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How much do YOU spend per child for Easter???

Just curious about how much everyone spends per kid on Easter baskets. I always make my own and usually spend around  $25 per child. But then again we have just jumped from 2 kids to 4 within 11 months. So this year I have 4 children plus my 16 year old step DD , I will have to cut way back. Just wondering how much everyones budget is and what you get them????
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I use the same basket every year that way they are special.. and then I dollar store it for about 15 bucks each haha... funny story... my first daughter was watching a video of her first easter when she was around 5 and she said WOW he easter bunny used to get me a lot.. what happened!!!  I went over board that first easter and even got her a cabbage patch haghahahah  
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i spent $20.00 per child this easter. Sams club have some really beautiful and very full easter baskets.
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I tend to go over board on alot of holidays, but now with 9,kids and yes I still get the older children something, I will be cutting WAY back not sure how much I will spend on each but it will be alot less than any other year!!!
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i spent just under $30 with my son and a little less with my dd.  it was more than i had planned, lol, but i did get some great sale stuff!! lol

addy is going to try to dye her first eggs this year.  i dont know if there are enough towels for this project haha. i will have to post pics!
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I used to spend about $100 per child when it was just me and my two kids. But now that I'm married, money is tigher (explain THAT one...lol), and we have my husband's daughter here, too. So, there's no way I'll spend that much. Maybe $40-$50 per child this year.
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I do about $100 per child, but I only have 2.  
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Wow, I feel Cheap! I only spent about $15 this year. I wan't sure what I was going to do because she's 8 1/2 now and knows the Easter Bunny isn't real. I actually found a premade basket that had a pink and brown basketball in it. she has been asking for one for months! I thought it was perfect so I bought it on impulse. I just added a couple of things to it and I think she'll be thrilled.
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It's interesting how different Easter is celebrated in the US compared with in the UK.  Over here it has always just been an exchange of chocolate eggs.  They cost around £1 - £2 for a small to medium size (around $3-4).  When I was a child that was literally it.  I've noticed that over the last couple of years not only are we now following the US with the Halloween tradition but also some people are making more of Easter but none of my friends do more than a chocolate egg still.  I know other countries in the EU also celebrate so whether it's just a UK thing that we don't I'm not sure.

So all in all Easter this year cost me for my 4 children £8 because I got them 2 eggs each.  

On a personal note I think it's enough that we spend vast amounts of money at Christmas and on Birthdays without extra expenses through the year on Easter, Halloween etc - but then this is what I'm used to :) xx
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Did this question get posted on another forum?  I answered somewhere, and am now wondering if I forgot to hit "post" or something.  Answer for me is zero dollars, since my son is still young enough not to know Easter from any other holiday.  Maybe next year.
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Wow it is interesting how things are different in different countries. We normally give one easter egg  and die some boiled eggs and as my son is allergic to dairy and eggs. I don't even do that. I have made him home-made chocolate eggs (diary free chocolate) but haven't even done that this year.

Happy Easter.
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Okay...just got back from Target. Easter gifts were $216 for three kids. Of course, there were also a couple bottles of sunscreen and a candle. So maybe closer to $175. So what's that? $60 or so each? I think I did pretty good. LOL.
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although your Easters sound way more fun than ours, i still don't want the expense LOL

Happy Easter everyone xxx
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I did post this on 3 forums total. I was trying to get alot of diffrent opinions. So no, our not crazy, lol.
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Well. I did my shopping yesterday and spent $93. But I did get eveerything I needed for decorating eggs, plastic eggs and candy for our Easter egg hunt too. So I think I did pretty well. 5 kids times 93 dollars is about 18 dollars a piece. Not bad. Only problem is. Im still not done shopping for my son's birthday party and Easter dinner:(  I hate when we have so many things at once.  I am going to have a finanial break down, lol!
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Not much yet, probably just an chocolate egg when she gets to be a few years old.  This year we bought a basket, bunny ears and fake eggs so we could take her picture (in my pics) :)

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