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How soon did anyone that did IVF have a positive test???

With my first child I tested positive at 7 days.  This is my 2nd IVF and I'm on day 5.  I think I'm preg. but the tests was neg.  My official blood test is on day 10.
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I have never done IVF, so can't comment there.  Not sure if this is helpful or not, but I have had a BFP 7 days past ovulation.  I hope this is a BFP for you!!
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at least you know the trigger shot is clear. Id wait 48 more hrs and test again.
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I would wait until your BETA. 5 days is too soon. I have done 2 IVFs and 1 FET. All were BFP. The first one I remember testing and testing and getting BFN, then the day of my BETA I got a BFP w/ BETA, so I went home and the next morning did a HPT and got BFN. So, it's always best to wait for your BETA.
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I tested the day before the beta just so I'd be prepared - I too had a 10 day transfer (it was BFP).  Wait a little longer - especially if you had the trigger but if it's negative, good thing is that the hcg trigger is probably out of your system.
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Yeah, I know it early, but I'd thought I'd try
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After ivf you are supposed to test 12 days after transfer,not earlier than that..and I'm testing ...tomorrow!!!Oh my God....So ,how are you feeling??Any symptoms yet?How many embryos did you transfer? I wish you the best of luck!!!
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My transfer was on the 24 and my blood test is on the 3rd of july.  I'm having a lot more cramping than I did last time, ALOT MORE.  I only transfered 2. I'm going to keep on testing with the HPT.  GOODLUCK tomorow!
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THANK YOU!! I really hope it's bfp,because at my age (42) I'm a bit ...tight in time limits..but my little daughter would love to have a sibling ,I guess...Me ,on the other hand,when I have ''symptoms'',I really feel pg but not as intensly as last time and I do have a feeling that,maybe, all symptoms of pregnancy are less intense after the first child..
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Funny that you say that cuz I have a 6 month old, I'm 44 , and my symptoms are 3X's worse than when she attached.  My sister had twins with IVF and she also said her crampy was really bad.  I think I'm pregnant, I just want the HPT to give me the "pregnant" sign.  
How many eggs did you get put in?  I hope all works out tomorrow, and let me know..OK
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I had IVF and didn't wait for the blood test.  I  got a positive result at 2AM on the 5/6th day....   HPT line  was barely visible,  but more the later on the next morning.  I did however have a 5-day embryo transferred.  
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I tested negative after 4 days and then didn't test again until 8 days past transfer, but got a faint line then! Best of luck!!!
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I'm out of HPT tests.  Today is day 6 after transfer..  I'm heading to the market soon..
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Well,I' m a ''proud'' 42-yr-old  who tested ....POSITIVE!!! This morning I had my first beta at 407 units,not bad..I just hope it goes well in the next couple of weeks and really hope it's only one in there-I had 4 transfered...Plse send me yr positive vibes,good luck to 2ww'ers!
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I'm soo happy for you...I looked back on my records when I had my first beta and it was 207, that was after 10 days.  Send some of your baby dust my way...............
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It came up positive on day 10...My HCG is very low 21, so I'll have to wait and see on Monday is it doubles.   Keep sending that sticky dust!! And some prayers too, Happy 4th!
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Congratulations!  My first HCG level was only 33 this time on what I think was about 12 days past ovulation.  All is fine at 10 weeks!  Those levels have to start somewhere.  Congratulations again to you!!
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