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Headaches during pregnancy

Hi Everybody,

Did anyone experience any terrible headaches in your pregnancy.I am pregnant with twins at 18 weeks now and I constantly have this headaches.I tried all the home remedies like drinking a lot of fluids,elevating your heads,putting a cold compressed in your forehead.

Can anyone help me.Thanks
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My daughter is 20 weeks pregnant with triplets and has had bad headaches since the begiinning doctor said its normal the problem is she cant take anything but tylenol and that doesnt help.
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Yes.  I always got headaches as an early sign of pregnancy.  Within the first week or 10 days after conceiving the headaches started!  You might want to ask your doctor about taking meds.  Mine said to start with Tylenol and if that didn't work I could even take Excedrin if I had to.  But I'd definitely ask him/her about it :)  Congrats on the pregnancy!!  Good luck :)
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Yeas, I too get headaches (bad) when I'm pg;(  That & heartburn are the only things I can complain about really.
Try a heat pad on your head....put it where it hurts you, that is the only thing that ever would help me;-/
Good luck;)
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Hi there-I completely understand-I am currently almost 20 weeks and have had terrible headaches since aobut 6 weeks.  The good news is mine seem to be getting a little bit better.  Here are some tips my NP told me:

Get a humidifier for your room at night.  It helps keep the sinuses clear and really worked well for me.

Eat something with a little protein before going to bed.  That way your blood sugar wont plummet and you are more likely to not get a headache.  ( I was waking up with them).

If you have a bad headache that wont go away, she said it is safe to take 2 x strength tylentol, 2 benadryl and 12 oz of caffeine.  I haven't tried this yet bc I am so afraid of taking anything, but I am sure if they say it is fine once in a while you can do it.

Best of luck!
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Oh-and I almost forgot-for whatever reason gatorade seems to work wonders with me.  
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Headaches are always my first symptom and yes, they have continued on throughout my pregnancy.  I find that staying really hydrated helps a lot...lots and lots of water.  I also agree with allie...a humidifier seems to help me.  And yes, I use tylenol, although I try not to very often.  My OB has also assured me that they are absolutely find to use during pregnancy.  Good luck.
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Yep for me too- and the hard part is that my partner is in the music industry and I need to help him sometimes- ouch the BASS!

I have been wanting to get myself off of coffee- but being it is winter and COOOOLD HERE- very hard- plus it just ads to my headaches. I DID however go once to the Grocery store to check my blood pressure- to make sure itw asnt high and that wasnt why I was having the headaches ... but fine...

And lately I have been getting stuffy- and dry at the same time in my nose. I dont wanna blow it too hard- ... but it is also a little bloody- ick- anyone else with the nasal stuff?
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Yes, I also have the nasal congestion.  It's actually a pretty common pregnancy symptom, especially in later pregnancy.  It's so cold and dry here which adds to it.  My humidifier is my best friend at night (well, besides my snoogle..lol).  It makes a huge difference.
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Thanks amanda- my partner is convinced I am coming down with a COLD so he refuses to kiss me- and I keep telling him it is common- especially with UNpreggo people in the winter months with heat on. I dont have a humidifier-  so just using the filled up water by the heat thing ...
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I am in my 16th week, and i have has severe headaches since week 5 or 6....they are absolutely the worst......only thing I have found that helps is ice packs on my head.  i have tried a lot of other remedies people suggest, but tylenol didn't help, and i am afraid of taking too many, so i quit trying that.  I do drink lots of Gatorade (lemon-lime) and sometimes that helps.

If possible rest, and try ice packs or heat on your head when lying down.  But my best advice is follow that of others and talk to your Doctor.....they know best.

Best wishes.  Congrats on the pregnancy.
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Thanks! i will try everything you have suggested and will keep you updated.
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Yes, terrible sinus headaches. A neti pot works wonders on that. And once I did take a Benadryl because we were travelling and for some reason I was terribly allergic to something in the environment-- that combined with my pre-existing sinus pressure made it unbearable!

Other than trying to use the neti pot every few days, I've just tried to stay hydrated, which you're already doing. Wish I had more advice than that-- headaches are the worst when you can't really take any pain killers!
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