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I'm 40, SHOCKED and SCARED after finding out I'm pregnant.

I just had my 40th birthday 10 days ago and found out over the weekend that I pregnant.  I have two older children (18 & 17) and had no plans on having any more.  Since it's been so long since I've had a baby and all of the risks associated with "advanced maternal age", I'm scared to death.  I'm hoping there are moms out there that can share their stories and ease my worried mind.
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Lots of women on this forum (and around the site) had their first child after 40, I certainly did.  What is your specific worry, Downs?  It is not like the clock chimes at 40 and if you were 39 1/2 the child is not at risk and at 40 the child is instantly at risk.  There are tests, you will doubtless be given them.  If the worry is more about how you will carry the child or what it will do in relation to your body, again, 40 is not some kind of hard line and once you step over it you are decrepit.  I breezed through my pregnancy from a physical point of view.  Please tell what part of pregnancy at 40 scares you to death, and probably the posters can give you inputs about that particular thing.  Congratulations!  Babies are so sweet!
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I guess have I have several worries.  Largely miscarriage and chromosomal disorders.  I'm also nervous about stillbirth after reading that the chance increases significantly after 40. It would be nice to hear some positive feedback instead of the barage of scary statistics that I've been reading.  While this pregnancy was totally unplanned, I'm very happy about it and want the pregnancy and baby to be as healthy as possible.
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I wish u the best if luck.  Try not to worry to much .  Just follow  the dr orders .  Hoping I am at 45...  God willing.
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stop reading all the scary stuff!! I've had 3 healthy pregnancies since I turned 40 and all of my pregnancies have been fine, all went to term as well, forty is relatively young still so dont let those doctors scare you about your age!! yes there are increased risks of miscarriage and chromesome problems, but you still have a higer chance of baby being perfectly fine than you do of it having a problem, good luck and congratulations :)
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I'm so happy for you!!! And i know of HEAPS of women that have had children over 40, and they're fine! All you can do is keep healthy and do the right thing, and the rest is up to nature. Best of luck to you!
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I'm 40 and pregnant with my second. I had my first at 38. there is hardly any difference. I still am going to get my chromosomal checks just to make sure everything is okay but as far as my first pregnancy went i actually went 4 days past full term. do not worry. it is so common now. i have loads of friends in their 40's having kids.,
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I am 40 years old and pregnant with my first baby. I am currently 26 weeks and all is going well. I am having a very healthy pregnancy. I would try and relax and enjoy being pregnant! Congrats!
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Congrats!! I know its scary try not to read too much on the internet. That only made me more anxious. Again congrats and you are not OLD! Lots and lots of women have head healthy babies at 40+ years!! (((hugs)))~Bkitty

And congrats to everyone else above too!!
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Thank you so much for the wonderful comments! Hearing about other women with healthy pregnancies and babies at 40+ is reassuring. I feel great and am in good health. I've stayed active and ate healthy all my life so I feel I have that going for me. Even though it wasn't planned, I'm very excited to have this blessing.  Congrats to everyone and I look forward to giving (and hearing) updates!!
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My question to all u ladies 40+ and pregnant is??  Did u have an abnormal period or just miss one before finding out.  Because this month's period is sooooo abnormal for me,  always so HEAVY and 7 days, This one hardly nothing.  Have been reading up on this ALOT.  Have takin 2 HPT both neg,  gonna wait another week to do it again...
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I was one month shy of being 41 when I had my last IVF (#3). The egg xfer was on Nov. 29, 2010 and I found out on Dec. 30, 2010 that I had reached the 7 week mark with flying colors!

I love being a mother and it is great to be an older mom because you have more life experience and are not intimidated by other moms because we have been around the bend longer and know more about how the world works.  

I want to share my experience and knowledge with everyone at MH because I received so much support from the wonderful women here over the 2 years that I had IVF treatment.  I am so happy that so many of you have been able to get pregnant and if you have any questions about what I did to improve my fertility, (I created a healthy combination of supplements), just send me a note anytime!

******baby dust to all******

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The month before I got pregnant I had an unusual period. I was 10 days late. Then my period finally came, the next month I was pregnant. I had never been that late before.
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Saw the Dr. today and had my bloodwork done. She did a sonogram but its too early to see anything yet :( I go back in two weeks and hope to get lucky and see a heartbeat.  She did tell me to stop reading!  Im going to try my best!  My due date is Aug 24th so this summer should be interesting!  
how did it all turn out?
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So extremelly glad for you! Wishing all the best with your pregnancy! I'm 40 yo with previous years of unsuccessful TTC wich finally led us to ivf. I've never had kids, my dh would love to have one with me. Being this ripe age and having extra kilos influences the process. They diagnosed me on unexplained infertility adding low amh test results - only 10.8. I'm due to start injectibles in a day. Am so scared of those long needles. I suffer from headaches I guess provoked by enormous stress. My dh is helpful and understanding, he tries to support me any other tough moment. I worry much about how ivf will pass for us. How my body reacts to meds. I wonder if they'll find any healthy eggs for the procedure and whether they'll work. I know this is too early to think about all those things, one should cope with troubles when they appear. But I really can't take it easy. I'm even not sure why I'm telling all this, but you are a happy prego lady waiting for a huge miracle. Don't be scared because of any risks or somewhat people write about. You're blessed with kids you are meant to have. Sending you huge supportive hugs xx
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