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I'm Pregnant at 45.. happy excited terrified & scare to death!

I'm 45 years old and 5 1/2 weeks pregnant (Naturally).  My husband and I have been trying for 2 years a number of IUI's but no success so we just gave up.  I have 2 children from my 1st marrage (age 18 & 14).  I'm scare to death, don't know if I can do this all over again at my age.  My husband is 5 years younger and really wanted a child of our own.  He is so happy but he doesn't understand all the riskes being pregnant at 45.  I know most women my age will have a miscarriage.  And the birth defects rate is so high.  I work 2 jobs to make enough money to send my older son off to college in less than 2 months.  I have high blood pressure and low blood sugar. I'm tired all the time only getting 5 hours of sleep on most nights.  I keep praying and telling myself that if this is what God has in His plan for our family then I should not be afraid.  Are there any women out there who can related??  I need a support group.
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Well, God might have this in His plan, but he doubtless will not object if you improve your diet, take your iron and folic acid, work on the blood-pressure issue.  If the worst came to the worst and the pregnancy failed, at least you will be able to tell yourself you did everything you possibly could to make it right.  Good luck, 45 is not too old for a successful pregnancy.
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totally agree with anniebrooke on this one, , get it all happening to ensure you give this pregnancy the best possible chance, try and start getting some sleep/rest longer than 5 hrs if you can and start to take care of yourself, happy/healthy  mum, will hopefully equal  happy/healthy  baby :)
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First off congrats on the pregnancy!  Being pregnant over 40 definitely comes with some extra risks but what can you do? Eat right, take care of yourself like the two sweet ladies posted already. Prayer won't hurt either ;)
Best of luck for a very healthy and uneventful pregnancy!!
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Definitely don't doubt your age, because the 70 year old lady on tlc from over in Europe didn't and she had a baby! Ha so if she can do you can REALLY do it. Good luck and congratulations!!!! And God bless:)
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When one door closes, another opens.  On 7/16 (my husband's birthday) we received confirmation we were not pregnant.  We have been going trough IVF.  I'm 41 and we have been trying for over 2 years now.  
Hearing your story has given me hope to continue.  I agree with the other woman about taking care of your health.  You should be proud you were able to to conceive naturally and hold that close to your heart.  Get your rest and eat healthy.  I wish you and your family all the best.  
Keep us informed of your progress.
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Thank you ladies for all your well wishes.  Doctor confirmed I'm 8 weeks pregnant.  Did our first ultrasound and saw the baby's heart beat.  I'm amazed and speechless.  What a blessing from heaven.  I will do my best to eat well and get more rest.  I see the doctor 2x a week for shots and for weekly ultrasound and blood test to be sure baby is doing well.  These all-day-sickness is driving crazy :(  lost 2 lbs. in 10 days.  But very lucky that I have no problem falling asleep I can feel myself drifting away within 60 seconds.  I have to keep myself healthy so by the end of August my doctor will let me take the trip with my older son to NewYork to get him settle for college.  Very exciting and stressful time for my family.  Thanks for listening Ladies... it does help alot releasing some stress.  Take care everyone!!
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Also more susceptible for twins!!!!!!!
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congrats~!! I am 42 with 4 chirldren 22 and 17 / 9 and 6 yrs. I can totally relate to all of your concerns. God doesn't give us more than we can handle. I put it in Gods hands and ask him to help me deal with my fears. Good luck ~ btw~ I am 4wks and staying very positive.
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I just turned 45 in July and 5 days later got pg myself naturally.   I'm scared to death as I got pg in January of this year as well at 44 and sadly after our first u/s of seeing the "low" heartbeat, baby didn't make it and I m/c'd.   I have a 16 month son that I had at 43 with the help of fertility meds.    I'm quite surprised to find myself pg naturally with no assistance and basically not trying at my age now and hoping this one goes the distance.   I'm 7 weeks today and hoping there is good news at my first u/s which should be in a week or so.   Its so inspiring to hear stories like you....you lifted my spirits today and gave me hope that I too will find myself with good news on the heartbeat soon.
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by the way....I actually had to google "the oldest women on record to conceive and deliver with no fertility aids".....amazingly enough, I'm not it....I had to laugh though that the thought actually crossed my mind.    I gotta be close though :).    good to hear there are more out there.
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13 weeks and 4 days... I had 6 ultrasound so far so good.  Baby is growing, active and heartbeat is strong.  I thank my doctor for taking such good care of me.  Dr. put me on progesteron shot 3 times a week, suppository and low dose asprin every day.  Ultrasound every week to make sure all is ok.  Dr. tells me it is a "Super Special Baby"  we will take good care of you.  At first I was scared to death of this pregnancy not sure if I was able to carry a baby at age 45.  But now I know I can.  Just 26 more weeks... hang in there my sweet little one.  To all you mommies-to-be out there... WE CAN DO IT!  Remember "If HE brings you to it, HE will bring you through it".  God Bless you all.
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excellent news and thanks for updating :)
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