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Has anyone had luck using chasteberry extract to get or stay pregnant?

A friend and ex-coworker (a man) suggested I take chasteberry to help me get pregnant. He said his wife had some kind of medical issue that they thought would make getting pregnant difficult. She took the chasteberry and got pregnant and now they have a healthy baby. However, I'm a good 8-10 years older than his wife. I'm wondering if it will help with basically just being old. LOL  I don't have any particular medical issues but I'm 41 and have miscarried twice in the past, once in my late 30s and once at 40. I'm taking chasteberry extract now about once a day. I wonder if it's worth it though.

Also if anyone HAS had success with it, did you take the chasteberry up until you got pregnant or did you continue to take it throughout the first trimester (or longer)?  I've read herbalist claims that chasteberry can also help you 'hold onto' a pregnancy.

Thanks and my thoughts and good wishes are to anyone trying to conceive.
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I did not use it but know about it and it's effects.  It's interesting how it works.  It basically acts on the pituitary gland and hypothalamus and increases LH and decreases FSH (whew, lot of words).  But net net, it will increase your progesterone. It's not a hormonal supplement, the increase in progesterone is a result an effect of the drug and this can be beneficial for women over 35 trying to conceive.  

It has really good statistics to back it.  33 percent say it is completely effective, 55 percent it definitely helped and only 7 percent said it did nothing (but didn't hurt anything).  So, the odds are it WILL help you. It's sold under the Vitex brand?  Is that what you are using?    
Thank you for that info! I'm using Herb Pharm brand in drop form. It's their "Chaste Tree/System Restoration/Reproductive*" drops. I bought this brand because 1) it happened to be sold at my local nearby health food store, and 2) I thought I might prefer drops over pills.
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How long have you been using it?  Noticing anything with your period?  How long have you been trying to get pregnant?
I 've been using the drops for 2-3 months.

Last month (or was it the month before?) my period was late. I think there's a possibility there was a brief chemical pregnancy that aborted quickly.

I've always had very regular periods. I know some people use chasteberry because they have abnormal stuff but as far as I know there's nothing abnormal about my uterus or periods.

I've been trying to get pregnant -this time I'm with a different partner than before - since around December or January 2018. I got pregnant in February and miscarried in April. 2 months. It may have been a chemical pregnancy.

I've been using ovulation test strips since around August or September to help know when we HAVE to have sex. LOL I guess I started the chasteberry shortly thereafter in September I think.

Currently I'm expecting my period in the next day or two. However I've been feeling symptoms that could be related to pregnancy: abnormal fatigue, deep sleeps (I'm usually an insomniac), mild nausea. However, yesterday and today I've had some spotting so I'm not sure.

I read that you can use ovulation strips to test for pregnancy hormones (although not vice versa). Since I have a bunch of the strips, I used one yesterday and it was strongly positive. I shouldn't be ovulating so close before my period so it could be an indication of pregnancy. I'm going to wait until Friday or Saturday and if I'm not bleeding heavily by then, I'm going to take a pregnancy test.
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Just giving an update: I took an over the counter pregnancy test this weekend and it's positive. I have to have it confirmed by a doctor but I haven't gotten my period yet so it's safe to assume I'm pregnant. I'm going to keep taking the chasteberry once a day during the first trimester because I read somewhere that it helps "hold on" to a pregnancy. I'll update again maybe in a month.
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Wow, wow, wow!!!!  Congrats mama!  I'm so happy to read this!!  We're here to discuss the ups and downs of pregnancy with you!  Any symptoms yet?
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