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Is any of you worried that something is going to be ''wrong'' with your baby?

Hey ladies

Now, lately, I can't seem to stop worrying about my baby when I first see him at birth. I've had bad dreams that when I see him for the first time, he's going to have some sort of malformation or something.  Is that normal?  Are any of you worried about that kind of thing? Now, I'm not obsessed with it or anything..but still, I wonder if I'm alone with these feelings.  Of course, I want my baby to be healthy.

I think it has to do with a stupid ultrasound picture they took at 19 weeks.  The baby was moving all over the place and the tech wasn't used to the ultrasound machine..I think she was new there.  Anyway, when I look at his profile picture, it looks kinda weird. It's hard to explain. His profile doesn't look like the picture I have from the 12w ultrasound. Should I worry about an u/s picture? His 12w profile was sooo cute!

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It seems as if you're basing your worries strictly on an u/s photos.I wouldn't worry unless your concerns are medically sound.   Did your doctor tell you that your baby was at risk for a genetic and/or physical abnormality? Did you undergo the First Trimester Sceening or any of the second trimester screenings for such issues?

Maybe this will make you feel better. I'm terribly worried that something is wrong with my baby because my  First Trimester Screening report placed me at a high risk for Downs Syndrome and Trisomy 18. This is based on a particular u/s test of the baby's nuchal fold & some bood tests. My u/s test was fine, but the blood work pushed me into an elevated risk. Essentially, I wouldn't put too much stock in the u/s picture. :-)
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I did do the screening for downs and trisomy..everything was fine.  I guess I am worried just based on that stupid picture!  The doctors tell me everthing looks great with my baby boy...I guess it's just one of those things..I'm probaby stressing over nothing..
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Awwwwwe...chickie, it sounds like everything is going to be totally fine.  Its normal to be paranoid, but just try and remember that all your tests came back totally fine. My cousin was pregnant at the end of last year and I remember seeing some of her u/s pictures and the baby looked very strange. However, her baby ended up being the most beautiful little girl that looked absolutely nothing like the u/s photos. :-)  I'm sure your little boy is going to be beautiful too.

Also, you have the positive ressurance from the testing. I would  love to be in your shoes now. :-)  I'm bummed out b/c I can't celebrate the end of my first trimester b/c I have these negative results looming over my head.
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I am worried because a girl here at work just had a baby with cleft lip and I don't know it just got me thinking but.... that is one of the reasons I am getting the 3d this saturday!
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How do they usually predict that a baby will be born with a cleft lip--other than a 3d u/s??
Aren't there are other indications before the birth?  This probably will not ease your mind, but cleft lips are easily fixed. The stuff I read about birth abnormalities said that the surgery for a cleft lip is very easy today.
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well the girl at school knew because they saw it on a regular u/s but only because the tech was good...  and yes they fix it really easy and it probably wouldn't have crossed my mind if it wouldn't have happened to her
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