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Interesting info on Fish Oil

So, one of the things my OB has done differently is she put me on Fish Oil .  I have been reading a lot about it.  It of course is good for babies brain development (and my own..lol), but apparantly there is some thought that it may actually help prevent miscarriage.  Of course, that is all I needed to hear..sign me up!!!.  Just wondering if anyone else is on it, and what you may have read about it.  There are some interesting articles if you google it.  Thoughts anyone??
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My brother-in-law takes it - I think his brain needs some developing so hopefully it'll work!  Seriously though, I had no idea about fish oil helping to prevent m/c.  I googled it too and found some interesting articles - how are you doing, hon??
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Hey Jen!!  I am doing good.  Every day that all is well is a victory and I am trying to take some good advice and celebrate that.  Maybe it's silly to feel this way, but I truly believe in my heart this one is going the distance!!  How are you girlfriend?  How is sweet little No doing?
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Amanda, I take 3 a day with my prenatal vitamin. I have through all my pregnancies and during breast feeding it's just as important.
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I took them when I was pregnant with Gavin.  But I stopped them after I delivered, but after reading kellym post beings I'm breastfeeding I'm going to start them up again.
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Hey Amanda, yes fish oil supplements are proven very beneficial to both pregnant and breastfeeding women.  I just started taking fish oil pills, studies show that they are most effective in the last 3 months of pregnancy for your baby's brain, vision and coordination, and up to 2yrs after that.  It also helps prevent preterm labor and high blood pressure in expecting Moms, among other things.  So, it definitely can't hurt to start taking them, just make sure you get 100% fish oil, without all the additives, and that it doesn't derive from the fish liver.  My girlfriend just gave me a bottle she bought from QVC, they are 100% fish oil and they cost her $100, but there's like 500 pills in the bottle.  Which personally, I would never pay, and I'm certain there are brands that are just as good for half the cost.  Anywho...YES I believe in the power of the brain and fish oil is a great way to get it!  How are you feeling sweetie?
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I am feeling great Pam!!  No panic attacks for 2 days and no spotting!!  And I am so excited...woke up this morning nauseous...lol.  I am curious if anyone else heard about the help it provides in possibly preventing miscarriage as well.  Interesting stuff!!  Thanks for the input all!
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YAY, and all the events will make this weekend FLY by (unless you're stuck in this icky FL rain!)
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With my last pregnancy my doc gave me prenatal vitamins that included a soft, gel-like pill which was fish oil.  I know it is supposed to be good for preventing neural tube defects but not sure about early miscarriage.  But, I'm with you Amanda, if there is even a slim chance that it will help prevent m/c then give me a truckload of them.  

Kellym...........You aren't enjoying all this wonderful rain?????????
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I don't mean to be the party pooper, particularly as I'd be delighted to find a way of getting omega-3 since I've gone off fish entirely and can't bring myself to so much as look at it... but I just coincidentally read something that said that just as some fish can be high in mercury, so can fish oil supplements and apparently there are no studies one the mercury content of fish oil supplements. Any thoughts??
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yes, they are excellent source. If you have a GNC or whole foods chain =they carry an organic versions. Some of the standard supplements may not have the same quaility. Good luck
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Fish Oil supplements are GREAT for developing babies! Plus, you get the benefit of great skin, hair and moods!  I have been taking them for a couple years and notice a huge difference in my skin, hair and mood.  
Nordic Naturals are a great brand...a little more expensive but they are purified and third party tested for mercury.  They add a little lemon flavor to help with the fishy taste but being purified, there is less of the "fish burps".  I take mine at night and never notice any after-taste.
Get them at Whole Foods or on line.
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some of the prenat brands carry  caps, which is the same Omega3 that the fish oil gives. My peri suggested I start them, but also added they needed to be "pure" and went as far as to remind me of such when I was leaving. I use the emfamil brand, and dont get any of the fish reflux I had before (yuck!!)
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