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I need updates

Saraya is very busy these days and not napping long at all (she seems to be awake more than I want ot be) so it seems I can Never get on to catch up so I need updates on everyone...
How our the lil ones
How is being back at work?
Who has decided to stay home forever
Who has stopped nursing and how is it going
Who is getting ready to start trying again...
I miss you all and cant believe I'm gonna say this but MAN I MISS BED REST!!!!!
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Hey Miss Sheila !

Abby is doing awesome - she's now four and a half months old - where has the time gone?  She is rolling from her back onto her belly all the time - then she gets mad because she can't get off her belly - lol

I am hating being at work - even though she is with me - it ***** being director of the center because I stay so busy I don't get to take a lunch most days and go see Abby - ugh - I just feel like I am missing out on so much with her - but no money, no Babies R Us - ya know how it is!

She is up to seven ounces of her formula about every three hours - little piglet - I think she's really starting to chunk up although at her four month appt - she is only 12 lb 4 oz but she is 25 inches long - wow

No teeth yet, but she's definitely teething - who knows how long until she gets the first one - but she eats everything - her bib - her fist - my hand - her burp rag - her toys

And don't feel bad - I don't have time for MH most of the time anymore - just check in from time to time - it seems like its hard some days to just get a bath - lol

all in all - LOVING EVERY MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And Miss Abby looks so good all the time thanks to Babies R Us - my favorite place in the whole wide world - lol - we've been in preschool since May 5th and she's only repeated an outfit four times - and that was just because they were outfits I loved and wanted her to wear before she outgrew them - lol

Kiss Miss Saraya for us !!!

Rebecka and Abby Rose
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Parissa is 7 weeks 2 days haha... she is getting chubbie... we go to the dr on the 22nd so we will find out more then.. she is a great baby just loves to be held ALL the time!!!

still nursing!!! yea!!}

still fat... 2 sizes up from prepreg weight... started my diet today... have been going to the gym since she was 4 weeks old.

Will go back to work on nov 17 and I am dreading it!!!  We are trying to figure out what to do with her when I go back... I hate to have her in daycare so young!!

I would try again if dh was up for it.. but... dh wants to wait a couple of years.  Soooooo I am getting an iud in a couple of weeks...

Don´t have hardly any time for medhelp... onlly on here for a minute here and there...
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Hey Shelia, first of all let me say.. I MISS YOU TOO!! Saraya is an absolute babe! I hardly have time for medhelp either but I try to get on when he sleeps if to even just look at the posts. Can't hardly repsond any more at all!
Brayden is doing absolutely fine! 9 weeks 2 days and he doesn't sleep much during the day because I hold him or carry him ALL the time!! I am a stay at home mom.. FOREVER.. unless one of these years I decide I would like to take up some more schooling.. which I highly doubt! DH is the greatest, helps me when he is home but with him being gone all week it does get kind of stressful at times. Like when I am trying to cook something to eat and Brayden screams because oops.. mommy put him down for a few seconds.. ahaha I love it!!
As you may or may not know... Brayden couldn't latch on AT ALL until 7 weeks due to some things that happened to him during birth, so we had to find a doctor to get him into therapy right after he was born. Then one day the lil stinker decides he would like to have some of momma's milk! Well we didn't have ANY!! I had been pumping in the beginning and my milk production  was slowly going away and then for about 3 days there was NONE. The tank had ran dry, so I contacted a homeopathic doctor to get some remedies to take and a lactation consultant and they worked with me getting my milk production back up! YAY!! So now Brayden is having a go at it and doing well. I am still giving him some milk but try to BF at every feeding if possible!! But he would much rather have milk from me any day. Hopefully it helps in getting my milk production back up!
Last Monday he weighed 10 lbs 14.5 oz and I'm not sure how long he is now but I can tell you, his 3 month sleepers and some 3 month pants are getting too short! He's my pride an joy! Coo-ing and making more spit bubbles every day, I love it!! He is an interesting little fellow, he absolutely loves looking at odd things, like.. crown molding, doors, water pipes, curtains, hoses... less into toys.. and more into construction type things. DH says he's just taking after him... minus him watching curtains.. yanno though, it could be that I made several sets of curtains while I was pregnant with him..??? ahaha just a thought! DD and DS both love him to pieces! They can't wait to get their hands on him! It's great! I wasn't sure how they would warm up to him but it's been the best!  No teeth yet.. ahaha thank goodness.. hehe
We got the go ahead a few weeks ago to start again but we are going to wait for a while longer. But like I tell DH, I ain't getting any younger! I would like to have someone Brayden can actually grow up with unlike my other two kids who basically had to go at it alone because of the age difference!
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i wish we could start on #3 the end of this year, but dh isnt sure.  addison is going to be 8 months this sunday and is the best!  she rolls but cant crawl.  she sits up temporarily but still falls over.  she can stand against the coffee table, and its funny because she is so small.  

im still bfing and will go till 1 yr then see what happens.  she has 2 lower teeth that just popped out today or last night!! she is a momma's girl and cries when others hold her or sometimes even look at her.  she adores her big brother though and daddy.  

when mad and yelling she sounds like she is saying mama, go figure lol.  when playing quietly she says dadadada i love it.  she loves sweet potatoes and spinach and hates pears and not sure about applesauce.  bigger kids intrigue her and babies make her stare with a smile.  she attacks my moms dog and wants the neighbors kitties.

i want to do it all over again so soon because im used to little sleep haha.  she is a good napper though. gets up by 730 am (after waking to eat at 3ish and 530).  goes down at 9-10 and may sleep for 45 min.  has another nap in the afternoon and sometimes for 2 hours.  hated all teething toys but will chew on a binky but wont suck on one.  we are trying sippy cups but she just chews those too.

i stay home and it really hasnt been discussed when or if id go back.  right now its so important to be home.  has made a huge difference in my sons education too.  went from c's to honor roll the last 3 quarters!!  im never still it seems, always cleaning, playing, cooking, i cant believe how fast my days go by.  i keep thinking california is going to eat us alive though when dh retires from the navy and becomes a resident and they take all the taxes out of his paycheck UGH!!  im 10 pounds less than pre pregnancy weight but my tummy is less than attractive, two c sections have had an impact.  need to get to the gym!! i say that after eating birthday ice cream cake haha.  my son is 10 and i am going to be 37 in sept.  wow i never thought id have a baby at this age, but i think its better and easier than when i was 27. now im babbling, see one thing with being a sahm you dont get that adult converstation and i tend to steal every second i can haha.
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This has been the best year ever!!  I too never dreamed 10 years ago at age 35 that I would have a baby at 45 yet here Noah is!!  

I'm working from home - I thought it'd be a breeze but it's a lot harder than I originally thought - now I have to stay somewhat organized.  We're looking for someone to come here part-time (yeah, right) to help when I HAVE to get stuff done.  So the child-care situation hasn't been solved for us anyway.

Baby No's doing good - he currently has thrush again and is having a hard time w/his bottle but when he's feeling well, he drinks around 6-7 ounces.  My mil is convinced that we're starving him by not putting cereal in his bottle :-)).  We're thoroughly enjoying him & especially enjoy watching him and his 15 year old sister interact.  She's pretty amazing - she'll even change Noah's nasty diapies!  It cracks me up to hear Becca to tell me not to let her older sisters 'hog' Noah!

We actually have 11 embies left over from our cycle.  We play around w/trying again even at my age.  We're waiting to see what the cardio dr says - if for some weird reason we try again, we'll wait until Noah's two - that would put me at 46.  I don't even know if it would be feasible at that time so we'll just have to wait.  I would rather Noah have a sibling close to his age but it's a miracle he's here so I don't know..........

It's good to see and hear how everyone's doing.  I'm on MH only in the middle of the night or on weekends when dh's around.  It's a great outlet for me as I don't have any friends w/little ones - all my buddies have teens/grown children so I need my online buds (thank you Rebecka and Sheila!).  My other hobby is to update Noah's website - that keeps me pretty busy as well as Becca's cheerleading activities & work.

My weight - I'm 5 lbs less than pre-pregnancy but am one size higher - my whole body's out of shape; however, I have to wait to get the okay from cardio guy in order to exercise.  I get to take Noah for a walk but gosh, it's been so hot here that the only time to take a walk is either at daylight or in the dark - I've only done it a few times - jen

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oooops I didnt give my update....duh
Saraya is almost 7 months, we just stopped nursing...due to her 2 teeth lol Staying home with  her this summer has been GREAT at least the last 2 weeks ...I was very stressed the 1st 2 weeks and wanted to shoot myself but  I am now looking forward to the next 4 weeks and dont wanna think about going back in August. She is rolling all over the place (it is her only way of getting around right now she isnt crawling yet) We have yet to hear mama or dada but she babbles senteces ALOT.  

We are no longer nursing due her her 2 teeth LOL but we still have a supply of breast milkin hte freezer for about 2 more days.  She LOVES her food she eats a half a cup of oatmeal in the morning. She was a whooping 14lbs 10 oz at her 6 month appt but I know she has chunked up even more since then by the way she is eating.

She goes to bed around 8 and sleeps till 6:30 (there for a while she was waking at 4) and just recently went to 4 feedings a day, she usually only naps for about 45 mins but has just now been sleeping for an hour and a half......time for this long post.....


She has a sippy cup and mostly chews on it but does drink the water that is in it. She loves the pool.

My niece Hanna (9 yrs old) is here for 2 weeks and so far I love it so if anyone has an older sibling I will gladly take them off your hands LOL it is nice to have someone to fetch things for me and who want to dress her etc....but it has only been 2 days

I am down from my pre pregnancy weight but my tummy also looks like @SS...and I just cant leave her to go to the gym :O( and now that I'm not  nursing I'm sure I will gain some weight.  I have TWICE tried to do some ab work with her here ....
I MISS YOU ALL....baby is crying gotta run

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Hey Sheila....
Saraya is a doll.  I love looking at her pictures.  Rhett is almost 5 months, (10 more days).  He is a chub. His cheeks and chin are ridiculous.  He is already betrothed to Izzy, (an older woman and everything).  He is a great baby. He is pretty happy but very routine oriented.  He likes being at home with his bed and his toys and his mommy! I quit breastfeeding about a month after I went back to work. He was taking the bottle and breast since birth and then one day, just wouldn't take the breast anymore so that was it.  I tried some rice cereal the other day and he didn't want anything to do with it so, just formula is all he gets right now. Although, this morning my husband was eating eggs and he would not quit staring at them! Hee, hee.

He is definately teething, I can see the white but none have popped through yet. He is always a drooling wet mess.  He sleeps through the night, usually going down anywhere from 8:30 to 9:30 and getting up anywhere from 5:30 to 6:30.  It's awesome!!!

As for us, there will be no more babies.  I had my tubes tied and will turn 40 in 3 months. As much as I would like Rhett to have a sibling close to his age, this pregnancy was too miserable, of course the results were a miraculous.  I am obsessively, narotically, head over heels in love with my baby son.  God is good.
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