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How good are frozen embryo transfers?

My first fresh cycle with 2 donor eggs failed and I have 7 frozen, and looks like, from what the Doc says we will be going forward for a FET in August. My question is my fresh cycled failed, how good is a FET. Is anyone pregnant or has had a live birth with donor frozen transfer??
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I have only had positive pregnancy tests with frozen transfers...I am currently 35w4d after a frozen transfer! Good Luck!!
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If they didn't work for a whole lot of people, doctors wouldn't do them.  Don't worry, your odds are said to be as good or better with frozen embryos.
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There are alot of success stories with FET's!! : )  No worries!  Jessting is pregnant with twins right now from a FET, and I will work on names of others who have been successful (I am drawing a blank right now) I actually got preggers on a FET, but I m/c'd.  I promise though... there are alot of success stories on here with them!!!!!  
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Hi, I read your post on FET;  We're going to be using fresh/frozen egg donors or FET.  I'd prefer FET, but haven't had alot of luck with getting information on available frozen embryos.  Any websites you could suggest?  Thanks!
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There are several clinics around the US that have a donor embryo progrms.  There is a place in Califonia that actually has a quarentee program with donor embryos that if you don't get pregnant in x amount of tries, that you get x amount of $ back.... I actually think it is 100%.  I think the name of the place is California Conceptions.   I myself am going to be doing a donor embryo transfer sometime in the next 1 -1 1/2 months or so, and the RE at the clinic they are being shipped from gave me a 90% success rate with the embryos we will be using.  There is another person on here journey2motherhood that is using frozen eggs.  I am not sure of the success rate, but I do remember her indicating it is very successful.  

There is a place in GA also, I cannot remember the name of it, but they have a donor embryo program too, but it seems quite expensive.  Alot of times, if you will call a clinic, they will tell you if they have a donor embryo program and how it works.

For Donor Eggs, there are 2 great options out there.... Shady Grove, and Attain IVF.  They both offer 100% refund if you do not succeed, but their programs are pretty different.  

Hope this helps!!!!
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Thanks so much for posting all the info!   I've called several clinics in my area and they have limited FET availability.  I believe it was the CA conceptions place that told me if I'm using FET I don't really need to limit myself geographically.    There's an ATTAIN IVF clinic close to me, and I've spoken with them twice re frozen eggs, I just need to go in and have a face to face consult with the doctors there. If I'm not mistaken, I don't think they have an FET program. (I don't know for sure though having talked with a number of different people) .  SO, thanks again for posting. I'll be researching the places you suggested. The FET appeals to me more than the donor egg program, but I'm going to make the appointments and discuss both options and then make a decision and get this underway!  Have a great day and the best of luck to you!
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Hi, So sorry!  I just noticed that you posted all the FET and donor egg info - oops :).   Anyway, thanks for the info, it will be a great help!!!.
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Hi there!  I am currently 25w3d pregnant with twin boys as a result of a successful FET!  My fresh cycle was unsuccessful, so I was very lucky and happy to have 3 frozen to try.  My RE transferred all 3 remaining blasts and we got our BFP 7dp5dt!  Good luck!
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Oh yeah!  I had forgotten yours was a FET!!!  Yay!!!  Another success story
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