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Have anyone had as many miscarriages as I have (10+)

and went on to have a healthy baby?  My heart want so bad  to try again, but I fear losing my baby again.  I don't know what to do.  I want to see another doctor other than my specialist, but not sure if my insurance will cover it.  I just knew for sure this last pregnancy was the one I went further than I had with any of my other miscarriages, only to be let down.  I know no one can say for sure if a pregnancy will last, but it will give me hope knowing that someone other than me had that many miscarriages and still conceived.  Thanks
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Well my friend, you already know my story.  Not quite as many as you, but an awful lot.  I keep wondering...what have they tested you for?  They put me on daily baby asprin and fish oil as well as prometrium.  No idea if that's what did it or if I just got lucky, but I keep doing it just in case.  Which tests have they run?  Has anything been discovered?  I am so frustrated and so hurt for you honey.  I want this for you so badly.
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My specialist did alot of bloodwork, check to see if the tube was blocked.  She stated that all the test came back negative.  They can't seem to tell me why at all.  I am waiting on the results from the test they ran on the baby to see if anything was wrong with him.  I am frustrated as well, there has to be a reason why I continue to m/c I am hoping to find the right doctor before I try again.  How do I look up the right doctor in my area? Thanks hun for any help you can offer.
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A blocked tube wouldn't be cause for miscarriage, just possible infertility.  I had ultrasound to look for firbroids, two tests..one where they used the dye to look at the womb, but it's similar to how they look for a blocked tube, and another where they went in with a small camera.  Lot's of bloodwork where they looked for clotting disorders and a host of other things.  They also did bloodwork on DH to test for genetic incompatability.  Nothing was ever found with me either, and they have chalked it up to age.  I have come to accept that.  However, they still put me on the prometrium as soon as i get a bfp, I take a daily baby asprin pregnant or not and daily fish oil pregnant or not.  Both my OB and RE say that cannot hurt and may help.  

Finding a Dr. is different in the US then the States. My family Dr. referred me to my OB and she referred me to my RE.  My RE is actually a specialist in pregnancy loss and works at what is called a Pregnancy loss clinic.  She has discussed options with me such as donor egg, but given the challenge in Canada with doing donor eggs and the fact that we do have a child, we have opted not to pursue it.  I would ask your family Dr. if he or she knows of a good RE.  But in all honesty, that is really weird that they checked for blocked tubes.  You seem to be like me..conceive easily enough, it's just the carrying.

I hope they discover something Yolanda, I know this has been absolute hell for you.  I'm thinking of you.
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Hi Yolanda,

My heart breaks for you.  Seeing they can't find anything wrong will make it even harder.

Have you been tested for celiac.  Celiac is one cause of unexplained marriage.

I can't put links here, but if you google celiac and unexplained miscarriage you may find quite a lot of information.

Seeing you've tried everything else, there is no harm in trying this.

I am now just pregnant again after at least 3 (maybe more) losses.  With no explaination.

My doctor has me on baby aspirin now.  THe allergy doctor said it helps with immune issues, if there are any not yet found.   I am going gluten free this time to see if it helps, and hopefully I can carry this baby to term.

Hoping that you can get and stay pregnant and have your dreamed of baby.
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Make sure they have you on the correct H/Bp meds and that your RE understands how long you've been on them,etc. My primary was VERY through in checking which meds were safe to take while preggers.

I hope you find the answers that you need and a doctor that can really work with you to figure out the best treatment plan.

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Thanks everyone...I am praying for an answer on why and the right doctor that can maybe help me understand the whys...I do have Firbroids, which the doctor said could  have taken up the room during this pregnancy as well.  My regular OB is just not concern enough for me.  All he says is I will have a baby if I keep trying, but with age and all the reoccurring miscarriages who want to just keep trying.  I was seeing a specialist before I became pregnant who did a little more than my regular OB, I will make an appointment with her again just to see if she will refer me.  My 1st cycle after the lost just went off, and I was told by my OB to wait at least two cycle before I tried to conceive again.   Hopefully, I can have one more child because that is truly my heart desire...Again, thanks ladies your comments really help...
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