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High Risk for Downs Bad NT Scan and Blood Work

Just wanted to post this and see who else has been through something similar and had a good out come. My husband and I are expecting our 4th child, at our 12 wk u/s they got a neck thickness of 4mm, doctor said for our baby's lenght it should be 3mm-3.2mm in thickness. Also there was a little concern about our baby having a short or absent nose bone. I had to get blood work done and after a week the results came back along with my NT scan our risk factor is 1/10 for a baby with Downs for my age 27 it should be at least 1/270 to be low risk. We decided not to do a CVS or Ammio just a echo on the baby's heart and a level 2 sono. They couldn't do this until we were past 18 wks, so I have had to wait 6 weeks now and thankfully my appt is tomorrow!!! Just wondering if anyone else has had a 1/10 risk and there child was fine, or even if your child has downs what was your risk and did you feel your baby move alot or not to much at 18 wks?  Sorry for may questions just a concerned mama. =0) Thanks for your prayers and replys!
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Hi, I am sorry that this is worrying you, and I am sorry I don't have any answers for you. I just would like to say my thoughts are with you. Those numbers are pretty bad, considering I am 42 and I got a 1 in 884 for Trisomy 21 (downs) 1 in 3300 for Trisomy 18 and 1 in 8886 for Trisomy 13. But sometimes there are false positives. Even if my numbers were high I would not have gotten the more invasive tests. All the best.
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Well if you think about it, 1 in 10 means out of 10 babies born with the same test results, 1 has Down Syndrome and 9 do not. Or in other words, there is a 90% chance that your baby is FINE.  
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Also, there is a high rate of false positive (they say baby has problem when it doesn't) from the ultrasound screenings, which are really just screenings.

Wishing you well.
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Thank you all for your comments I will keep you posted after our appt today... I am so excited to just go and see our little blessing and also last night I got my 16 wk blood test result back and they were all within normal range so that gives me even more hope! We will see... =0) Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!
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Overall things when well yesterday, they did the echo first and the tech and doctor said our baby's heart looks NORMAL no major defects! =0) Then we had a very very LONG sono for almost 2 hours and all of the baby's organs looked GREAT... t...he back of the neck thickness was still thicker then they like to see and they were concerned about a short or absent nose bone, so with those two factors and our already high risk from the 12 week scan and blood work we still are considered very high risk for having a baby with Downs. Matt and I are very happy with the results though, granted it would have been nice to have been consided low risk after yesterday but we know God is in control of all of this and He knows best. We are just over joyed being given the blessing of expecting another child even if our baby has Down Syndrome, thank the Good Lord our baby's over all health like the tech said is REMARKABLE! =0) Since we will NOT be doing an ammio we won't know for sure until our child is born this fall, until then Matt and I will be praying for our baby's health and prepare for a Downs baby just in case that is what God has in His plan for us.
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