My boy tested normal!  They tested for the most common trisomys...21 (downs), 13, 15, and 18.  They also confirmed it was boy, not that I needed confirmation!  I can relax a lot more now.  Complete results will come in about another 10 days.  To celebrate, I ordered more maternity clothes, lol.
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Congrats I'm glad baby tested healthy!
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I got the complete chromosomal results yesterday.  It took just one week!  Everything is fine.  Now, I have up to one week for the neuro tube defect results, but I'm still not stressing.  The Amnio process has been much, much easier than I ever imagined.  Having the  piece of mind is priceless.
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