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Hot yoga and ttc

I'm 39 and ttc. We got pregnant a year ago and I miscarried at 9 weeks. I use to practise bikram yoga 5-6 times a week. When we found out I was pg, my doc said it was too hot and I was instructed to stop until 2nd trimester. I lost the baby and have always wondered if the yoga played a part in the mc.

Since the mc, I have cut way back. But it's been a year and we still haven't gotten pg. We want a baby but how long do I put my life on hold...

I went to yoga 4 times a week during the first two weeks of this cycle. We've tried again and now I'm in the waiting zone for 2 more weeks. Should I hold off on the hot yoga or is it ok to go as normal?

I could be pg, but probably not since the odds aren't happening in our favor. What would any of you do?
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oh just to mention I have been doing Hot Yoga since 2004 with various breaks here and there :) So I thought my body would be used to it too :)
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Hi I just qualifies as a Hot Yoga Instructor and also found out I am pregnant.

I have had three loss' in the past year - ectopic with right tube removal, chemical and a blighted ovum. I took time out from TTC and took up hot yoga and went on to teacher training.  During the last week of exams I found out I was around 5 weeks pregnant. I also started spotting and thought the worse. I was advised by docs to take it easy and the teacher running my course has suggested I dont do ANY yoga until 16 week! I have not do a single class- and trust me it is driving me insane.  

I am currently 12 weeks, all is well so far but I am waiting to hit that 16 week mark. I
have also registered to teach Yoga for Pregnant women as I think it is sooo important. I will also take up swimming once I know things are going well.

I understand your need to do something your love. When I had my last MC in April- It was so nice to take a break and throw myself into something that I loved! Maybe that is what helped beanie this time :)  (I also took up weekly acupuncture to help).

I hope that gives you some more perspective and good luck with what you do decide!
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i was asked to cut back during IVF but once I was pregnant was given the go ahead to continue running and lifting weights
Exercise not only benefits you mentally and physcially, women who exercise during pregnancy have shorter labors, less pain and generally less eventful pregnancies.
i work with a trainer once a week to adjust workouts according to my changing body, but i continue to workout 6 days a week.
and i love to swim since it takes the pressure off my back and pelvis and still gets my cardio in.  
so i would advise you to continue to stay active while TTC.  There's no exercise that will hurt the baby before you know you are pregnant. And keeping healthy and your weight in check will only help you (not hurt you)
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That's what I'm going to do - Bikram yoga suring the first two weeks of my cycle, then walk, jog, and swim during the last two weeks...  I talked to the nurse at my obgyn clinic today and she suggested the same thing.  She doesn't want me to give up those things I love entirely becuase she said it can add more stress and frustration that can then just make it keep getting harder to conceive.  She also said to be careful with swimming becuase it works your ab muscles and can be too much in the beginning.  

I'm going in soon for the test to see even if I'm still ovulating.  Then I'll know more of where to go from there.  It's been a hard year.  I hope I can still get pregnant.  It feels like it's never going to happen.  Every month when I get my period I get more and more depressed.  
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This is a really hard call.  First of all, let me say how sorry I am for your loss last year.  Miscarriages that early are generally from pre-exisiting chromosomal/genetic problems in the fetus and I highly doubt that the yoga was the cause.  So try not to beat yourself up.  That being said, your doctor is right that high temperatures are not good for a developing fetus and can cause birth defects (in any trimester really) - but keep in mind that this is taken from research in women that had fevers due to illness.  There is no clear research on the impact of other types of heat on a fetus - but the general principle is that the baby gets overheated and his/her heart rate increases.

The general advice to cut back on bikram yoga or other strenuous exercise is not bad or wrong, but I can see the other side of the argument as well.  If you have been trying for over a year and cutting back on something that gives you so much joy and relaxation with only disappointment each month, then this cannot be great for your TTC efforts either.  I have also heard that as long as you stick with an exercise regimen that your body is used to, then it should not impact TTC as much.  I would, of course, seek your doctor's advice foremost, but in my opinion, being happy and less stressed is also very important when TTC.  Maybe you can compromise and do bikram yoga in the time between your AF and ovulation.  It may also be reasonable to continue as you want until you find out that you are pregnant and then stop.  I wish you the best luck in your efforts to conceive!!!    
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It does. And I sorta knew the answer to my own question. I love this yoga so much, but really want to get pregnant. I've pretty much given it up for a year now just going every once and awhile but so long for it again on a regular basis.
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I have read that Bikram Yoga is not a good option for women who are TTC..same goes for very strenous exercises..
for women who are ttc, any gentler forms of Yoga and exercise (for example - brisk walking or running) are recommended
hope this helps!!
good luck to you!
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I hadn't heard that working out makes it harder to convieve.
I've cut way back myself over the last year and feel miserable. The concern with the hot yoga is the room is heated to 104 degrees with 40% humidity. My doc said that was too hot for a developing baby in the first trimester and why I'm scared to go back if there's a chance. I've gone a few times over the course of this last year cause I miss it so much, and usually out of frustrations when I get my period AGAIN. Maybe for the next two weeks I'll just do some light walking, jogging, and swimming.

I have an appointment September 7 for blood work and my doc may be putting me on clomid. That'll be a good time to discuss this with her.
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I don't know.  I'm not sure about bikram yoga specifically.  I quit working out when we started ttc because I heard that it can make ttc difficult.  But I have gained a lot of weight and don't feel as good as I used to so I have decided to start working out again.  I think the main concern is working out too much can cause you not to ovulate, so if you take your temps everyday you will be able to determine if it is effecting your ovulations, and if it is you can always cut back a little bit.  But I have decided, for me, it is more important to feel good and hold on to what makes me happy and stress free while I am ttc instead of changing everything about my lifestyle and becoming miserable and stressed out.....That's just my opinion. Your case may be different though. Good luck!!
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